5 Best Cardio Workouts for Effective Weight Loss in 2023

Best cardio workouts

Having a fit and flexible body is the dream of almost everyone. We speak of body positivity and loving our body as it is and not body shame, anyone. But the fact that every one of us knows is that a fit body is home to a healthy and happy mind.

So we definitely do need to have a fit body to stay healthy and happy. So here in this article, we will discuss cardio workouts for weight loss.

What are Cardio Workouts?

As the name suggests cardio means heart so it must be something related to the heart and combining it with a workout means to exercise that increases the beat rate of our heart and keeps it increasing for a prolonged period.

An increased heartbeat results in the following things-

  • Managers to loosen your body weight to keep you healthy.
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases and so you are less prone to heart diseases
  • A higher heartbeat produces a hormone named endorphins that keep our mood happy.

What Makes You Fatty?

cardio workouts

Having an over-fatty body is biologically termed obesity and is caused by the accumulation of too many fat cells in our body.

Now you might be thinking about the reason for the accumulation of those fat cells so the basic reason is the intake of more and more calories.

  • A calorie is the measurement of energy that our body needs.
  • On average, a man needs 2500 calories per day for healthy body weight management.
  • On average, a woman needs around 2000 calories per day for the same.

Now you might think that this is too much and you might not have been able to take those many calories per day. But still, you are gaining weight.

So let’s get deeper into it-

  • Hamburger, fries, and shake contain more than 1500 calories per intake.
  • Although those who are highly active physically might not be able to have those.
  • Calories do get burned when our body goes through heavy exercises.
  • On average humans, intake is 5000 calories per day.
  • Fat cells once formed do not get destroyed.

On heavy exercise per day, those fat cells just lose their size.

Will Cardio Workouts help in weight loss?

cardio workouts

Now the question that might be building up in your mind is the same as mentioned above.

As told above that cardio workouts really have a great effect on your body weight as an increased heartbeat needs more energy.

That increased amount of energy is consumed by those fat cells that have consumed extra calories while eating more and more of it.

What Effects will you see in your Body after Cardio?

Cardio workouts have a direct effect on your body weight. It also has various other effects on our body and those include-

  • The efficient circulatory system as the increased heartbeat will lead to a proper and more supply of oxygen to our body.
  • Even stronger diaphragm as a result of heavy breathing and increased oxygen inhaling capacity.
  • While working out with the muscles it also increases muscle power with higher strength and energy.

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What are the best cardio workouts for your weight loss?

If you are starting with the workout then you first need to be very basic at the start otherwise it might harm you physically. As a result, you might face severe pain.

So here are a few basic cardio workouts to keep you active at the start without much effort to get you to continue with this workout session.

  • Simple walking is the easiest and the most effective one. A regular walk for proper time intervals is the best one.
  • Swimming is another option to start with really effective for loose weight and also good for your joints.
  • Stair climbing is another one with a high effect on your thigh and abdomen area.
  • Jumping rope is the best and easiest way to lose weight and that too in a short period of time.

What to take after the Cardio Exercise?

cardio workouts

Workout is important but what’s more important is a proper intake of food before and after.

Now we will talk about the food we should intake after the workout session to stay healthy and positively affect our health and workout.

  • Drinking more and more water is the most necessary one as it goes perfectly with every body matter of ours.
  • Choose to drink more and eat less to keep you hydrated.
  • Opt for drinks with electrolytes and glucose.
  • A small number of carbohydrates and proteins in the ratio of 3:1.


1. What is the Type of Cardio exercises?

Ans: There are around 20 basic kinds of cardio exercises and here are some of them-

  • Cycling the basic one for 30 min per day is enough.
  • Swimming is the best one is more than enough if done in 25 min per day.
  • Boxing increases muscle strength.
  • Hiking is overall beneficial for the body.

2. 30 minutes of Cardio exercise will help in fat loss?

Ans: As told earlier proper and regular cardio workout is sufficient for your weight loss l. So 30 minutes of regular cardio exercises are enough for your weight loss.

3. Which cardio burns the fattest?

Ans: Running is the best and most effective cardio exercise to lose weight and loses most of the fat if done regularly for a proper time period with a definite effort increased from time to time.


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