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Top 10 Best Free Dating Apps in India: A Comprehensive Guide” 2023


  • We have updated dating platforms for everyone let’s start your love journey.
  • Free and paid apps are listed here.
  • Dating apps are safe and legal in India and be aware of scammers.

Introduction to Dating Apps in 2023

If you are one of those who are searching for the Best Free Dating Apps in India then you are at the right place. In this run-of-the-mill lifestyle, nowadays people are not able to meet even their loved ones. they want to date but they can’t.

Today we will tell you about some such interesting dating apps which will help you to be able to connect yourself with your loved one. H

All these apps have nice reviews, rankings, and download rates. It is very important to have someone who understands both your heart and mind. so we have come up with dating apps through using you can meet your new life partner. Here You will also find free dating apps in India without membership.

Nowadays dating has become very easy. The process of login in and signing up for the apps is also very simple. With a single click, you can introduce yourself to others. dating apps are also safe so no worries. so today we will tell you about the 16 free Dating Apps but not everything is free there are some premium features also available here.

How to Use Free Dating Apps Effectively

We will tell you about all types of apps which include both free & paid dating apps If you want some more features you can also buy their premium version in which you will get more features. But before we start you should know “How to Use Dating Apps Effectively

Tips For Creating an “Attractive Dating App Profile”

  • First choose a decent, good looking and appealing picture of yours
  • Second, you need to provide a catchy and honest bio that reflects your personality perfectly
  • For the Sweet dating app profile, mention your hobbies and interests
  • Last, be open and clear about your hunt on dating apps

Strategies: How to Start Messaging in Dating Apps?

  • To find your profile match use the app’s search or filter options
  • Be innocent and message the strongest matches first
  • Most important: Avoid sending disrespectful messages or pictures

16 Free Dating Apps with Brief Descriptions

You will get to know about all types of Best dating apps with free and premium features. What are you waiting for just go through the complete article and start finding your soulmate. So let’s get started.

1. Tinder App

Tinder is one of the best free dating apps

When it comes to free dating apps tinder comes first everywhere. Tinder has crores of downloads and its user interface is very great, tinder is also famous because it is too much easy to use.

Tinder uses its specified algorithm in which you will match with the one whose thinking and whose personality is similar to yours.

Both its premium and free version are available in the free version you get limited features, and in the premium, you get more features that will make your experience to meet new people better.

Why I suggest Tinder

  • Tinder is used in more than 190 countries worldwide.
  • with 75M+ active users every month Tinder won the trust
  • It is available in more than 50 languages.

Top Features Of the Tinder App:

  • User Profile authentication
  • Geolocation
  • Search functionality based on filters
  • Match with filtered persons
  • More features in Chat
  • Push Notifications when getting a match

Additional Information About Tinders:

Downloads  10CR+
Released on  15-07-2013
developed by  Tinder
Reviews  44 L+
Rating  3.7*

2. Mingle2 


It is not that difficult to use such an app. First of all, you have to log in with google. After that, it asks you about your gender and then, you can set your profile picture. A good profile picture is very important to attract the person, so use your best one.

After creating your account, Mingle2 gives you a notification that your account has been successfully activated. Now you are free to match with people. Mingle is a free-of-charge dating app and its rating is also quite good.

Why I Suggest This App

  • Fee unlimited messages
  • Realtime conversation
  • Match with a user nearby

Top Features Of Mingle 2 App:

  • 30-second sign-up process
  • Sign up with an email address
  • Geolocation filtration
  • Matching filtration
  • Don’t like you can deactivate the account
  • User friendly

Additional Information About Mingle 2:

Downloads  10M+
Released on  17-04-2015
Offered by  Nextc, LLC- Dating network
Reviews  2.93L+
Rating  4.4*

3. FriendlyMony

Do you want to meet like-minded individuals with whom you can match your vibes? FriendlyMony is the New dating app that connects souls with similar interests.

FriendlyMony uses an AI-based Algorithm to find Matches based on the preferences set while creating the account, leading to forging long-term relationships and friends, which can potentially materialize into marriage and beyond: the app is to explore companionship in all its shades and necessities.

Unlike other dating Apps, FriendlyMony gives unlimited Free Chat and Video Calls with an unlimited number of Matches for up to 7 months.

All profiles are moderated 24/7 making sure to filter out the creeps. It has the best Male-to-Female ratio of 65:35. The Chats and video calls are End-to-End Encrypted making it completely safe for everyone.

The female users love this App as it does not allow anyone to ping them unless it’s mutual consent.

