10 signs Confirm that your phone is hacked or has spyware & how to protect from this

how to protect your mobile from virus


1. We will tell you 10 signs that confirm that your phone is hacked or has spyware

2. Tips and tricks to protect your mobile from viruses and get hacked.

3. How to make safe your device

Nowadays the digital crime has increased so much that everyone is getting affected by it. The virus is over in mobile devices and other devices and it causes a lot of internal damage to our device. after the virus comes, the device not working perfectly well.

Some viruses keep an eye on the financial activities of the device, some are they keep an eye on the photos, steal the important data of the mobile like phone number messages. So it is very important for our phone to stay away from viruses Otherwise we can lose our most important data someday.

For we have prepared 10 signs that Confirm to you that your phone is hacked or has spyware & how to protect from this.

List Of signs that shows your phone have virus

1.App you have not downloaded.

2. Phone become slow

3. Battery draining so fast

4. Phone not in control

5. Using more mobile data

6. Suspicious notifications pop up

7. Suddenly switched of

8. Hanging again and again

9. Some phots in your gallery which you not clicked

10. Redirecting you to anywhere else

1 APP you have not downloaded.

Many times when we use our phone a lot, we see an app that has never been downloaded. if you ever have any such application in your phone that you have never downloaded, then you can understand that some virus has come in your phone. because of this, It has downloaded automatically, by this you mean that there is a virus on your phone.

2 Phone become slow

We always buy an expensive mobile so that it can work well, whatever thing we want, it can show us that by working as quickly as possible, but sometimes it happens that our very fast running phone suddenly runs very slowly. It seems that in such a situation some virus or some spyware attacked your phone.

3 Battery draining so fast

A battery has an important role inside a phone, so whenever we buy a phone. we see that a very good battery has been installed in it, but sometimes it happens that due to some spyware or virus our battery is darning so fast. When our phone battery starts falling very quickly, due to which we think that our battery is damaged but it does happen because of virus in your phone.

4 Mobile not in control

It must have also happened at some point in time that when you do something else on your phone, something else your phone starts opening which you have not opened or start doing some such activities which you are not doing but the phone has to be done automatically. Meaning your control is removed from the phone, so there is a virus in their phone. It is always done when a virus is on your phone.

5 Using more mobile data

A sign of virus or spyware in a phone is that sometimes starts using more mobile data than necessary, whenever it happens in your phone. that your mobile using more mobile data than necessary, it means that the virus in your phone.

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6 Suspicious Notifications Pop up

Sometimes some notifications start coming on our phone while running the phone. We did not know where it is coming from when it happens that when the access of your phone also have someone else and whenever such a notification comes in your phone.  It means some virus & malware is on your phone.

7 Suddenly Get switched off

Sometimes it also happens that while running the mobile, suddenly our mobile gets switched off, which we did not do and it takes time to turn on. It happens when, there is a virus in your phone, due to which your phone suddenly is switched off so you should remove the virus from your phone.

8 Hanging Again and Again

The main reason for having a virus in any mobile is that it does such activities. due to which the virus entered the phone and the biggest way to identify it whenever your phone hangs many times and again and again. so it simply means that some virus has definitely come from somewhere in your phone.

9 Some Photos in your gallery which you not clicked

Whenever a virus comes into your phone, It starts doing something in your phone that you have never done. like a virus puts some photos in the phone which you have never taken and the virus leaves them too. And the photos also have more viruses so your phone becoming so slow so when you get that your phone has a virus just try to remove it.

10 Redirecting You to anywhere else

When we start searching on the internet and clicked on any link and went anywhere else then what we search this is done by a virus present in your mobile phone phones.

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How to remove virus from the mobile

  1. Use any reliable software
  2. Delete unwanted files
  3. Hard reset your mobile
  4. Use anty malware

Clear your phone

How to protect mobile from virus

The virus never comes on its own, it is our own activities because of which it enters the phone or any device. So to be protected from viruses use some tips and tricks.

  1. whenever some such virus comes in your phone, what you have to first do that wherever you think that virus present. delete that file from there with virus
  2. don’t  click on such link that you do not need.
  3. Use a reliable anti malware
  4.  Delete application you don’t need remove them from phone.
  5.  Avoid to download that files which contain virus
  6. Check your device time to time if you see any suspicious activity in your phone remove it
  7. Don’t give your mobile credential  to anyone.


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