Invest Your Money in These Investing Apps & Get High Returns Upto 100%

apps to invest money

Finances look good when you’ve them sorted.

And they look best when you’ve got 15 apps that help you invest money for positive returns.

Hey, young investors! Are you curious about growing your pocket money into something bigger? Well, guess what? Some super cool apps can help you invest your money and get the best returns.

With these apps, you can kickstart your journey of becoming an amazing investor. One thing to remember is that investing is a time-consuming process.

As an investor, you must be patient and see your investment grow into something big. So, invest with patience.

15 Apps to Invest Money for Effective Returns

  1. Zerodha
  2. Groww
  3. 5 Paisa
  4. Kuvera
  5. Jupiter Money

1. Zerodha

best apps to invest money

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Kite by Zerodha is one of the most popular money-investing apps in India.

With over 1.1 crore active users, it serves 15% of India’s retail trading. Its user-friendly design suits both beginners and experienced traders.

The Kite app includes charts, 100+ trading indicators, and advanced orders like GTT and cover orders.

Registering costs ₹200 with a yearly ₹300 maintenance fee, making it pricier among Indian investment apps.

Features of Zerodha-

  • Provides 20x for intra-day trading
  • Available on both Android and Apple devices
  • Zero brokerage for equity delivery
  • Beginner friendly interface

2. Groww

best apps to invest your money

Groww is a funded company that helps people invest money. Lots of people like it, and it has a good rating. Some prominent companies invest their money in this app.

As such it is a safe platform. The app looks the same in color and is great for investing money in mutual funds. It has a simplistic GUI and is easy to use.

Features of Groww-

  • One app for mutual funds, stocks, and more.
  • Easy investment in US stocks with no fees.
  • Different dashboards for stocks and mutual funds.
  • Built-in calculators for trading and investing.
  • Get it on the App Store and Play Store.

3. 5 Paisa

best apps to investing money

5 Paisa is a new app for investing that is getting bigger. It’s special because it lets people buy and sell things like stocks and mutual funds.

It also has useful advice, research, news, and blogs for free. This app is good for both investors and traders.

Features of 5 Paisa-

  • Advises according to goals, along with free news and research.
  • Shows live market data, stock prices, and changes.
  • Lets you invest in US stocks with no fee, with Vested, a registered advisor.
  • Make lists and alerts, and use advanced charts.
  • There are no account fees, no commission on mutual funds and US stocks, and low fees for Indian stocks.

4. Kuvera

best apps to invest money and get returns

Kuvera is a great app for investing if you’re a first-time investor. It’s easy to use with a special and simple design. You can make an account in just a few steps.

You can manage your money, and family accounts, and see how your investment is doing. There’s a dashboard with info about money plans and SIP.

You can set goals and check if you’re doing well. It also suggests good mutual funds to help you reach your goals.

Features of Kuvera-

  • Diverse portfolio to invest in for beginners
  • Easy to redeem your investment
  • Proper regulation of investment
  • Free investment platform

5. Jupiter Money

top apps to invest you money

Investors are growing in India, with over 7% increase and if you’re one of these investors, Jupiter is an easy app to invest your money.

The app is great because you won’t be charged if you miss an SIP. Key features include no-penalty SIPs, saving up to Rs. 750 in penalties each time, and earning 1.5% extra returns compared to regular funds.

Features of Jupiter-

  • Open a Zero Balance Saving account at Jupiter.
  • No need to keep a minimum average balance.
  • Earn up to 2.5% interest yearly on your money.
  • Use IMPS, RTGS, and NEFT for online payments.
  • Get a physical debit card without yearly fees.

10 More Best Apps to Invest Money for Better Results

  1. Upstax
  2. Angel Bee
  3. Angel Speed Pro
  4. ICICI Direct
  5. IIFL Markets Mobile App
  6. MO Investor
  7. Sharekhan
  8. Paytm Money
  9. Motilal Oswal
  10. Edelweiss Mobile Trader

FAQs Related to Apps to Invest Money in 2023

Q) What to look for while selecting an app to invest money?

  • Fees of investment
  • Services
  • Compare and invest in the platform that caters to your needs
  • Diversity of portfolio

Q) Is there an account maintenance charge?

The account maintenance charge varies depending on the platform you’re choosing to invest.

Q) Which is the best app to start investing in India?

The list shared above is a compilation of 15 apps to start your investment journey in India.


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