Why I Suggest This App

  • Ongoing video call
  • Who liked your profile
  • Referral code feature

Top Features of FriendlyMony App-

  • The app provides unlimited FREE chat and Video calls with unlimited matches for up to 7 months.
  • The App Chats and Video calls are End-To-End Encrypted.
  • The App has an AI-based algorithm for finding the best suitable Matches from the App
  • Users can find and connect Matches from users across the globe for Free.
  • Unlike other dating Apps which have a subscription-based model for premium memberships, FriendlyMony charges a Pay-as-you-use model making it completely light and safe on the user’s pockets as it does not store users’ Credit Card details.
  • On FriendlyMony, Even Free members can Boost their profiles and increase their chances of finding a match by up to 6X by paying a small amount.
  • Users can also send CRUSH to super impress their Ideal partner even if they are a free member by just paying a small amount.

NOTE- Users can continue using the App FREE for up to 7 months or can upgrade their account anytime during this period or after the expiry of this period to take advantage of the premium features of the App.

4. Bumble App


Bumble fits itself as a free dating app in India. The app is very much used in India and around the world also. The app is very reliable, its privacy policy is strict, features of this app attract us more to it. It is very difficult to find a fake profile because it checks and recognizes the face authentication of the user during sign-up, so no one can create a fake profile.

Why I Love To Use Bumble

  • Make the first moves feature is amazing
  • 24 hours to respond
  • Video chat for your matches

Top Features Of the Bumble App:

  • Edit your profile, including your advanced filters.
  • Add more photos
  • Verify your profile picture during signup.
  • A Female will lead the massage.
  • Backtrack left swipes.
  • Beeline is a beautiful feature…
  • For more features get Bumble Boost.

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Additional Information About Bumble:

Downloads  5CR+
Released on  1-10-2018
Offered by  Bumble holding limited
Reviews  5L+
Rating  4.2*

5. Badoo


Badoo is the perfect dating platform for everyone. There are bundle of features available in this app. It just looks tinder and used in more than 190 countries. The app is available in 50 languages.

Video Chat feature is great attraction of this dating app. Nearby dating is another very famous feature of Badoo. Various filters options are also available in this which will make you love this app.

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Why I Suggest you Badoo

  • real connection close to you
  • chat with other who are photo verified
  • Match chat date

Top Features Of the Badoo App:

  • Sign up using Facebook or email
  • Do video chat
  • Do audio chat
  • Find people nearby
  • No fake profiles
  • Features same as tinder

Additional Information About Badoo:

Downloads  10CR+
Released on  17-12-2010
Offered by  Badoo
Reviews  57L+
Rating  3.7*

6. Happn


It must have happened to you too that a beautiful girl cross the path with you and liked her but you can not talk to her because she is unknown in the era of social media, you can chat or make friends with those people who crossed the path with you.

It must happened to you that, a beautiful girl or boy have exchanges the path with you and you seems to like them. But as a random unknown person you hesitate to talk. Happn has just recognized this problem and given a feature to chat with any random people on the street.
You can easily chat with any person in your neighborhood. They may start liking you and then you can go ahead and meet them in person.
The app is very much safe and secure and there are very less chances of any fradulence in it. This is also one of the most highly rated dating app.

This is a free dating app for indians available on the play store or iOS and you also get a premium version of this app for extra features. We can consider happn as the best dating app in India.

Why I like this app

  • Connect with crossed path
  • Learn about your future crush

Top Features Of Happn App:

  • Matches profiles when you crossed path
  • Enable nearby dating for nearby matches
  • Option to add more pictures to your profile
  • Syncing your Happn profile with other social media accounts.

Additional Information About Happn:

Downloads  5CR+
Released on  19-08-2014
Offered by  Happn
Reviews  16L+
Rating  3.1*

7. Hinge


If you judge people on physical appearance, this app is also has something similar in this, you can use it according to your interest, and then after the creation of your account and your activity hinge dating app will identify your similar matches and it will be started showing you.

Its AI is awesome and Its outstanding features made it as best Free dating app for teenager or matures which provides you the facility to meet new people. its reviews are very good you can download from the play store

Why I Suggest you Hinge

  • Designed to be deleted
  • Designed for better dates
  • its voice chat feature

Top Features Of Hinge App:

  • Designed as real
  • You will get the best dates here
  • Share your voice notes in your profile
  • Designed for+

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Additional Information About Hinge:

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  10-07-2017
Offered by  Hinge, inc.
Reviews  2L+
Rating  4.1*

8. Truly Madly

truly madly

Truly Madly has some very unique features which is different from all other dating apps India. Its privacy policy is very strict. First, you have to verify your account fully. After that, you can create your account.

TrulyMadly is fully scammer-free, you can check your interest according to your likes. If there is a match from both sides, then only you can talk to each other and build your relationship.

This is a good free dating app. There is one unique feature in this app called trust score. It means the higher your trust score the more is the arrival of a good mathches in your profile.

