31+ Best Real Money Earning Apps in India: Double The income In Upcoming 2024

real Money Earning Apps In India

Real Money Earning Apps This word has much more value in it let us tell you. Do you have a shortage of money? do you want to earn money online? then why you are so late, in today’s era, every person needs money, and earning money from online apps has become very easy nowadays.

Here we will discuss the different types of ways in which we can earn money online from Google. So here we have something interesting just check out our list of money-earning Apps.

Which can help to earn Within your free time, money can be earned by spending a little time on online apps, every person who knows online media and the internet.

After researching online apps, we have made a list of online money-earning apps that can bring some change in your life. through which you can earn money, in this, we will discuss every way to earn money and more and more.

Such apps will be disclosed. You can make money from earning app and transfer it directly to your bank.

About Real Money Earning Apps In India

Many technologies are used behind making every Money Earning Apps, a flow chart is made by the company in which the complete workflow is defined.

The company designs the entire app from beginning to end in such a way that provides benefits to both the user and the company. There are many different types of online money-earning apps.

It will give benefits to the user in different ways, some of the categories are given below.

These apps are comprised of referral reward programs, cash-back reward schemes, and affiliate tie-ups. Moreover, each app has a different way of managing and operating its clientage, making the niche strikingly competitive.

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Sign Up & Sign-in Process of Online Money-Earning Apps

Earning money from online apps is very easy and even Signing up for these apps is simple These apps have a very easy user interface for getting Signed up for every human being.

Some of the normal signing-up processes of money-earning apps are given below.

  • First, download the money-earning app from the Google Play Store or Apple store That you have chosen.
  • After downloading the app, sign in with your email ID or mobile number, fill in the OTP, and then sign in. 
  • After that fill in the required fields in the app according to you and then start earning money online from the money-making apps
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Updated List of 31 Real Money-Earning Apps In India?

1. Vidmate – New Earning App

Vidmate Cash app is a free app that you can use to download videos anytime and anywhere.

You can download and save any video present on the internet as a YouTube video, reels, shorts, etc. What makes this app more fun is its money-earning feature.

Vidmate Company has put a lot of effort into developing an app where you can search like Google, surf like Instagram and Facebook, and even watch YouTube videos.

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real money earning apps in India

Apart from enjoying every social media platform, you can also earn money using Vidmate Cash App.

Some other features of the app are restricted mode for children’s safety, night mode, secret file option, bookmark, favorites, and so on.

There are several ways to earn money from the Vidmate app like daily check-ins, coin collection, app referrals, watching ads, watching videos, downloading videos, and inviting and earning. you can download it by just clicking here

The withdrawal method is also simple. All the money collected gets automatically saved in your Vidmate wallet. Once you’ve collected 50,000 coins, you can withdraw your money with quick account verification.

Top Features Of the Vidmate Cash App      

  • You can earn money by watching and downloading videos. These videos can be anything from YouTube videos, Reels, or Shorts.
  • You can convert your coins into real-time money.
  • Vidmate ads also give you online money rewards.
  • More than 1 lakh people have downloaded the app now.

2. Roz Dhan

Here are some of the best real money-earning apps that are trending in India. Now that you know about the earning apps, we round up the list of the updated earning apps. Rozdhan is the first application with the help of this you can easily earn money.

There are some ways to earn money, like sharing your friends, playing games, Filling out surveys, reading news downloading any other application and using it, etc.

In this way, good money can be earned through this app. Maybe heard right, you can earn money by walking by counting your steps, Rozdhan every day gives money according to your step count which you can transfer to your Paytm wallet.

real money earning apps in India

More than Lakhs of users have downloaded Rozdhan from the Play Store and started making money which helping them to survive in this world.

Top Features of Roz Dhan

  • Earn money by playing games
  • Convert coins into real money
  • Earn coins while you walk
  • Transfer money to your bank

Additional information about Rozdhan

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  05-08-2018
Offered by  Roz Dhan Official
Reviews  2 L+
Rating  3.9*

3. Meesho

Meesho has become a very big company and pays a high payout among all the best money-earning apps in India, you can earn money by signing up with meesho, and you can also do business with meesho.

if you have a company, then you can connect your company with meesho and send your product there at a good price, and even if you do not have your company, you can also sell all the products available on meesho on commission.

