13 Most Loved Indian Web Series You Should Watch

Best Indian Web Series to watch
Best Indian Web Series to watch

The entertainment industry has become an inevitable part of our lives. Whether talking about Bollywood movies or the television entertainment industry they have always been there to help out in boredom and keep us entertained via their stories and music. But in the past few years, the web series has also been added to the list. These Web series are competing with the Bollywood movies and the television industry and have become quite popular in a very short period among the crowd of every age group. There is a long list of web series that are being liked by the people, among them here we got the list of top 13 best indian web series you can’t miss to watch.

Web series and its popularity has helped and unexpectedly encouraged Content creators too as bounded by the censor board they were unable to depict the characters and the content they have wanted to, but being web series censorship-free it has been a perk for them to create the content at its best and the way they have always wanted. The popularity of these web series has been hyped majorly during this pandemic. Ott platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, zee5, Hotstar, etc. are the major platform for releasing web series. Here we go with the list of must-watch 13 Indian web series.

Which Is The Best Indian Web Series To Watch In 2021?

1. Aspirant

IMDb ratings: 9.7

Genre: Comedy Drama

This 5 episode TVF’s mini web series is based on the life of three friends preparing for the UPSC exam and how life goes on they drift apart and cope up with everything. This series is relatable to the lives of every student out there preparing for any competitive exam. The lead characters performed by Abhilash Thapliyal, Naveen Kasturia, and Sunny Hinduja have aced the role. Aspirants have proven to be quite engaging series having each episode of 45-50 minutes just perfect for a weekend binge-watch.

You can watch this series on youtube on the channel that goes by the name TVF (The Viral Fever). The IMDb rating for the show is 9.7 enlisting it in our list of best indian web series to watch.

2. The Family Man

IMDb ratings: 8.7

Genre: Espionage Drama

The Amazon Prime video’s creation The Family Man has been a topic among thriller lovers. This espionage drama with thrill and black comedy has got the hearts of the fan. This story tells all the difficulties faced by Srikant Tiwari (Played by Manoj Vajpayee) an underpaid government employee of TASC working on national security with his job and family responsibilities.

Its first season was released in Sep 2019 which got quite the attention and love of the crowd making people wait for its next season. And the 2nd season didn’t disappoint the fans and proved to be worth waiting which was released in June 2021. The Family Man got the 8.7 IMDb ratings and is the must match web series to kill your boredom making it on the list of best Indian web series in 2021.

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3. Mirzapur

IMDb ratings: 8.4

Genre: Crime thriller

This action crime thriller web series is streaming on amazon prime video. This series has two seasons and the first one was released in 2018 which received a lot of love from the audience. This series is about the city Mirzapur, the carpet business, and the local mafia. The local don Kaleen bhaiya (played by Pankaj Tripathi) and his son’s rivalry from advocate’s two sons Bablu (played by Vikrant Massey) and Guddu (played by Ali Fazal) starting from an encounter at a wedding followed by several dramatic events successfully keep the audience engage and entertaining at the same time.

Its second season was released in 2020 and received an overwhelming response making it one of the most popular web series.

4. Hostages

IMDb ratings: 6

Genre: Thriller

The Disney Hotstar’s web series Hostages is a thriller with impressive plots framed and directed well by the creators of the series. The dramatic turn of events in the series has a charm that keeps holding the audience one way or another. This series has two seasons, first season was released in may 2019 depicting the dilemma of dr. Mira Anand whose family is held hostage by some masked goons has to choose her family or save the life of an innocent.

The second season continues with the further story of the same family and the police officer. Where the first season ruled the hearts of the audience second season didn’t meet quite the expectation of the people. But the overall story surely with this series to be in the list of 13 best indian web series.

5. Aarya

IMDb ratings: 7.5

Genre: Crime Drama

The Hotstar specials web series Aarya is a strong story of a woman Aarya Sareen (Played by Sushmita Sen) who becomes a mafia queen and seeks revenge from the killers of her husbands while protecting her three children. This Hotstar’s crime drama web series is worth watching for those who are into crime and underworld stories. This will also be a binge-watch for those who love to watch strong women’s stories. Its first season was released in June 2020 and seeing the welcoming response the second season will also be coming sooner or later.

6. Undekhi

IMDb ratings: 8.2

Genre: Crime Thrilller

Undekhi is sony liv’s creation with chaining up the marvelous presentation of true life events and the struggle between two sections of society. One is rich and powerful who thinks they can get away with anything and everything and another one is the weaker one. The story starts from the Sundarbans where a policeman is murdered and a cop following its suspect’s trail reached the Manali wedding trying to interrogate the girl while the girl is killed by the groom’s drunk father and all that further happens.

The cast of the series has also done outstanding work justifying the characters. The plan and plot of the thin “crime thriller” web series are impressive making it one of the best indian web series.

7. Breathe into the shadows

IMDb ratings: 7.7

Genre: Crime drama

Amazon prime videos breathe into the shadows is a crime drama web series starring the megastar Abhishek Bachchan, Amit Sadh, and Nithya Meenan in the leads. apart from the strong casts, it has an amazing story too. This series is surely a binge-watch as it does have those finely directed plots which hold onto the audience. As the story goes 6 years old daughter of Dr. Avinash Sabharwal is being kidnapped by a masked man who in turn demands gawky Ransome that he needs to take a life to get his daughter back. Following other events, the climax of the series is unexpected that the kidnapper happens to be Dr. Avinash himself due to his split personality. The full series is a treat to the eyes and has secured 7.7 IMDB ratings.

