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Did You Noticed Serena Williams at New York Fashion Week?


  • Did you Notice Serena Williams at New York Fashion Week and how she was looking?
  • What else Serena added was “evolving away from tennis.

Serena Williams having her full name Serena jameka Williams was born in Saginaw, Michigan in the US on 26 September 1981. She was the youngest child of Oracene Price and Richard Williams Among four other older sisters of hers.

She started chasing her dreams of becoming a professional tennis player at the very young age of four years when she along with her family moved to California. She and her sister Venus were home tutored by her father for tennis.

At the age of nine she along with her family then again moved to Florida for the purpose of her attending the tennis Academy of Rick mMacci. She attended her first professional match in 1995 at bell challenge and from then she started playing Professional.


Serena in 2022, September use the term “evolving away from tennis, towards other things that are important to me” as she disliked the word retirement. And followed her evolvement from tennis after playing her last match in the US Open. She is now more focused on her family and capital ventures.

On a recent Monday, September she was seen in a gown of Balenciaga in metallic silver color with a Cape matching the above part of its length up to the floor, where she opened up the runway show at a New York fashion week of vogue.

Why she entered the background showed 2000 NBC interviews of her English she stated her thoughts of herself to be remembered as a girl who changed tennis or the girl who brought up something new into tennis.

Four other girls dressed in white tennis outfits also joined her as ball girls with rackets in their hands in order to pay her tribute and respect which she is worthy of.

She was seated beside Anna Wintour Under’s show consisted of a 2022 collection of winter off Balenciaga, dear, Gucci, Valentino, blueberry, and many more.

Jennifer J. Braggs
Jennifer J. Braggs
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