5 Best Nail Shades That You Must Try This Season

Best Nail Shades


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Women problems

Women have too much to take stress about like what to carry in dresses, shoes, tops, bottoms, hairstyles and makeup and with that nails so there’s so much to worry about and we girls needed all perfect to have that amount of self-confidence in ourselves.

Nail help

In this article we are going to help you with your nails we will tell you which nail colour you should carry this winter season to flaunt your hands we will be giving you the top five nail colours that you should opt for the season.

Winter shades

Since winter is going all dark in shades that continue in the nails as well this season is for the dark colours in different shades giving it a gorgeous and hot look to your best self.

Top 5 winter shades

  •  Chocolate brown
Nail colors
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This colour is for all those who want to stay classic yet neutral as well. Giving you a bolder look with class and perfection, this Coco colour can we opted with a grey tint as well going with a greyish brown shade Giving it a more final look implicitly.

  • Glassy Evergreen
Nail Colors
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Winter is gloomy and hence this shade perfectly blends with the winter season giving it a more royal look with perfection. You can also go in the deep shades of glassier green according to your wish. Taylor Swift has been opting for this colour for years.

  •  Midnight Blues
Nail Colors
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Another midnight shade that is known for catching everyone’s attention on being the one of all.  this shade is for those who want to stay the centre of attention. which also gives a chik Look going with every winter casual or formal you carry on yourself.

  • Black
Nail Colors
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This is never-ending fame. The evergreen colour black goes with everything you wear and still gives perfection in itself.  It gives every finish you want, royal, casual, bold or anything this goes with almost everything. for a glossy look, you can go with a shiny coating on it with a transparent gel coat.

  • Metallic charcoals
Nail Colors
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This is a glamorous, glittery, twilight shade that is being super hyped this season and is being chosen by everyone being a star or a normal person. This is also in different shades and different volumes according to your wish you can choose any of them.

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