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Bhuvan Bam’s New Show Dhindora Rocking On Youtube Got 3 Crore Views In a Week


  • Bhuvan bam show Dhindora rocking on youtube viwers are liking his show.
  • Bhuvan soon is going to make his production house he announced.
  • Total 8 episode of Dhidora will be published.

Who does not know the well-known actor on YouTube, he has recently launched a show of his own named “Dhindora”.

Two episodes of Dhindora have come yet, the first episode collected three crore views in 1 week, and in the second episode, they collected one crore view in 1 day.

A total of 8 episodes will be published of dhindora on youtube said by bhuwan bam.

Bhuvan Bam’s show is making a splash on YouTube, the show is getting views in crores, people are liking his show a lot.

You will get to see all the characters of bhuvan bam like titu mama, Sameer, hola, Bablu (papa), Janki (mummy), and more, and people are enjoying it. Dhindora’s 2 episodes have arrived whose views are in crores bhuvan is launching per episode on Thursday.

people are very much like bhuvan told that he works hard for this show for 3 years and now his dream is fulfilled. He tried to work in films many times but he was never selected for the lead role.

Due to which he was disappointed then he started work on his own show and after 3 years he launched his new show dhindora on your tube which is making tremendous success.

3 Years Hard Work On Dhindora

Bhuvan Bam told in an interview that it took him 3 years and a lot of hard work to bring this show on youtube. this show is inspired by the real stories of Bhuvan Bam in which the stories that happen to him are shown on screen.

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He also said that there are many people in the show who work hard and he would like to thank all the people who have contributed to making dhindora.

Bhuvan also said that all this is very close to his heart and the actions he did in this show are from his heart that’s why the public is enjoying his dhindora and he wants to thank his viewers.

All the characters of BB ki wines are present in this show as well as you Anoop Soni, Rajesh telang, and Gayatri Bhardwaj is also doing acting in this show

Bhuvan Bam Personal Life

Talking about the personal life of Bhuvan bam he was born on 22 January 1994 in delhi in a middle-class family. Bhuvan Bam’s age is 27 years and due to coronavirus Bhuvan bam’s parents died.

Bhuvan bam is the owner of a YouTube channel named BB Ki Vines. He has 2.41 crore subscribers (24.1 million)

And he has posted around 180 videos on his channel for his various character. He is so famous like titu mama, bhencho, Sameer, hola, etc.

Bhuvan Bam Income

Bhuvan Bam’s monthly income is around one crore and his net worth income is around $5 million, he earns money from YouTube video, sponsorship, brand collaboration, and his annual income is around 2.5 crore.

Bhuvan Bam has a collaboration with very big companies, in which the names of some companies are such as Arctic Fox, Beardo, Lenskart, Mivi, Tissot, Tasty treats.

And he is also a brand Ambassador of myntra and mivi. Bhuvan bam takes crores of rupees in a year from these companies. according to a report, every year Bhuvan bam earns about 3 million dollars from YouTube also.

How Much Dhindora Earned

A few days ago a web series was launched by bhuvan bam named Dhindora and it has 8 episodes that have rocked on YouTube. In a few days, Dhindora has crossed 250 (two hundred and fifty million) views. And people have liked it very much. After that Bhuvan Bam’s subscribers also get increased even more.

Now people are asking how much Dhindora earned? Then let us tell you that according to a report YouTube has an average standard that YouTube gives about $ 2000 on 1 million views. So if we calculate according to this report dhindora 8 episodes got approx. 250millons views so according to this calculation dhindora have earned around $500000.

It’s not officially confirmed by dhindora and we do not confirm it as the final amount. But according to this calculation and report, we can say that dhindora has earned about $500000.

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