C- Cosmetic Products for Rabbit Year

C- Cosmetic Product

The A beauty and K beauty products have already flooded the market and are greatly in demand but with that C products are now in the race as well.

Although China is not that competitive in the market the public still does trust China’s traditional beauty rituals and products which are helpful and aided by technology through mobile support to the new small entrepreneurs.

Here in this article, we will be helping you with the best C beauty products that you should try for your skin and you will surely love them as they are really one of the best quality and naturally tested products.

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  • Bio-Meso Saccharomyces Rice Radiant Toner

From the company of one of the largest Hyaluronic acid producers HA, barriers are used with HA biotech-backed products.

  • Winona Anti Sensitive Moisturising Tolerance Extreme cream

Extreme Cream China is one of the most popular brands and is best for sensitive skin providing moisture and reducing puffed face.

  • Colorkey lucky rabbit lipstick –  cherry pink lip color

This reference is good luck as being the rabbit year itself with a cheeky look and natural-looking pink tint with a cute look.

  • Proya Deep Ocean – Energy wrinkle and Firming essence.

One of China’s best anti-aging products straight from the traditional goodness blended with the goodness of 20% Argireline and 1% retinol.

  • Chando Time Frozen Essence

It is made up of inspiration from the Himalayas and is a patent company synthesized by probiotic products.


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