10 Best Short-Video Apps In India You Should Use in 2023

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In India, the reach of the best short-video apps is expected to increase from 45% to 82% by 2030. A significant reason for the rise in the popularity of short-video streaming apps is the reduction in the attention span of the viewers.

Our minds have become so prone to consuming bite-size content that there is a surge in demand for short-form content. TikTok proved to be a substantial push for the same. Once the Indian government banned specific Chinese apps, other Indian short-video apps rose.

Why short-video apps are so much in demand are-

  • Ease to record
  • Quick to record
  • Doesn’t need any expert video editing skills
  • Easy content marketing space
  • Cost-effective engagement with the target audience

List of Top 10 Best Short-Video Apps Popular In India

  1. Instagram Reels
  2. YouTube Shorts
  3. Moj
  4. Josh
  5. MX Takatak
  6. Roposo
  7. Mitron
  8. Zili
  9. Tiki
  10. Snapchat

1. Instagram Reels

Instagram is among the most loved applications at the current time. It has swiped the online world off its feet since the advent of Reels in 2020. After the banning of TikTok, Instagram’s Reels leveraged the game. Being an app for high-quality photos, Instagram became a hub for Indian short-video apps


Here the users can create multi-clip videos and share them on their Feeds. The feature of emojis, questions, polls, and hooking audio makes the short-form content even more fun. In 2022, Reels emerged as a significant marketplace for small business owners.

Why You Should Use Instagram Reel?

  • 100+ crore downloads on the play store
  • 13+ crore reviews
  • 4.3* Rating
  • Gives many features for creating short videos
  • completely trusted
  • The huge audience so the engagement is more

My favorite Features:

  • Reels and social media on the same platform
  • The quality is high.
  • Monetization feature

2. YouTube Shorts

We know YouTube as a video-serving platform. It paved the way for long-form video content. The tagline of Shorts says, ‘Introducing The Shorter Side Of YouTube.’ The decreasing attention span of viewers gave way to YouTube Shorts.


The viewers are continuously shifting from lengthy videos to bite-size entertainment. It is also beneficial for the creators as they can create more content in less time. Its increasing popularity has converted it into a short-video platform names youtube shorts.

Why You Should Use YouTube Shorts?

  • Google’s official app
  • With over 1Tcr+ downloads on the play store
  • A 4.1* rating and 13cr+ reviews.
  • It’s a new feature so youtube promotes short videos.
  • The best platform to create shorts

My favorite Features:

  • Monetization feature
  • Scalable platform
  • Create short videos other than long

3. Moj

While talking about creating short videos how can we forget these Indian short video-making apps? A made-in-India initiative, Moj is a video-sharing platform. It came to life in June 2020 when TikTok left Indian soil.


It is available in 16 languages. Moj is in an exclusive partnership with Flipkart. It received an upgrade of the LIVE feature in 2022 that allows users to stream live talk shows, games, comedies, skits, jamming sessions, etc. The viewers can contribute to the creator’s hard work by rewarding them with digital tokens.

Why You Should Use Moj?

  • Most downloaded apps in this category
  • with over 10cr+ downloads on the play store
  • A 4.3* rating and 16L+ reviews.
  • Many celebrities on moj.
  • Amazing filter.

My favorite Features:

  • Create shorts and get more followers
  • Explore audios
  • Many filters are so amazing to use

4. Josh

What started as a social networking site is now a prominent name. Josh now creates short videos on the app and the app for the creators of Bharat. It stepped into the world in September 2020.


Its parent company, VerSe Innovations, gave it 12 languages to create, record, and edit videos. Additional features include daily challenges, music playlists, duet videos, etc.

Why You Should Use Josh?

  • Available in 12+ languages
  • with over 10cr+ downloads on the play store
  • A 3.9* rating and 9L+ reviews.
  • Play games on josh.
  • participate in many challenges.

My favorite Features:

  • Discover challenges with top creators
  • Know what is trending
  • Play games and earn a reward

5. MX Takatak

MX Takatak is the child of MX Player, It is easy to record, create, and share viral videos on MX Takatak. MX Takatak entered the market with ten languages, including English, when Moj didn’t. English boosted the industry for MX Takatak.