To sell you have to choose the products from there and share them on your contact and anywhere and after purchasing the product You will get a commission amount on the sale, which will be your commission.

new Money Earning Apps

Meesho is contributing a big role in the market of Real money earning apps. many people are connected with meesho and earn a good amount of money online with the help of the internet and some devices. you can also make money online through this.

Top Features of Meesho

  • Link your store in meesho
  • Sell meesho products on commission
  • Best app for female lifestyle
  • Over 1 crore downloads on the Google Play Store

Additional Information About Meesho

Downloads  10CR+
Released on  16-02-2017
Offered by  Meesho
Reviews  13 L+
Rating  4.3*

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4. Google Opinion Reward- Real Earning App

After filling it Google gives you some points. which you can transfer directly to your wallet, and you can work whenever you are free, it is very easy, and believes in it because Google is a big company.

There is no risk of fraud in it, the money earned in it will be real. Whenever you are free, once you think about earning money in Google Opinion Rewards

Real Money Earning Apps

Top Features of Google Opinion Reward

  • Share your opinion and earn coins
  • Most Trusted online money-earning apps in India
  • Fill some surveys
  • Give information about nearby places
  • Trusted application

Additional information about Google Opinion Reward

Downloads  5CR+
Released on  23-05-2017
Offered by  Google LLC
Reviews  24 L+
Rating  4.3*

5. Loco

Loco is a live gaming program in which live games are played you can play and also watch others play so that you will get an idea of how the game can be played.

In loco, there are some contests that you have to join and in those contests, you will be asked some of the questions. and if you will give the right answers you will earn real money by gaming.

Loco is a very trusted app that is being used by millions of people and earning money every day, Loco is represented by many big celebrities who promote it. it gives you a chance to win by participating in contests among people.

Best Money Earning App in india

You get a good amount if you win and the biggest thing is that you do not even have to invest in it, you can win money with your knowledge, The Loco application is very famous and trustable in the list of New Earning Apps, and you can trust it

Top Features of Loco

  • Play your favorite games live
  • Give the correct answer and win the quiz
  • Promoted by celebrities
  • Win Real Money

Additional information about Loco

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  22-11-2017
Offered by  Stoughton Street Tech labs Pvt ltd
Reviews  2 L+
Rating  4.4*

6. Cash Karo

Cashkaro is a genuine platform where many types of websites are linked to CashKaro. which has a direct tie-up with Cash Karo, nowadays every person does online shopping but if we do not go to any website directly, and go to that website through Cashkaro.

Then Cash Karo gives some commission on shopping from there and also gives a discount on shopping, Cashkaro puts it in our wallet after the successful transaction it is a good way to earn a commission for shopping along with Cash Karo.

Best Money Earning Apps

you can also transfer the money to your account later. cash Karo is one of the best money-earning apps that help you earn a side income.

Top Features of Cash Karo

  • All shopping websites connected here
  • Shop with discount
  • Earn cash back and reward both
  • Create your profitable link and earn more from the shop

Additional information about Cashkaro

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  18-06-2018
Offered by  Cashkaro
Reviews  68 T+
Rating  3.7*
Size39MB( approx )

7. Rush

Hike has launched a new application called Rush by a hike in this app you can play many games and earn money. With sign-up, you will be given ₹ 60 which you can use to play the game.

Rush is a real money-earning app as well as a money-earning game. You can use and transfer the winning money directly to your account.

Best  real Money Earning Apps In India

The biggest feature of this game is that you can withdraw even a minimum of ₹ 2 and Hike is a very big company, so we trust it. You can make money by playing carrom, ludo, quiz, survey, etc, on this, it is not a fraud.

Top Features of Rush

  • Play carom, ludo, quiz, and more games for free
  • The app launched by hike
  • Minimum withdrawal 2 rs
  • Transfer earned money to your Paytm

Additional information about Rush

Downloads  10 L+
Released on  22-03-2021
Offered by  Hike private limited
Reviews  56 T+
Rating  4.3*

8. Google Pay

There will hardly be a person in today’s world who would not know about Google Pay, it is an online money transfer system launched by Google, which helps us to transfer money directly from our account to someone’s account instantly and on transfer.

