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15 Best Online Games You Can Play For Free To End Your Boredom

Games have always been the major source of entertainment in our lives. Especially after the pandemic the indoor and online games have gained quite a buzz. Feeling stuck at home and having nothing to do sucks. Literally!!! Online gaming can help you out in such a situation for sure. Never matter if you are at home, school or office play these online games whenever and wherever you want and avoid that horrible feeling of nothingness.

Whether you enjoy puzzles, challenges, racing games, or some real-time shooting games, online games got your back. Here we got you a list of the top 15 best online games to play for free.

Chess Online
Garena Free Fire
Call Of Duty
Coin Master
Sudoku online
Poki Game
Solitaire Online
GTA Online
Mine Craft Pocket Edition
Barbie Games
Zombie Games
Ludo King Online
PUBG Mobile Online
Super Mario Game

Which Are The Best Online Games To Play Free In 2021?

1. Chess Online

Best chess game to play online

Chess is quite a game for those with great mind skills and vision. Chessmen are indeed a thing to get obsessed with. As it gives the pleasure of winning or pain of losing while teaching and motivating at the same time. Whether you are a chess master or a patzer online chess games can help you hone your skills by playing with a worthy opponent. These online games are free games to play. Here you can choose your opponent to be the other person playing the game, any friend, or you can play with a computer and enhance your skills. Several platforms allow you to play chess online like,,, poki, etc. You can play here in your browser only by simply creating an account or play online as a guest user or you can download the chess online application on your phone and play whenever, wherever, and with whomever you want.

2. Garena Free Fire

Play Garena Free Fire online

If you are a video game lover and currently seeking some adventurous game experience this online free games should be on your list. This game gives you a virtual world experience where 50 real-time players including you are being landed on an island. Players are free to choose the location of landing as they are provided parachutes and need to stay in a safe zone as long as possible collecting the supplies and beating the opponent. Drive vehicle, ambush, snipe, hide, revive but all you need to do is survive. You can download this game application from the play store for mobile ios/android or can download the file from the web to play on PC too and play this online game for free.

3. Call Of Duty

Best shooting game to play

Call Of Duty aka COD is a first-person shooting game available on both pc and mobile but different in some sense. Call Of Duty for PC is a game focused on world war II, the cold war, and other war zones allowing gamers to control the protagonist fighting the opponent. The mobile game is offering the gamer Call Of Duty Black Ops and Call of Duty Modern Warfare maps. This is a multiplayer online game that can be played for free. This free online game can be downloaded from the play store for mobile. Here you can play as a single-player or team up with your friends or with random players to fight the enemies and taste the victory.

4. Coin Master

Best free game to play

Coin master is another exciting free game to play. It can be downloaded from the play store. It is a good source of entertainment for those who are seeking the source to kill their boredom. The game revolves around the fact of getting more coins and spending them. Here you’ll be earning coins or you can get more of them by attacking a random player’s base and raiding their stashes. And investing them to build your base or improving the shield of the base you own to avoid much loss during getting attacked. You can play this exciting game on your mobile phone and download it from the play store on android and the App store on ios. Playing this online game will surely going to fill you with excitement and joy and give you a taste of conquest.

5. Sudoku online

best puzzle game to play online

Sudoku is one of the popular and entertaining logic puzzle number games. Sudoku in its most basic structure is a grid of 9*9 needed to be filled in such a way that each row, column, and mini-grid of 3*3 is filled by numbers 1 to 9. Playing sudoku has been a source of entertainment from a way back. Previously it was played with pen and paper but now with the digitization, board and paper games have also been available on our screens. Several websites offer you to play online sudoku and on a few of them, you can create room and play with your friends too.

A few of the websites are,, sudoku. game,, etc. You can download mobile applications like ‘Sudoku – Free Classic Sudoku Puzzles’ on your phone too and can play the free game whenever you want and entertain yourself.

6. Poki Games

Best and most popular online games

Poki Games is one of the most popular online games stations offering 40+ game categories and a lot of games among them to play online. The categorized games are board games, action games, skill games, racing games, adventure games, shooting games, GTA games, etc. which offer users wide options to select from like Temple run, GTA, subway surf, etc. No ads platform makes poki more user-friendly with no disturbance during the game. The user also has another perk like no hustle of creating an account or downloading an application. Just pick up your device mobile, tablet or desktop open your browser and start playing.

Poki is also offering gamers to play with their friends or alone as you can call your friends to come and play with you. Poki is one of the best free online games available on the web.

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7. Solitaire Online

Best card game to play online

Card games have always been a popular and loved game among every age group. Solitaire or often called patience is a card game that can be played by a single person to kill boredom. It can also turn out to be ahead to head if the winner is selected by the score. Just like the other card games solitaire also can be played online for free and is available on a lot of websites particularly designed for solitaire.

