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18 Workers Killed In UP, As Speeding Truck hit The Bus


  • 18 workers were ramped by a truck in UP.
  • PM Modi expressed his grief.

18 workers, resting out on the road before a transport they had been traveling in, were killed last night after a speeding truck hit the transport in Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki area, 28 km from state capital Lucknow.

The workers, who are from Bihar, were getting back from Haryana and Punjab when their transport stalled on the highway that prompts Bihar. They then, at that point came out and slept in front of the bus.

The truck hit the transport from behind, making the transport push forward and smash the workers.

The harmed workers have been taken to a close-by hospital, said senior cop Satya Narayan Sabat. A salvage activity to recover the bodies stuck under the transport is on, the official said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi likewise expressed misery over the deficiency of lives in the mishap.

“We were around 130 individuals who left from a bus station close to Haryana’s Ambala for Bihar… At around 8 pm, the transport broke down and the driver told us that the maintenance work will set take some time. A significant number of us emerged from the transport. Some were sleeping in front of the bus, some were eating or resting,” said Bharat, a survivor.

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The best treatment is given to the survivor of the incident.

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