10 Best Black Actresses In Their 30s in 2023

Best Black Actresses In Their 30s


It is said that beauty is in the beholder of eyes and no one can deny it, Beauty is in every color, gender, caste, race, or anything, everything is beautiful if you look for it. The article covers the 10 best black actresses in their 30’s.

Brown Skin Tone

If we are talking about black actresses in their 30s Although every skin color has its own beauty there is something special in this brown skin tone there’s a shine of richness to it.

According to science the more melanin present the more darker the shade gets and having something in access is always good and so it is in this case.

Black Beauties

We have a lot of beautiful women in this shade completely ruling the world and leaving Mesmerized by their beauty and talent we have a living example of it and that is Rihanna who has left everyone speechless with her beauty and talent.

List of 10 Top Black Actresses in Their 30s

1. Lupita Nyong’o- Black Actresses

She is a Spanish-born Mexican and Kenyan actress who is also a nominee for the golden globe awards. She is also the first Latina to win an Academy Award for best supporting actress.

2. Megan Good – Black Actresses 

She is an American actress who dipped into prominence in 1997 for her role in Eve’s Bayou and then in Nickelodeon as Cousin Skeeter after which she gained major attention due to her role in delivering us from Eva and roll bounce.

3. Zoe Kravitz –

She is an American actress, singer, and model, she started acting in 2007 and gained popularity from her role in X- Men, the Divergent series, and the fantastic beast. Not only acting she also is a versatile singer and model.

4 Logan Browning –

When talking about Black actresses in their 30s sow can er skip her. She is an American actress who is famous for her brilliant roles in films like Dear white people, Bratz, Meet the Browns, Hit the Floor and PlayStation Network, and a lot more, and most of her works are based on black people.

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5. Aja Naomi – 

An American actress who is known for her role in How to get away with Murder as Michaela Pratt and her roles in cherry turner, reversion, the birth of a Nation, and majorly through the Upside.

6. Yaya DaCosta – 

And American actress and model who majorly gained attention from her modeling career as she was runner-up in cycle 3 of America’s next top model.

She gained more fame due to her roles in All my children, Chicago Med, Whitney, and a lot more.

7 Nathalie Emmanuel –

She is a British actress and model, she started acting in the 1990s and gained prominence from her role in Twenty8k and majorly through her role in  Game of Thrones internationally an army of thieves.

8. Issa Rae – 

She is a multi-talented personality who is an actress, writer, producer, and comedian Who came into prominence through her YouTube role as an Awkward Black girl she works mostly Focused on Black people.

9. Ashleigh Murray –

She is a very beautiful American actress and singer, she is famous for her roles as Josie McCoy, in Riverdale, Katy Keene, and more. She is the one defying the age barrier through her beauty and is one of the Black actresses in their 30s.

10. Eva Marcille –

Last but not least on our list, she is an American actress, fashion model, and television personality who gained prominence by winning Cycle 3 of America’s next top model she is married to Michel Sterling and also a mother of 3.


This article consists of 10 black actresses in their 30s who are ruling the world through their talent and beauty, it also gives you a little information about the reason for their being famous along with their major occupation.


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