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8. Pataal Lok

IMDb ratings: 7.8

Genre: Crime Thriller

Pataal lok is a crime thriller web series by amazon prime videos. This series’s title Pataal Lok is a metaphor used to show the different sections of the society. As the lead cast of this web series says to his younger colleague that he is the permanent resident of Pataal Lok (common man of society) and can see Swarg Lok (high profile lifestyle) from a distance only. Just a matter of time he got a high-profile case on his hands of a failed assassin of journalist and its four suspects and deeper he digs more complexity he founds.

This series majorly depicting the power, politics, fake news, and discrimination still happening in society. Pataal lok has a captivating storyline and keeps you interested which makes it hard to miss this indian web series and landing it on our list of the 13 best Indian web series.

9. Special ops

IMDb ratings: 8.6

Genre: Thriller, Spy fiction

Special ops were released in march 2020 and are a story of a Himmat Singh (played by Kay kay Menon) an employee in the research and analysis wing, how he sketches the relation in different terrorist attacks in India and figure out it to done by one mastermind.

As the Story goes on we see how Himmat Singh and his team of five agents fight against all the odds to track down the person and put him out of the order to stop all the attacks. The series is about all the terrorist attacks that happened in india in the past two decades. The plot and twists of the series turn out to be a must watch indian web series and a perfect binge watch for the weekend. Its second season has already been announced and is expected to get on air soon. This series got

10. Asur

IMDb ratings: 8.7

Genre: Thriller

Asur One Of The Best Indian Web Series To Watch

This voot streaming crime drama Asur is a worthy thrill one should watch. This story moves in between two different worlds that are forensic science and indian mythology. The story starts with a kid name Shubh performing some pooja and his father was in front of his eyes and in the second scene a forensic teacher at FBI HQ Nikhil Nair (played by Varun Sobti) who is an ex forensic expert of CBI getting a location and finding a mysteriously killed body over there. The dramatic turn of twists and plots in the series fills you with more curiosity and thrill and will make you binge-watch for sure. The acting skills of Arsad Warsi in the series as senior of Nikhil Nair are also impressive.

The first season was released in 2020 on the OTT platform Voot. and we can expect its much-awaited second season soon. This is one of the best web series on Voot platform

11. Four More Shots

IMDb ratings: 6.4

Genre: Drama

Amazon prime videos original drama four more shots please shows the personal and professional lives of four indian urban women. As they love, live, work makes mistakes, improve them, and fighting for their ambitions dealing with anxiety while constantly changing the graph of their friendship and still manages to stick together and be there for each other this series has stolen the heart of the audience. This series’s first season was in the list of top 3 most watch web series in india while the second season was one of the most played web series. Soo we can expect the third season of it too. This series is surely a must watch this web series and hence is on the list of 13 best indian web series you can’t miss watching.

12. Panchayat

IMDb ratings: 8.8

Genre: Comedy Drama

Panchayat is a comedy-drama streaming on amazon prime video. The lead of the series Abhishek Tripathi (played Jitender Kumar) is a BTech graduate unable to get a campus placement decided to join as panchayat secretory in a remote village of UP Phulera. Unable to get his desired job he plans to prepare for the CAT exam to fulfill his dreams. This series was created by TVF streamed on Prime videos and resulted to be one of the best web series in india. The second season of the web series has been announced and is expected to release soon. This comedy Indian web series will make you laugh hard along with giving an inspiration of don’t be afraid of trying things.

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13. Scam 1992

IMDb ratings: 9.5

Genre: Drama

Scam 1992 is the story of Harshad Mehta, a stockbroker who took the stock market to its heights and his cataclysmic vanquish. This is a financial thriller streaming on Sony liv. The set is from the 1980s and 90s representing all ups and downs of the stock market and the biggest scam in the Indian financial system of 1992. The scam was unveiled by a journalist Sucheta Dalal who solved the mazed and revealed that Harshad Mehta is behind all the scams happening in SBI resulting in his arrest and eventually his death during custody. This indian Web series is so Inspirational and thrill-giving at the same time as to how a common man unsatisfied with his growth can do great if he wants and prove the sky is the limit. Strongly recommend to all watch this series Scam 1992 is for sure a must and binge-watch for those looking for some real thriller.

Here is the list of must-watch Indian web series to help you kill your boredom and keep you entertained with the best, and they all are on my watch list. Are you ready to go on the journey of binge-watch? Grab you popcorn tub now put out your system or phone get on your headphone and let’s go!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Which is the best crime thriller web series?

Answer 1: Mirzapur is for sure one of the best crime thrillers one can watch. The cast, direction, acting skills everything is just at its best making it hard to miss indian web series.

Question 2: Which is the best web series for binge watch?

Answer 2: Every Series mentioned above is surely worthy of a binge-watch. Among them, my favorites are Scam 1992, Arya, and Aspirants.

Question 3: Which Web Series should I watch on voot?

Answer 3: There are many series you can watch but Asur is the perfect crime drama one can binge-watch on an OTT platform named Voot.


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