Top 10 Best Yoga Poses to Help You Stress Relief

Top 10 Best Yoga Poses to Help You Stress Relief

Stress has already become one of the most common problems that are being faced by almost everyone and almost everywhere across the globe.

Our stress-increased lifestyle is really injurious and is already causing us many problems whether we notice it or not.

We definitely need to have some time for ourselves to reduce this stress and calm ourselves down. And reduce the risk of mental and physical problems that we might face or are facing.

Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

Talking about stress relief the easiest and the most effective way is yoga. We do need to look carefully for this probability of reducing the risk of stress through yoga.

Some of the easy stress relief yoga poses are-

  • Straight forward bend

While keeping our knees straight bending from the abdomen trying to touch our toes reduces high stress and it’s regular practice kills it completely.

  • Cat-Cow pose

Cat this goes like staying on our fours while our back is arranged in a concave shape exhaling upwards and head bent down.

Cow goes with again on our fours but this time inhaling our backbone inwards forming a convex and head kept straight forward.

  • Normal leg fold

This pose is to be copied like Shiv Dhyan mudra in the sitting pose folding our knees in front to help sit straight and properly with hands and palms placed on the knees and back portion all aligned.

What makes you feel stressed in life?

What makes you feel stressed in life?

We regularly go through many stress-filled moments in our life every day. And these stressed moments have different intensities. Sometimes it’s just normal for us to bear. While sometimes it’s new and not so normal to bear with.

In short, we undergo stress when there is something that happens unhappy or sad in our life. And can be even stated as the opposite of happiness.

Moments like heartbreak, overpressure, workload, mental load, depression, no self-time, no one to be with, etc. are points that result in stress to us.

Why is it important to be stress-free?

Being in this busy world is already frustrating and with that, we have to go through a lot of hardships mentally and physically.

That stress tortures the core of our mind deeply and has a direct effect on our body both mentally and physically.

As stress has harmful effects on us we need to be stress-free to overcome those effects. Stress is the reason for many diseases like heart disease, breathing problems, hypertension, depression, and more.

So as to stay away from these deadly diseases we need to be stress-free. To have a healthy body with a beautiful life ahead you must be stress-free.

What are the ways to overcome stress?

What are the ways to overcome stress?

What’s happening around you has a direct effect on your mental health. Those happenings are the reason for your stress.

Now we have discussed enough stress so it is time to talk about the ways to overcome it.

  • Avoid the toxic news that has covered up almost every surrounding of yours to avoid overthinking.
  • Take care of your mental self by thinking about the positive aspects of your life.
  • Take care of your health and body because that’s the closest one to you.
  • Initiate communication with people to avoid staying alone and overthinking.
  • Do not use any harmful way to escape reality like alcohol or drugs.

Is yoga a reliable way for stress relief?

In this article, we have talked about stress and how to deal with it with yoga. Till now this answer must be obvious to you that it has a Direct effect on our stress.

Now we have already provided you with enough examples and points that prove this statement that yoga does have a direct effect on our body, and health both mentally and physically.

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10 Best Yoga Poses For Stress Relief

10 Best Yoga Poses For Stress Relief

Now we will be providing you with the ultimate and proper 10 names of the yoga poses that will help you to release your stress.

  • Bal asana or the child poses to release the stress that works on the lymphatic system.
  • Downwards facing dog it provides oxygenated blood to every part of your body.
  • Uttasana This asana helps you to stimulate the hormone that reduces anxiety and fatigue.
  • Bhujangasana helps to nourish your heart and is known as the cobra pose.
  • Shavasana is the most body-calming asana and really has no physical effort.
  • Trigoanasana is a full-body stretch that relaxes your body and prevents anxiety.
  • Tad asana this asana goes for better concentration and balance of body and life both.
  • Legs up the wall are done for relaxing your upper body area like the chest and shoulders.
  • Bridge pose is done to cure headaches and anxiety and calm yourself down
  • Tree pose is done to build confidence and calm yourself down to build self-esteem.


1. Most beneficial yoga poses to overcome your stress

Ans: Shravasana is the best yoga pose to overcome stress and anxiety and is done with the least effort from your body.

2. Which asana gives mental peace?

Ans: The forward bend poses also known as Sukhasana gives you complete mental peace and relaxes your body.

3. Which Pranayama is best for mental stress?

Ans: Bhramari pranayama goes best for it and involves breathing with a bee humming sound and is very helpful to release your stress.


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