A few of these websites are,,,, etc. solitaire is also available on online gaming platforms offering multiple games like One can also download the free online game application of solitaire available on the play store on their phones or PC and play.

8. GTA Online

Best pc games to play

GTA aka grand theft auto has been one of the most popular games among video game lovers. It is available for pc games free download. The gamer controls the protagonist during the play to become a striking criminal in the game and by clearing the difficulties level the growth of the character goes on. GTA Online offers both single and multiplayer modes, allowing up to 30 players to play together in multi-player. In multiplayer mode, you can choose if you want to play as enemies or a cooperative game with your friends.

GTA Online is one of the most downloaded free online games. There are some multigame websites too that offer a different but entertaining version of GTA to play representing the somewhat similar type of character in single-player mode like,,, etc.

9. Mine Craft Pocket Edition

Best games to play online

Softonic Minecraft pocket edition is the mini edition of Minecraft’s original toolbox game for mobile users. Minecraft is one of the best video game development companies in the industry and never disappoints its audience. Originally Minecraft offers the pc free game download which is a set of games with different modes. Pocket edition of Minecraft is perfect for the player on the go to play free online games on the cellphones as it doesn’t perform that well with console and pc. This free game can be downloaded from Playstore for Android and App Store for iOS devices.

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10. Barbie Games

Best girls games to play

Barbie online games have their charm among girl kids. Barbie games are specially designed for the girl kids where they can dress up and do the makeup of the barbie avatar as per their choices. It also offers other games to improve the skills and abilities of the kids like puzzles and skill games. There are several barbie games available online which can be played directly in the browser as these websites offer you to play the game like,,, etc. or you can download the best free online games of barbie from play store.

11. Zombie Games

Best rated video games

Zombie games are so popular and loved among video game lovers. The graphics, storyline, survival tactics, and difficulty levels are thrill-giving in these types of games turning it to be one of the best-rated and enjoyed games among gamers. Plenty of zombie games are available for pc download and a few of them are Resident Evil, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Zombie Night Terror, etc. Apart from PC, such games are available for mobile on play store too like DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline, DEAD TRIGGER 2, Zombie Frontier, etc.

12. Ludo King Online

Best board game to play online

Ludo has always been one of the most popular board games among the crowd of every age group. So its online version is quite popular too. This free game allows you to play them online with a wide number of users seeking to play the game online, or you can play the game all alone with the computer. It provides you with the feature of creating room in the game and lets you invite your friends and family to play along with irrespective of the distance while chatting during the game. Since the pandemic, this online game has gained quite a popularity and love by the users.

13. PUBG Mobile Online

Best online games

Player’s unknown battleground aka PUBG is an online multiplayer game in which you try to be the last one standing. The game is based on different modes allowing players to choose from and play. Here you can play solo as well as pair up with your friends or randoms to play the game. Its gameplay is awesome you can get bore by it moreover it is entertaining for both the pro players or the new one. This free online game has stolen the heart of many and has proven to be one of the best games of all time. This game can be download on PC for free and play online.

For mobile, you can get PUBG from the play store. After the ban of PUBG in India, it has been relaunched with some changes by the name of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Download Best Free Online Game BGMI from the play store and play online with the same features and modes as PUBG.


Best online gaming platform is an online gaming platform offering you multi-games to play online. 4j consists of around 1806 games to play online on its website. Here you can find free games to play like racing, shooting, barbie, board, story, puzzle, and a lot more games relating to various categories. This is an ideal platform for gamers seeking to kill the boredom with some casual gaming without any hustle of creating an account or logging in.

15. Super Mario Game

Most popular online game

Super Mario is one of the most beloved and popular video games in the past decade. Mario is the protagonist in the game controlled by the player to complete the level by overcoming the difficulties and moving onto the higher and more difficult. This game is so fun that every level has something new and exciting such that it never lets the player get bor of it. This game is the best free online game available on the play store for Android as well as on the App Store for ios to download.

All these games and sites are my favorites, the one I have played and suggesting you with the same. So start picking and playing now!!! Play on the site or download the best online game and enjoy yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: Where can I download PC games for free?
Answer 1: There are a lot of places where you can download free Pc games. One is the Microsoft store which offers you a range of pc games to download for free. You can download games from there.

Question 2: Which is the No 1 game in the world?
Answer 2: PUBG is at the top position in the list of best games in the world as per 2021 latest statistics followed by Minecraft at the number second.

Question 3: Is GTA 5 is a free game?
Answer 3: No, GTA 5 is not a free game officially but there are other websites as well as torrent offer you to download it for free.

Question 4: How to download free fire?
Answer 4: Garena free fire for mobile can be downloaded from the play store for android users and IOS users can download it from the App store.



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