Google Pay gives us some coupons or cash reward in the form of a scratch card Google Pay directly transfer the amount of cashback you got from the scratch card, and through coupons

We can save money by using them which will help us to give discounts on a particular product.

Google Pay is a very popular application its downloads are in crores. if you searching for an Online money earning app then download it now

real money earning apps

In addition, you can also earn more money by referring the Google Pay it will give you a decent amount after every successful referral

Top Features of Google Pay

  • No. 1 UPI payment app
  • UPI application launched by Google
  • Earn up to 200 by referring
  • Get vouchers after a successful transaction

Additional information about Google pay

Downloads  50CR+
Released on  17-09-2017
Offered by  Google LLC
Reviews  70 L+
Rating  4.2*
Size53MB( approx )

9. Dream 11

Dream11 is a fantasy gaming app, inside it, you will get to see many games like cricket, football, kabaddi, hockey, basketball, etc.

You have to choose a game and before this game is played, you have to make your team from all the players present and You have to set them according to their performance.

After the team is formed the match will be played in real and if the performance of both the players of your team and the match played in real is the same then you will win good real money online through is game.

dreame11 is one of the best real money earning app

Dream 11 is one of the best new earning apps, nowadays fantasy gaming is very trendy and everyone is playing these games.

Top Features of Dream 11

  • This is a fantasy gaming app
  • Many live  games available to play
  • Earn a bonus by referring to your friends
  • Make your team and start earning

Additional information about Dream11

Dream 11 is not available in the Play Store but Google plans to pilot a program on fantasy or rummy apps by local developers to users in India via its application store, Play Store

10. Coin Switch- The Real Money Earning App in India

CoinSwitch Kuber is a cryptocurrency-based app that contains the world’s best cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin ethereum, dogecoin, polygon, and more.

This app gives you the facility to capture all types of cryptocurrencies in the world and its interface is very simple so that you can easily understand it.

whenever you sign up as a switch kuber, you are given ₹ 100 bitcoin free and you can earn good money by trading more in it, this Money Making App is fully legal You can also earn good money by referring to Kuber.

Top Features of Coinswitch

coinswitch kuber is one of the best real money earning app
  • Best cryptocurrencies app
  • buy a minimum bitcoin of 100
  • get 50 bitcoin free by referring
  • more than 100 cryptocurrencies are available on this app

Additional information about Coinswitch

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  31-05-2020
Offered by  Coin switch
Reviews  3 L+
Rating  4.0*
Size80MB( approx )

11. Coupon Duniya

Coupon Duniya is a very big website that has many website coupons available, you can not directly earn money through this app.

But you can save more and more money on your shopping by using this coupon which will give you a decent amount of discount. it is a Money Earning app for 2022.

Money Earning App

If you will refer it to someone you will get 50₹ and ₹ 25. so that you can use this app for shopping. This app is available for both Android and iOS.

Top Features of Coupon Duniya

  • Most famous application for coupons and deals
  • Special coupons for a first-time user
  • Refer and earn up to 50
  • Top website coupons are available here

Additional information about coupon Duniya

Downloads  10 L+
Released on  14-07-2014
Offered by  Coupon Duniya
Reviews  1 L+
Rating  4.1*

12. Cashbuddy

This is not a big application, but through it, you can make money online, in this application, the best ways to earn money have been told, and through this app, you can also earn a little income from such amazing special programs by this app.

Cashbuddy Money Earning App

like watching YouTube videos. and sharing this app with your groups. which will provide you with a chance to earn money with less effort.

Top Features of Cashbuddy

  • Earn money by sharing pics, and GIFs, and completing simple tasks
  • Make money in your spare time
  • Refer & earn 20rs
  • Transfer to your bank

Additional information about Cashbuddy

Downloads  1 T+
Released on  15-02-2021
Offered by  Cashbuddy
Reviews  27 +
Rating  5.0*

13. Moocash

This application allows you to earn money in dollars & you can earn $5 daily and transfer it to your bank or take any recharge coupon from it. it has many ways to earn money online like playing games, surveys, watching videos, and more.