If your trust score will be less, then your profile can be considered as fake. You can make your trust score high by taking good ratings from people. And by chatting and connecting your social media account will increase your trust score in Truly Madly.

Why I love Truly Madly

  • Compatibility Quizes
  • Chat and play game together
  • Sparks

Top Features Of Truly Madly App:

  • It will show to similar profile according to your interest
  • Increase trust score
  • Chat and play games with loved ones
  • Send direct massage to your loved
  • Compatibility quiz

Additional Information About Truly Madly:

Downloads  50L+
Released on  04-08-2014
Offered by
Reviews  92T+
Rating  4.3*

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9. Coffee Meets Bagel

coffee meets bagle

It is an anti-swiping app, another such app is coming out in India which is quite popular abroad its name is coffee meets bagel. It is becoming very famous for dating in India. This is USA-based app was created by three sisters in san Francisco.

And then became very famous and now it is becoming very famous in India also, it has much better features which people are liking. Coffee meets bagel is available for both Android and iOS and this is one of the Sweetest dating apps you should use.

Why I use This Dating PLatform

  • Sparks Better Converstaion
  • Its clean UI

Top Features Of Coffee Meets Bagel:

  • Full access to your “Likes You” feed for premium subscriptions.
  • Send 8 more “likes” in Discover every month.
  • You can Read Activity Reports on Bagels that who interested in you
  • You can buy beans.

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Additional Information About Coffee Meets Bagel:

Downloads  50L+
Released on  10-03-2015
Offered by  Coffee meets bagel
Reviews  1L+
Rating  3.6*

10. Quack Quack

quack quack

In the list of best free dating apps, the quack quack also comes up at the top, nowadays people of the new generation need such a platform where they can meet new people easily. So quake quack is something that you can talk to unknown people and make them your friend.

This a social networking site, you can make them your friend, it is easy, in this, you have to sign up with your mobile number or email id and give your necessary information, after that your account will be created and you can talk to the people.

Why I Suggest Quack Quack

  • More Than 21 million user user this app
  • Date, Chat and meet feautres are great                                

 Top Features Of Quack Quack App:

  • Auto send messages without logging in daily
  • Do video calls
  • Call on a private no
  • Know who checked your profile
  • Connect your account with other social media platforms

Additional Information About Quack Quack:

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  11-08-2014
Offered by
Reviews  3L+
Rating  4.1*

11. Aisle


Aisle is the free Indian dating app for its users. It is really effective than other dating apps. You can make real connection on this not only from India but from other countries as well.

According to a report, many people have built a successful relationship with the help of this app. So we can say that aisle is one of the best free dating app in India.

Why I suggest this app

  • Search for your kind of person
  • Descover the most interesting deals
  • Dates your vibe

Top Features Of Aisle App:

  • Total detailed signup process
  • shortlisting profiles
  • Absence of ‘swiping’
  • To become a part of the community, users must sign up for a free membership
  • For more additional features buy the paid subscription

Additional Information About Aisle:

Downloads  50L+
Released on  02-07-2015
Offered by  Aisle network Pvt. Ltd.
Reviews  2L+
Rating  4.6*

12. Woo


Woo is very much secured dating app and offered by doubleyou Pte Ltd. The app has really nice user interface and is also used by highly educated people. It has the best feature. Through this you can call your partner without sharing your personal phone number.

Woo is highly used by Indian users and it is very safe because it doesn’t share any information like phone no, email id, dob, or any personal details with your match. So you can use it without any fear and hesitation. Woo comes in the free dating apps category as well as paid.

Why You Should Downlaod Woo App

  • Call without revealing Your no.
  • Make connection with intresting singles

Top Features of Woo App:

  • Woo secret
  • Women can call directly without sharing no
  • Same special feature for women
  • Hide your details
  • More features in paid

Additional Information About Woo:

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  07-07-2014
Offered by  Doubleyou Pte Ltd.
Reviews  1L+
Rating  3.9*

13. OkCupid


OkCupid is such a dating site where you can get in touch with new people virtually. In this application, you will not get your match just from your photo, instead your match is done by matching your interest, likes, and your own questions.

Its algorithm is very good and it matches your profile to other profiles. When it looks similar it allows you to match and its user sense is very good. OkCupid doesn’t show you you any ads and it’s mostly available as the best free dating apps in India but its premium version is also available.

Why I like OkCupid

  • Find Local singles
  • Answer and have fun
  • Find your kind

Top Features of OkCupid App:

  • OkCupid lets you pay to supercharge your profile temporarily
  • Hide information
  • Buy coins to get more eyeballs
  • No adds

Additional information about About OkCupid:

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  10-06-2010
Offered by
Reviews  5L+
Rating  3.8*

14. Hi5


Nowadays, no one like to be single anymore. To overcome this boredom, we have brought you a Hi5 dating app.

