Top 10 Celebrity Brands That Run Globally

Top 10 Celebrity Brands That Run Globally


  • Celebrities not only earn from their acting career but also have their brands.
  • Here we have updated the article with the list of “Top 10 Celebrity Brands That Run Globally”

Everyone loves to use products of a celebrity brand. Why? The simple reason is those celebrity products are manufactured keeping in mind that each and everyone is a human.

Famous names like Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Kardashian, Lori Harvey, Pete Davidson, Rihanna, etc. are some names that pop up in our minds when we talk about the top 10 celebrity brands that run globally.

Whatever comes into the market from the hands of a celebrity bears lots of responsibilities and expectations. Their fans look forward to whether the brand is durable, suits a particular region, and considers the society.

A curated list is here to guide you through the details of such brands.

Which Is The 10 Celebrity Brands That Run Globally?

1. SKN By Lori Harvey

SKN by LH is a vegan and cruelty-free skincare line. Lori Harvey’s venture into the skincare industry derives inspiration from her mother, Marjorie Harvey. She has turned her passion for beauty into a business of her own.

Her product line includes Goji Berry Cleanser, White Tea Toner Mist, Vitamin C Serum, Peptide Eye Complex Cream, and Niacinamide Cream Moisturiser, making SKN by LH rank among the top 10 celebrity brands.

SKN By Lori Harvey
SKN By Lori Harvey

2. By Steve Harvey

Apart from being a host, producer, actor, and comedian, Steve Harvey made his name even as a business owner. He has a website that deals in gears and gadgets, style, health & wellness, etc.

Additionally, the Steve Harvey brand comes among the top 10 celebrity brands that run globally for its philanthropy work and foundation activities.

SKN By Lori Harvey
SKN By Lori Harvey

3. JLo Beauty By Jennifer Lopez

JLo Beauty was started by the singer-actor Jennifer Lopez in December 2020. Her brand works alongside the tagline of Looks Like Bodycare, Performs Like Skincare.

Jennifer has put lots of effort and thoughts into making the most exquisite and unique skincare brand for women around the world. Her brand, being on the list of top 10 celebrity brands, has skincare products ranging from serums, night creams, moisturizers, and booty balms.

Jennifer Lopez
  Jennifer Lopez

4. Florence By Mills under Millie Bobby Brown

If you know Eleven from Stranger Things then you might also know that her skincare brand Florence By Mills is categorized as one of the most famous brands globally.

The brand gets its name after Millie’s great-grandmother, Florence. She has dedicated her brand to clean and super-easy skincare products.

Florence By Mills under Millie Bobby Brown
Florence By Mills under Millie Bobby Brown

5. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

A brand that shook the entire market globally was Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. The famous pop star Rihanna has brought more than 50 concealer shades and over 40 shades into the market making inclusivity a norm.

She even started the first black fashion house, Fenty. Both brands are getting immense appreciation and people are regarding them as one of the top 10 celebrity brands that run globally.

fenty Beauty by Rihanna
Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

6. MH By Marjorie Harvey

Yes, it is the same Marjorie Harvey. If you don’t know yet, the family of Steve Harvey is full of business enthusiasts. And Marjorie Harvey was not left behind. She owns a handbag brand by the name MH.

It is a top-rated celebrity brand that aims at providing luxury runway style on a budget. Her brand is famous for its asymmetric designs and quirky looks.

MH By Marjorie Harvey

7. Spring-Summer ’22 Collection By Katy Perry

Katy Perry took over the complete ownership of her brand, Katy Perry Collections when the holding company went bankrupt. She took the reigns of the brand into her hands and re-introduced the Spring-Summer ’22 Collection.

The footwears are reliant and fashionable. The prices are kept affordable starting at $39. All the footwears are quirky with insane designs making it one of the top 10 celebrity brands that run globally.

Spring-Summer ’22 Collection By Katy Perry

8. BODYARMOR LYTE By Carrie Underwood

The famous country singer and the winner of American Idol 2005, Carrie Underwood is also a notable face when it comes to celebrity brands. She is in an equity partnership with BODYARMOR LYTE, a sports drink brand.

Additionally, with the release of her recent album Denim & Rhinestones, you can find several merch and accessories available on her website for the same.

BODYARMOR LYTE By Carrie Underwood
BODYARMOR LYTE By Carrie Underwood

9. MANSCAPED Partnership With Pete Davidson

After branding his chest in the name of Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson is to become the face of a brand. He recently signed a 4-year partnership with the men grooming brand, MANSCAPED. He is to star in the brand campaigns and ads, or the company likes to say it with more laughs.

 MANSCAPED By Pete Davidson
MANSCAPED By Pete Davidson

10. Rare Beauty By Selena Gomez

The singer, actress, and philanthropist, Selena Gomez is known for her simplicity and humane behavior. As such, her skincare brand, Rare Beauty, one of the top 10 celebrity brands works on the vision of the acceptance of inner beauty.

A certain percentage of Rare Beauty’s sales go to Rare Impact Fund, another reason why Selena’s brand is worldwide popular. The brand promotes inclusivity of all complexions.

 Rare Beauty By Selena Gomez
Rare Beauty By Selena Gomez

Frequently Asked Questions About Celebrity Brands

Q. 1 What is the most successful celebrity brand?

In the above list, we have curated the most successful celebrity and their brands. Other than this celebrity Like Elizabeth Taylor, Jessica Alba also have their brands in the market

Q. 2 What are World’s most famous brands?

If we talk about the world’s most famous brands then it is none other than Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Q. 3 What is the most successful makeup line?

The most successful & Recognizable beauty brands in the world are Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, The Honest Company by Jessica Alba, and Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner


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