15+ Best Teen Patti Real Money Apps to Download In 2023 – 100% Safe With Extra Bonuses.

Best Teen Patti Real Money Apps

Teen Patti, also known as Indian Poker, is a famous card game born in India and has become super popular online.

With the increase in the demand for digital games, online 3 Patti games have also gained lots of attention. It mixes old-style card fun with the excitement of internet gaming. You can even win real money, which makes it extra exciting!

In this article, we’ve made a special list of the Best 15+ Teen Patti games you can play with real money in 2023. These games are not only super fun, but they also keep your money safe and give you cool prizes.

 They have a colorful interface and are easy for both new and experienced players. These fantastic apps will make all Teen Patti players very happy!

15+ Top Online 3 Patti Real Money Apps For Android & IOS

  1. Teen Patti Gold
  2. Teen Patti Rummy
  3. Teen Patti Joy
  4. Teen Patti Wealth
  5. Teen Patti Sweet

Note: A list of 10 more teen Patti apps is explained in the last section of the article.

Teen Patti AppsRatingAvailable on Android or iOS?Download Here
Teen Patti Gold4.5/5BothDownload
Teen Patti Rummy4.2/5Both (Apk suggested for Android)Download
Teen Patti Joy4.5/5BothDownload
Teen Patti Wealth4/5iOS and APKDownload
Teen Patti Sweet4.3/5Android onlyDownload
Downloading Links For Teen Patti Apps.

1.   Teen Patti Gold

Teen Patti Gold is at the top of our favorite places to play Teen Patti with real money. It’s super easy to use, looks cool, and works great with Paytm cash. This makes playing games on it fun and dependable.

 Teen Patti Real Money Apps

Features of Teen Patti Gold-

  • It is rated 4.5/5
  • Play in the Language You Know
  • You can enjoy your favorite Teen Patti Game in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu, and Bangla.
  • Teen Patti Gold is played with 3 cards and is also called Flash or Flush. A Teen Patti table can have up to 5 players

2.   Teen Patti Rummy

Teen Patti Rummy is a cool card game that you can play for free. It’s super fun and has lots of great stuff to make the game even better. You can even ask your friends and family to play with you, which makes it even more fun!

Top Teen Patti Real Money Apps

Features of Teen Patti Rummy-

  • Available on both Android and iOS.
  • Supports Hindi and English languages
  • Smooth Playing even on Slow Internet
  • Regular updates with awesome offers and rewards

3.   Teen Patti Joy

Teen Patti Joy is the biggest Rummy platform in India. You can ask your friends, family, and classmates to join. Together, you all can enjoy playing Teen Patti Joy.

You can also play Teen Patti Joy with people who like Rummy from all around India, no matter where or when.

free Teen Patti Real Money Apps For real cash

Features of Teen Patti Joy-

  • Play with your family, friends, and relatives
  • Play the game in different languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati, or Marathi.
  • Invite your friends to download Teen Patti Joy, you can get a reward of ₹100 plus a 30% tax reward.
  • Works on different types of internet like 2G, 3 G, 4G, 5G, and WIFI. So, the game runs well and smoothly.

4.   Teen Patti Wealth

Teen Patti Wealth is special because it always plays fair and keeps the games safe. The app often gives out rewards and special deals, so players can have more chances to win and take out real money from 3 Patti games.

play Teen Patti and win real Money Apps

Features of Teen Patti Wealth

  • You can get as much as ₹51 when you sign up!
  • Earnings from Referrals: You earn ₹100 for each friend you refer, and you also get 30% of what they earn.
  • Smallest Amount to Get: You can withdraw your money once it reaches ₹100.

5.   Teen Patti Sweet

Teen Patti Sweet is a website that’s easy to use. It helps people who are just starting and those who know a lot about playing. It’s a great spot to play 3 Patti with real cash. This game is famous for being simple and fun to play.

teen patti apps and games

Features of Teen Patti Sweet-

  • The game was made by a group called GreenyCloud.
  • Normally, Teen Patti is played by 3 or more players with a special set of 52 cards.
  • Teen Patti Sweet lets you play on your device and compete with people all over the world.
  • The goal of the game is to have the best set of cards, like in regular poker.

10 More Best Teen Patti Cash Earning Apps in 2023

  1. 3 Patti champion
  2. 3 Patti mania
  3. 3 Patti go
  4. Teen Patti Octro 3
  5. Teen Patti Comfun card online
  6. Teen Patti flush
  7. Teen Patti ACE pro
  8. Boss teen Patti
  9. UTP- ultimate 3 Patti
  10. KKTeen Patti Plus

Online gaming coming into the picture has changed how we play old card games like Teen Patti. Now, anyone can play and win real Cash and rewards.

There are lots of websites where you can do this. Just remember to be careful and not go overboard. Enjoy all the fun and excitement that Teen Patti brings!



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