The creators can focus on content across several genres like lifestyle, beauty, cooking, DIYs, etc. Later on, Share Chat bought MX Takatak for 700 million.

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6. Roposo

The first version of Roposo stepped out in 2014. It was a social media platform for fashion lovers. With TikTok getting banned, Roposo stepped forward and rebranded itself as ‘Roposo-TV By The People.


In 2020, its users spiked to 22 million within two days. Roposo has inbuilt content channels like Haha TV, Beats, Covid-19, Singing Stars, etc.

Why You Should Use Roposo?

  • Has inbuilt content channels
  • With over 10cr+ downloads on the play store
  • A 4.1* rating and 11L+ reviews.
  • Best in live streaming.
  • Chat on live.

My favorite Features:

  • Beautiful UI
  • High-quality live-streaming
  • It’s really entertaining

7. Mitron

Mitron is a pure Indian short video app where you can browse and create content. The highlight feature of the Mitron app is the opinion video where people put out their views and opinions. The name of the app symbolizes togetherness and friendship.

Mitron also functions as a money-earning app but not directly. The different methods of obtaining extra income on the Mitron app are influencer marketing, sponsorships, merchandise business, and revenue sharing.

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8. Zili

The unique name of the app is what sets it apart from other short-video-creating apps. Zili is a video-sharing app that adds more fun to people’s lives through its quirky and unconventional video-making methods. The easy feature of sharing it on WhatsApp stories makes it an even bigger hit.


Zili is a product of the Xiaomi Tech Company and rules the entertainment section of Google PlayStore, where users can make videos of 15 seconds to 1 minute and 60 seconds. They can lip sync, add music, and turn it into something more interactive.

Why You Should Use Zili?

  • 15-sec. to 1-minute short video creation
  • With over 10cr+ downloads on the play store
  • A 4* rating and 12L+ reviews.
  • Win a bonus if you become a zili star.
  • Data safety.

My favorite Features:

  • The swiping feature is great
  • So much clean UI
  • Events on every occasion

9. Tiki

Tiki is an entertainment app where users can make short-form videos. Being one of the top-rated short-video apps in India, it supports 14 languages.


The creators can record content in several categories like comedy, drama, lifestyle, food, etc. It is easy to record, edit, trim, and duplicate video clips on Tiki. It is an Indian replacement for TikTok.

Why You Should Use Tiki?

  • Available in 14+ languages
  • With over 10cr+ downloads on the play store
  • A 4.2* rating and 5L+ reviews.
  • Trending effects.
  • Become a tiki star.

My favorite Features:

  • Join funny activities
  • More features than other short video apps
  • Impressive animations

10. Snapchat

The well-known world of short video-creating apps is complete with mentioning Snapchat. The app came out in 2012 and had over 500 million downloads and a 4.1-star rating.


Snapchat’s short-video feature makes it even more interactive. You can design videos with quirky stickers and filters. The Spotlight feature shares the video with a far-reaching audience base. The Bitmoji feature helps to create an avatar unique to you.

Why You Should Use Snapchat?

  • Used worldwide and completely trusted
  • With over 100cr+ downloads on the play store
  • A 4.1* rating and 3cr+ reviews.
  • More audience to watch your shorts.
  • Its chat, video call, and location feature are outstanding.

My favorite Features:

  • For amazing trading filters
  • Find someone near your location
  • Amazing badges for bonding with your friends.

FAQs Related To Indian Short-Video Apps

Que. Which is the best short video app?

Ans: India has several short-video apps that rule the industry. Some famous names are Moj, Josh, Chingari, MX Takatak, etc. Check out the list mentioned above to learn more.

Que. Which has a better performance in India- Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts?

Ans: Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts are similar and stand in tough competition. Where Instagram allows videos of 15-30 seconds, YouTube videos are 60 seconds long. It is difficult to decide which one is better. It depends on the user’s decisions.

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