12 Attractive & Unexplored Places To Visit in Goa

Places to visit in Goa

Goa this very particular term consists of thrill as well as chill in itself. Not just for every
Indian youngsters but for foreigners too, this is a must-visit destination on their wandering

Goa is the beauty of the southwestern coast of India decorating itself with golden sand,
beaches, sky-climbing palm trees, and a calm and soothing environment with the thrill of
clubs, bars, parties, and water sports this place has serenity for everyone on their own

Whether you are a party animal or a calm nature-loving wanderer Goa has all
that you are looking for. Let’s begin with the best-visited places in Goa discovered and
As soon as we cross the name Goa the beaches and parties are the very first thing
that comes to mind, but it has more than that. Goa has magnificent waterfalls, caves,
temples, forts, markets, and historic monuments too with a breathtaking views.

This place has the ambiance of paradise and the capability of putting the soul at peace. Among
your long list of places to call on while you are in Goa we have a few places to add on to
your must-visit places in Goa, let us have a look at them.

Discovered & Undiscovered Gems of Goa

Here are some best places in Goa to visit for vacation. Some places in Goa are unexplored to date. Know about the places in the below article.

  • Calangute Beach

Beaches breeze no doubt put the mind at ease for a while and Goa has loads and loads
of it. Among this long list, one of the most popular Calangute beaches also known as
the “queen of beaches” has taken a lot of hearts via its heavenly beauty.

This place captures the attention of every traveler whether you are a party freak or a nature lover.
Sunset and sunrise views at beaches are magnificent ones and here the duo of waves
from the Arabian sea and this iconic view is an experience of tranquility.

Market around this place sells everything from beer & food to trinkets and junk jewelry.
And for water sports adventurers this place serves well as here one can find
Parasailing, jet skiing, banana riding, bumper riding, etc.

This amazing package one place attracts people and makes it one of the most crowded beaches in Goa.

  • Grande Island Scuba Diving

This beautiful island is surrounded by sparkling blue Arabian seawater and marvelous
view holds the beneath explanation experience and exotic look.

Adding to its natural beauty it’s a place for adventure-loving travelers too because this place offers you the thrilling experience of scuba diving.

Even if you’re, not the water baby need not worry the expert team of trainers and international-level security facility ensure that you are
enjoying every bit of this experience. Hence this beach is one of the must-visit places in

  • Butterfly Beach

The white sand, rolling waves, and endless sunshine of Goa beaches is the work of art
by nature. Among these beaches, Butterfly Beach holds a place of its own because of
its beauty and location.

This beach is surrounded by dense forest and can be reached
either by boat ride from Palolem beach or by trek via the forest.

This isolation makes this place one of the most hidden places in Goa with remarkable beauty. When here
one can get the opportunity to spot dolphins, crabs, and a variety of butterflies. This
beach is a blessing for the crowd looking for peace and tranquility.

  • Rivona Caves

Situating in the southern part of Goa this place holds mesmerizing sites worth
watching. Rivona caves are a mystical place and have a place in the history of

Being quaint and tranquil this place is an ideal location for the meditation of
Buddhist monks. One can find Buddhist sculptures inside the cave proving its rich

At a small distance, there is another ancient location known as Rock Engraving
supposed to be over 20,000 years ago. Here at a very small distance is the carving of
an elephant, and peacock life cycle engraved on the rock and is fading away with time.

  • Bubble lake

On the wave to Rivona caves, there is a mysterious bubble lake expected to be over
400 years old. Whenever there is a loud noise is made at the place one can see the
increased amount of bubbles in the lake. The iconic view and ambiance of this place are
out of the world.

There is another worth-watching spot on the way to Rivona caves which is Rishivan
spring. This spring contains fresh water and somewhat looks like a waterfall.

The water of this place is said to contain some medicinal properties. The ambiance here makes this place perfect for meditation too.

  • Arvalem caves & Harvalem falls

Arvalem caves have many historic stories about their origin. As it is also known as
Pandavas caves as the story say it was used by Pandavas due to the presence of
Shivlings here.

