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Do Hindustan Bhau Targeted Urfi Javed for a publicity stunt?


  • The reason behind the fight.
  • What are Hindustani Bhau’s thoughts on Urfi fashion?
  • Urfi telling it is a publicity stunt.

Reason Behind The Fight

Urfi Javed’s different kinds of fashion sense always trend on social media. Though few people support her there are a lot of people who accuse her of her this kind of fashion sense. She doesn’t care about the trollers.

Urfi Javed

Urfi’s Befitting Reply

But yes after a good break she always replies to her haters on social media. Earlier many celebrities pointed her for her dressing sense and asked her to don’t show anything in the name of fashion.

Hindustani Bhau Thoughts On Urfi Fashion

Hindustani Bhau

This time Hindustani Bhau shared a video and was asked to stop doing this kind of stuff as it doesn’t belong to Indian culture and is leaving a bad impact on the generation.

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