Moocash Money Earning App

This app also comes at the top of the list of Real Money Earning Apps in India. you can buy currency in it also this is a perfect app to make money online.

Top Features of Moocash

  • Earning in dollars
  • Earn up to 5$ per day
  • Use earning money in recharge and also transfer to the bank
  • More things to like surveys, playing games, and more

Additional information about Moocash

Downloads  1 L+
Released on  17-06-2019
Offered by  Lucky clover team
Reviews  881 +
Rating  3.2*

14. Taskbucks

Taskbucks App is very popular in India, and it comes very high among Real earning apps in India, in Taskbucks you can make money by watching videos, watching ads, sharing your opinion, survey filling, visiting other websites, and downloading other apps.

You can also earn 70rs per day from task bucks which you can directly transfer to the wallet of MobiKwik or Paytm cash and or recharge with them. Taskbucks is the most used Money Earning App in India.

You can also earn some coins through taskbucks You can win by doing the mentioned work in taskbucks, in 1 day you can earn up to 10000 points and make money online. this app is available on the Play Store, but its version is not yet available on iOS

Tashbucks Money Earning Apps

Top Features of Taskbucks

  • Earn money by watching videos, watching ads, and sharing your opinion
  • Earn up to 70 per day
  • Refer & earn 20rs
  • You can directly transfer the money to the wallet of MobiKwik or Paytm

Additional information about Taskbucks

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  20-08-2014
Offered by  taskbucks
Reviews  9 L+
Rating  4.0*

15. Amazon- The Biggest Real Money Earning App in India

Amazon is the biggest money-making app in India as well as in the world. It is a shopping website and who does not know it, it has captured the whole world regarding shopping.

many people use us only for shopping but you will be surprised to know that they give you a very good chance to earn a passive income

It Has an affiliate program, through which you can share their product with your friends or your contacts and take some commission from it

Amazon Is Money Earning App

The site is a reliable company, so it is easy to trust, some products give a commission of up to 10%, which is very high. many people in the world are making money online from Amazon affiliate programs.

Top Features of Amazon

  • Sell Amazon products on commission
  • Maximum commission up to 10% per sell
  • Earn by Amazon function by spin and quiz
  • Take payment in the bank and Amazon pay

Additional information about Amazon

Downloads  10CR+
Released on  12-12-2014
Offered by  amazon mobile LLC
Reviews  77 L+
Rating  4.3*

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16. My11Circle

My11Circle is a fantasy gaming platform where you can earn good money by playing games and it is completely legal. My11Circle has many types of games like cricket, football, hockey, and basketball.

And many more and most famous for cricket in which T20, ODI, test match, world cup There are all categories. In this, you can earn money by making your team.

My11Circle Is Fantasy Gaming App

if the performance of both your team and the playing team is the same, then you can win a better amount. you can also earn here by referring your friends.

And on signing up you also get a bonus through which you can play. Make Money Online with my11circle.

Top Features of My11Circle

  • This is a fantasy gaming app
  • Many live  games available to play
  • Earn a bonus by referring to your friends
  • Make your team and start earning

Additional information about My11Circle

Downloads  10 L+
Released on  04-10-2020
Offered by  My11Circel
Reviews  6 T+
Rating  3.6*

17. Instagram

Instagram is a very known social media platform, so today it has captured the world of social media, and user engagement on Instagram is very high. Maybe you heard right there are many ways to earn money on Instagram.

If you have good followers and you have engagement with followers, then people will come to you and ask you to promote their products and services.

you can share their product and services and also review them. and take a good amount of it from the advertiser.

Instagram gives the option of swiping up after having 10,000 followers in which you can promote your product and service and take users to direct your website. By doing this you can convert a user into the customer

So if you are also using Instagram only for time pass then this is a good chance to make money online with Instagram.

Instagram Best Social Money Earning App

Smart people are using Instagram as a Money Earning app. Nowadays people also earn money from small accounts after putting their posts, stories, and reels on their accounts for promotion and taking a commission from it.