While some belief it to be Buddhist caves as there is a statue of buddha
nearby. Whatever the reason for its existence it has a charismatic effect on
travelers who are into historic monuments, making it one of the must-visit places in Goa.

Arvalem caves & Harvalem falls

At a small distance from the caves, there is a waterfall known as Harvalem waterfalls. It
is one of the most beautiful sites and worth watching.

Being hidden in the jungle this place sometimes allows visitors complete privacy and an exotic feel of nature.

  • Lamgau Caves
Lamgau Caves

Lamgau cave is supposed to be a masterpiece of architecture. Its carvings and looks
are surely unequally done. There is a shrine inside the cave with some gorgeously
designed structures.

The courtyard here has a rock shaped like Linga and Nandi with tulsi.
This place is in Bicholim and doesn’t get lots of visitors making it a hidden place to visit
in Goa.

  • Sinquerim fort and Beach

Sinquerim Fort is an iconic Portuguese architecture and a treat for the eyes and souls to
watch. The sunset makes enjoying the view over the sea here from the fort so soothing
and must capture the moment for a photographer.

Sinquerim beach gives a thrilling time to water sports lovers, too as it offers swimming, scuba diving, water skiing, etc.

Sinquerim fort and Beach

The most popular water activity at this place is the dolphin safari. It is a thrilling experience
to see dolphins like this. It is not so visited place making it a must-visit hidden place
in Goa.

  • Pequeno Bat Island
Pequeno Bat Island

This Bat Island is one of those islands which despite its beauty don’t get a lot of
travelers’ attention. It is located at one can here by boat from Vasco de Gama beach.

Bat island offers a good water sports experience one can try snorkeling here. It also
offers you to explore sea life as you can find a variety of lobsters, turtles, and other sea
creatures living here. The rocky beach here is beautiful too.

  • Anjuna Wednesday Market

Goa has several markets offering and showing the culture and artwork of Goa. There
are dozens of weekday markets too which are organized on a particular day of the
week. Among these Anjuna, Wednesday market is one of the most famous ones.

Anjuna Wednesday Market

This market is said to be set up by local vendors for approximately the past 50 years and
offers a variety of goods like trinkets, dreamcatchers, bikinis, hippy and bohemian
jewelry, etc.

It also offers food and spices here successfully attracting the eyes of
tourists and is the most visited place in Goa. It is set up every Wednesday of the week
by local vendors.

  • Bars and Clubs
Bars and Clubs

Goa is heaven for party animals. This place offers party freaks several places to party
and enjoys life in Goa. One doesn’t need a reason or season to the party here.

Pubs and clubs here offer lots of fun zones to dance and party in the city. This makes Goa a must-visit place for youth and is on the wandering list of most of them. Here are a few
pubs and clubs you need to check out:

● Titos Bar and Club
● Cubana Night Club
● Silent Noise Club
● Cafe Mambos
● IPK Waterfront
● Soro The Village Pub
● Cafe Mojo Pub and Bistro
● Leopard Valley
● Cavala
● Cruise Casino

  • Food and Cuisine
Food and Cuisine

Food is one of the most important parts of any place’s culture. Goa being one of the
coastal states no doubt the variety and taste of seafood here is marvelous, but due to its
rich history there are other popular cuisine and deserts too. Vindaloo is one of the
must-try famous meat curries of Goa. Here are a few cafes and cuisine you must-try
during your visit here:

● Thalassa- Greek cuisine
● German bakery- desert
● Infantgaria- breakfast spread
● Fat fish- seafood

Is it tempting enough? now plan a trip to Goa ASAP and visit all these places, don’t
miss water sports, and must try the amazing food. Gis et life’s unimaginable experience
and love, pamper yourself a little more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques. When is the best time to visit Goa?
Ans. The best time to visit Goa is between October to march because of the pleasant
weather and the availability of water sports
Ques. What are the less crowded beaches in Goa?
Ans. A few of the less crowded beaches of Goa are Butterfly beach, Arambol beach,
Kokolem beach.
Ques. What are the best places to shop in Goa?
Ans. The best places to shop in Goa are the Anjuna market, and flea market.


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