You can talk to the people you like, you can also have face time. In, Hi5 you can also go live and join the live broadcast of your nearby people and comment on their live.

You can send them gifts and if you are live then you can also get gifts that you can redeem. You can also earn money online from this dating app, by watching videos.

Why I suggest Hi5

  • Social networks to meet new people
  • Complete in pets. see your value

Top Features Of Hi5 app:

  • Go live with nearby or your friends
  • Earn gold by watching short videos
  • Fun card game with pets
  • Add pets to your collection and increase your value
  • Pet cash

Additional Information About Hi5:

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  10-05-2012
Offered by  Ifwe inc.
Reviews  1L+
Rating  4.2*

15. Azar


If you are looking for a unique and different dating app, then Azar is a best stop for you. After signing up in the app you can make a video call to anyone without even sharing your number. It can be downloaded in many countries.

You can also watch live videos and you can chat and call with anyone with a single click. It has a unique algorithm. Download this free dating app from the google play store and app store.

Why I love Azar

  • Video chat with some one in just second
  • Host live streaming and get gifts

Top Features of Azar App:

  • Meet new people around all over the world
  • Chat with them once match
  • Do video call with strangers
  • Get paid version for more features

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Additional Information About Azar:

Downloads  10CR+
Released on  28-10-2013
Offered by  Hyperconnect inc
Reviews  18L+
Rating  3.9*

16. Chamet


Chamet is a very famous free dating app that also provides you with a real-time dating experience. It has many features which will make you feel like you can make worldwide friends with a single click.

It has an amazing feature in which you can talk to the person by translating the language into your own language. Filters are also available which can be used during video calls.

Why you Should download Chamet

  • Talk and play games with strangers
  • Share your moments live

Top Features of Chamet App:

  • multiplayer online video and voice chat app
  • real-time translation
  • video call with matches
  • video call with strangers in one click without sharing information

Additional Information About Chamet:

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  15-11-2019
Offered by  Chamet Team
Reviews  1L+
Rating  4.1*

Safety precautions whiles using dating apps

  • Always meet in a public place for the first time
  • If you both agree on meeting, then meet in public places for the first time
  • Always share your current location with anyone you trust
  • Avoid sharing your personal information in the first meeting

Pros of using Free Dating Apps:

  • Convenience: These free dating apps makes it convenience to match any great profile from anywhere.
  • Variety: People always search for a great partner & these dating apps had bunch of great potential matches
  • Control: You have full control for your profile. You can find the potential matches according to your preferences


  • Quantity over quality: There may be bulk of profiles in preference to your matches which may lead to constantly swipe the profile
  • Time-consuming: The process of shifting back to potential matches is time consuming and may take time to message them
  • Lack of authenticity: Just through online profile of somebody, it is very difficult to believe in its authenticity
  • Safety concerns: There are always some risks involved regarding safety concern in the online apps.

My Personal Review on Dating Apps:

Dating has been become so common between young generations, even I have used many apps which is listed here and have great experience with mostly all apps. I will suggest before downloading any dating app first identify your requirement and your limits.

Like if you want to use dating apps for free only than you have to compromise with some features and if you can spent some money you will get some premium features. It’s all up to and one more advice while using dating apps be secure.  


This is just a reminder to use these dating apps securely and safely. The above-mentioned apps are only for 18+. We do not promote any apps and any fault actions on these apps will get you in trouble. There are some risk involved while using these apps, so always use it wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Which is the best dating app in India?

Answer 1: There are various dating app but according to the data available on Google Tinder is considered as best free dating app in India as well as worldwide

Question 2: Is Bumble better than Tinder?

Answer 2: If You are looking for a serious relationship then we can say that Bumble is better than Tinder. Bumble matches are real, and this dating app considers women’s safety. Many of the women you’ll find on the app are “meet-the-parents-ready” marriage material.

Question 3: Which dating app is completely free?

Answer 3: Nowadays, the era of free dating apps and virtual dating has increased. In favor of this, social networking sites are also coming ahead and making the best free dating sites day by day.

These are very good for the user and its safe. There are millions of online dating apps available on the play store and app store which are free and paid both. Below is the name of some best dating apps which is free to use

  • Mingle2
  • Happn
  • Trulymadly
  • Hi5
  • Aisle
  • Azar
  • Chemat
  • Woo

Question 4: Is it ok to use dating apps?

Answer 4: It is ok to use dating apps. But these dating apps don’t look at the criminal background of anyone. It is up to you that how you use these apps. Be safe against the sexual assault while using these apps.

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