Top Features of Instagram

  • Promote others in your account
  • Sell your products by swiping up
  • Post other stories on your wall at the commission
  • Earn by shout-out

Additional information about Instagram

Downloads  100CR+
Released on  03-04-2011
Offered by  Instagram
Reviews  12 CR+
Rating  4.3*

18. Slide

Have you ever thought you could earn money by sliding the slide to open the lock of your mobile?

Yes, you can earn money now by unlocking your phone by sliding the creative shown by the slide app & that money is directly transferred to your Paytm wallet.

It is a fully trusted and used app as many times as you unlock the phone by slide, we will get some money, and the role of slide apps in Real money-earning apps in India is very good.

Slide is Money Earning App

Many people are making a good income from this, it is available on the Play Store. users with iPhones can not take advantage, so if you want to earn money online then download the slide app on your phone now.

Top Features of Slide

  • Unlock your mobile by sliding
  • Choose creative according to you
  • Earn coins per slide
  • Transfer it to Paytm

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19. ZestMoney

Have you heard the name of ZestMoney, ZestMoney Money is a platform that provides you a credit limit by which you can buy all the products available on Flipkart, myntra, ajio, Amazon, and more than 8000 web stores at No cost EMI.

On this EMI you can also get cashback. if your payment history is quite good then ZestMoney offers you a Personal Loan at a very low interest rate. ZestMoney Is performing very well In The Market.

The Zest Money Sign-Up Process Is Very Simple You Can Sign up by Entering Your Details and Activating the Credit Limit.

Just keep in mind that the money you have used will be returned on the specified date, otherwise, you will spoil your credit score and you will have a lot of trouble taking such a loan again.

You can not get direct money but through cashback, you can make money in ZestMoney. So you can say that ZestMoney is the Real-Earning App. This gives you a chance to earn money

Zestmoney is best money earning apps

Top Features of Zestmoney

  • Get a credit limit of up to 5 lacs.
  • Shop products in No Cost EMI
  • Get a personal loan at low interest
  • Get cash back on every repayment

Additional information about Zestmoney

Downloads  50 L+
Released on  01-03-2021
Offered by  ZestMoney
Reviews  33 T+
Rating  4.4*
Size43MB( approx)

20. True Balance – New Earning App

True Balance is a very old but genuine money-earning app that gives real money through True Balance cashback and reward points which go to your wallet which you can use to recharge again

True Balance gives you cashback on every recharge and gives you reward points on monthly recharges if you fulfill their criteria then they offer you a personal loan at a low interest rate which you have to repay in EMI you can also earn money through referral.

Truebalance Money earning App

Top Features of True Balance

  • Get cash back on every recharge & bill payment
  • Get a credit limit of up to 1 lacs.
  • Get a personal loan at low interest
  • Earn more money when your friends get loans through your link

Additional information about turebalance

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  17-10-2014
Offered by  turebalance
Reviews  7 L+
Rating  4.3*

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21. Current Rewards- Earn Cash Rewards

You can download this app from the Play Store and sign up with your Gmail or Facebook. Making money has been made easier with this new earning app as you can money by listening to music and playing games.

You don’t need any subscription it’s free. The Earn Cash Rewards app offers a seamless streaming experience this app and makes money most easily.

This is one of the Best Money Earning apps. The app is comprised of more than 1 lakh radio stations with the world’s best songs in each genre. Also, it contains games of topmost graphics and quality.

Your earnings will be redeemed with Google Play gift cards, Amazon gift cards, PayPal gift cards, Walmart gift cards, and Target gift cards.

Current Rewards - Real Cash Rewards App

Top Features of Current Rewards- Earn Cash Rewards

  • Earn with listing music
  • Take rewards and cashback
  • Redeem with Google Play gift cards, Amazon gift cards
  • Transfer to bank

Additional information about the current reward

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  28-08-2018
Offered by  current reward
Reviews  22 L+
Rating  4.1*

22. Mcent

Mcent browser gives you a chance to make money, along with browsing, you have to do a set of tasks like watching videos, watching ads, downloading apps, taking surveys, and doing some work given by mcent.

You can use your earnings in recharge and also send them to Paytm. Mcent is so old in the category of Best Earning App.

