Top 5 luxurious 7-Star Hotels in the World? Beautiful View

Top 5 luxurious 7-Star Hotels in the World? Beautiful View

Luxury Hotels

Luxury is a term that in simple words can be defined as comfort, and this comfort is available at the cost of money. Most people believe that money can buy everything, and through that money, you can also buy yourself this term named luxury.

If you don’t want to create that comfortable life for yourself or in other words you are too lazy for that, that specific comfort is just a piece of cake for you.

Rather than creating that luxury one by one and wasting too much of your savings, you can just opt for a simpler and cheaper option as compared to that creating it yourself. And that simple option is a luxury hotel, here you can have every luxurious experience that you have been craving and that too easily.

Difference Between 5 And 7 Star Hotels

The rating goes according to the facilities available to you in the hotels and hence five stars are less facilitated as compared to seven stars.

Luxuries available in the star hotel might be the same But the quality differs so here the star rating varies.

The problems in the comfort might be there in five-star hotels but those problems won’t be seen in seven-star hotels.

The most important factor is the human comfort in those hotels, a five-star hotel might be just a normal one for every visitor but seven-star hotels are customized as per the visitor’s choice.


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How Many 7-Star Hotels Are There in the World?

How Many 7-Star Hotels Are There in the World?
How Many 7-Star Hotels Are There in the World?

23 seven starred hotels are there in the world till now and hence are incomparable from any other hotels across the world. These provide you with the best luxury that you cannot experience anywhere in the world.

1. Burj Al Arab is situated in the UAE on its private beach, with the best luxury and also one of the most expensive ones that cost around $980 per night stay.

2. Burj Al Arab situated in Dubai provides you with the best luxury so far and some of its luxuries even include themselves to be 24-karat gold marks and can extend up to the price of around $27,000 per night’s stay.

3. Town House Galleria is situated in Milan, the specific point that this hotel allows only its residents, this is specifically for you if your pet matters to you the most, and here your pet gets the same treatment as you, and it cost gets up to $550 at Max, as per night.

4. Laucala Island located in Fiji, this hotel is owned by also the founder of the Red Bull drink Dietrich Mateschitz, this brings out the traditional aesthetics of  Fiji staying traditional as well as equipped with almost every possible luxury as well, where the price goes around $6000 per night.

5. The Mark Hotel from the very well-known New York City is specifically designed keeping in mind the old vintage gold era as well as the modernity tint as well and is there since the 1920s and is also designed to comfort your pet as well. This is the most expensive one on our list with a per-night stay of around $86,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques- How many 7 stars hotels are there in the world?

And- In total, there are 23 seven-starred hotels across the world where most of which are from UAE.

Ques- How many 7-star hotels are there in India?

Ans- Till now there are no official seven-starred hotels in India yet, instead there are various super luxurious and expensive hotels and resorts available in India.

Ques- Is Taj Hotel Mumbai 7 star hotel?

Ans- No The Taj Hotel, Mumbai is an official five-star hotel and not seven starred hotel.


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