Mcent gives you a chance to earn money by referral that you can also use to make money online in your spare time. this app is available on the Google Play Store.

Mcent Top Money Earning App

Top Features of Mcent

  • Watch ads earn money
  • Fill out surveys to earn money
  • Do Recharge of earnings
  • Transfer money to Paytm

Additional information about Mcent

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  08-03-2017
Offered by  mcent
Reviews  7 L+
Rating  2.3*

23. PhonePe

The Phonepe application has become the most used UPI application in India, though we can do UPI transactions in a few seconds if you want to earn money, then you can use the phonepe app.

real money earning apps

There are many ways to earn with phonepe you get 100 to ₹ 200 per referral and if you make a UPI payment on this then you can get cash back, you also get coupons so that by redeeming them you can get a better discount.

In the list of best Real money-earning apps in India by linking your bank account in phonepe, you can send money from your account to another’s account, that too in a few seconds, and how can you get it.

PhonePe Real Money Earning Apps

Top Features of PhonePe

  • Cashback on evry transation
  • 100 To 200 rs per refer
  • Vouchers of many brands
  • Cashback on adding money to the wallet

Additional information about PhonePe

Downloads  10CR+
Released on  29-08-2016
Offered by  phone pe
Reviews  75 L+
Rating  4.3*

24. Pocket Money

By using this app, you can not earn passive income but it will help to earn side income. Through this app,

Pocket Is Real Money Earning App

You can earn money by playing games such as tombola and the lucky draw, you can also transfer the money into Paytm.

Top Features of Pocket Money

  • Play games to earn money
  • Tambola and lucky draw
  • Transfer money to Paytm

Additional information about Pocket money

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  no released date found
Offered by  pocket money
Reviews  3 L+
Rating  4.2*

25. Shopsy- New Earning App 2023

Shopsy app launched by Flipkart you can sign up through Flipkart it is an affiliate program of Flipkart in which you can earn a commission on selling Flipkart’s products and even the items you buy from Flipkart.

So if you are looking for money-making apps then download shopsy this is one of the Best Money best-earning apps

You will receive an additional cashback in your shopsy account which will be automatically credited to your account every 20th of the month.

Shopsy Is Real Earning App

Top Features of Shopsy

  • Sell Flipkart products on commission
  • More than 5000 commission per sell
  • Earnings are settled every 20th of the month
  • Cashback on every shopping

Additional information about Shopsy

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  14-06-2021
Offered by  Shopsy
Reviews  1L+
Rating  4.3*

26. Paytm- Cash Earning Apps

By using Paytm, you can earn a lot of money, you can make UPI payments in this app and Paytm has many services, on every transaction you will get some vouchers that you can redeem and grab discounts.

Paytm is one of the top real money-earning apps in India. Paytm gives more them 100rs per refer and successfully UPI registration. By playing games on Paytm first you can make money.

Paytm Real Money Earning App

Top Features of Paytm

  • Cashback on every transaction
  • Get Paytm postpaid
  • Earn with Paytm’s first games
  • Refer & get 100rs

Additional information about Paytm

Downloads  10CR+
Released on  30-04-2012
Offered by  Paytm
Reviews  1 cr+
Rating  4.6*

27. Taskmate

This is yet another app that has risen to prominence in the Paytm cash niche. Through Databuddy, you can earn rewards for sharing pictures, showing ads, watching videos, and downloading specific apps.

The Databuddy wallet acts as the mediator between the interface and your Paytm wallet.

Taskmate Money Earning Apps

Top Features of taskmate

  • Make money by seeing videos
  • Refer and earn
  • Earn with downloading apps
  • Transfer money to your Paytm wallet

Additional information about TaskMate

Downloads  10 L+
Released on  NOT FOUND
Offered by  Google LLC
Reviews  NOT FOUND

28. Mobikwik

In MobiKwik you can transfer money, bill payment, recharge, rent payment, and many more. you can earn 100 super cash when you refer it to your friends and MobiKwik also gives a credit limit which you can use and pay later.

Mobikwik Money Earning App

Top Features of Mobikwik

  • Earn 100 supercash per referral
  • Apply for pay later & get a limit of up to 1 lac.
  • Cashback  on every successful transaction
  • Pay the bill with a discount

Additional information about Mobikwik

Downloads  5CR+
Released on  25-08-2012
Offered by  one MobiKwik system ltd
Reviews  15 L+
Rating  4.0*

29. Youtube

YouTube is the world’s largest streaming platform where you can watch videos and upload videos.

you can earn money online by uploading videos on YouTube, choosing a niche like blogging, cooking, traveling, food, etc, and start making videos on it.

As your subscribers increase YouTube will monetize your channel with ads any of your earnings will be started and you can also promote other products to use YouTube as the money-earning app.

Youtube Is Social Media Earning Platform For Influencers

Top Features of Youtube

  • Make videos and earn money
  • Earn with third-party promotions
  • Give payable content
  • Earn with Offline meeting

Additional information about YouTube

Downloads  1TR+
Released on  20-08-2010
Offered by  Google LLC
Reviews  12 CR+
Rating  4.2*

30. Freecharge- Best Money-Earning Apps

In Freecharge you can transfer money, make bill payments, recharge, make rent payments, and many more. you can apply for pay later which you can use and pay later.

if you will transfer money, do recharge then it will give you cashback with you can use to recharge and also pay for pay later.

Top Features of Freecharge

  • Cashback  on Money transaction
  • Apply for pay later and get up to 50,000
  • Get interested back in the form of cashback
  • Refer and get 30 in the wallet
Freecharge Money Earning App

Additional information about Freecharge

Downloads  1CR+
Released on  22-04-2013
Offered by  Freecharge
Reviews  11 L+
Rating  3.9*

Upwork is a freelance website where you can see people working according to their skills, from Upwork, clients find freelancers for their little work done in a short time.

31. Upwork

You can leave your skills on Upwork to get a freelance job according to your skills.

you can also approach clients to take work and in return, they will give you money, so if you know then you earn your money. Upwork is one of the best real money-earning apps in India. as well as in other counties

Upwork is Money Earning App For Free Lancer

Top Features of Upwork

  • Do freelance work
  • No need for an office
  • Do it with a phone or laptop
  • Work from worldwide
  • Earn in dollars

Additional information about Upwork

Downloads  10 L+
Released on  15-04-2019
Offered by  Upwork Global Inc.
Reviews  83 T+
Rating  4.2*

Pros & Cons Of Real Money Earning Apps In India

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

You can also get to know more about the 12 Best Part Time Online Jobs For Students Without Investment

Question 1. What are money-earning apps without investment?

Answer 1. Making money by taking your little time is not a big deal nowadays. Here is the updated list of top money-earning apps that can help you to earn.

  • Meesho
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Loco
  • VidMate cash
  • Cash Karo
  • Rush
  • Google Play
  • Dream11
  • CoinSwitch
  • Coupon Duniya

Question 2. Which are the top money-earning apps for students?

Answer 2. Students can earn money from earning apps by playing games, feeling surveys, and downloading apps. watching videos and ads and doing many more.

Here is a list of some top money-earning apps for students that can make their pocket money double.

  • Dream 11
  • CoinSwitch
  • Coupon Duniya
  • Cashbudy
  • Moocash
  • Taskbucks
  • Amazon
  • Rozdhan
  • My11Circle

Question 3. Which is the Best Real money earning app in India?

Answer 3. If you want to earn money in dollars you can find websites and apps from other countries that are paying money in dollars from Google and start money-making.

Question 4. Which is the best-earning app in India?

Answer 4. There are many of the Latest best-earning apps in India available on the internet that provide real money we have sorted some apps that you can consider.

  • Amazon
  • True Balance
  • Current Rewards- Earn Cash Rewards
  • Mcent
  • Phonepe
  • Pocket Money
  • Shopsy
  • Paytm
  • Taskmate
  • MobiKwik
  • YouTube

Question 5. How to make money online for free?

Answer 5. There are many ways to earn money, in online medium is considered to be Famous, nowadays every person has to wishes to earn money online.

You can earn good money by doing a little work by giving your spare time and you don’t even have to invest in it. we have mentioned a list of the 31 Best Real Money Earning Apps in India that will help you.

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