7 Most Expensive Designer Handbags For Women: Worth Millions $

7 Most Expensive Designer Handbags For Women: Worth Millions $

When it’s time to select an Expensive Designer Handbags for Women let’s see what happens. Women are considered to be a bit choosy and picky they sort and select a lot before they finally decide on a single thing. That too is special when we are talking about something they carry regularly.

Women are considered to be fuzzy about their choices but truthfully this is just their own choice. If they are spending their money on it they have the right to choose.

Talking about handbags most women prefer handbags that are good in quality, look good and fashionable, and are easy to carry. And all this combines perfectly with luxury branded handbags.

So here we are with a bit about handbags that will surely help you to choose one for you.

What Are Designer Handbags

What Are Designer Handbags
What Are Designer Handbags

Unlike Men, women are keener about the design, fashion, and tailoring of Luxury handbags and choose carefully before they select one for themselves. So instead of looking here and there and wasting this much time they prefer directly approaching designer handbags.

Designer handbags allow them to have a variety of choices in the design and that does also have a safe corner for the making of the handbags.

Types of Women Designer Handbags

If we go on type there might be a bunch of them, known by different names. There are 11 types of handbags and those are as follows-

Types of Women Designer Handbags
Types of Women Designer Handbags


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  • Tote bags with complete open tops and straps for holding or hanging.
  • Clutch small handbag designed for holding in the first.
  • Satchel bit of a tote bag but with comparatively shorter straps.
  • Hobo bag that has its top opening scooped and a bit longer straps.
  • Shopper designed for shopping purposes with shoulder straps.
  • Barrel with a cylindrical body and long straps.
  • Messenger one with the shape of an envelope and a flap over cover on top.
  • Bucket basically with a bit deeper carriage and short straps.
  • Shoulder bag with a small body design and a very long strap.
  • Cross-body bag with a long strap to be worn in a cross-body form.
  • Wristlet a clutch-sized bag with straps.

Why Designer Handbags Are Expensive Than Other

Designer handbags are professionally made out of hands by specialized craftsmen and with that, a very fine quality of raw products is used that takes both time and labor hence we have expensive designer handbags.

List of 7 Most Expensive Designer Handbags for Women

List of 7 Most Expensive Designer Handbags for Women

1  Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Bag Is considered to be the most expensive handbag and is made out of thousands of real diamonds and costs $3.8 million.

2 Hermès Kelly Rose Gold is the second most costly and high-priced handbag with Designed externals such as crocodile skin and solid rose gold along with 1160 diamonds that costs $2 million.

3 Hermès Birkin Ginza Tanaka clutch bag wholly made out of pure platinum 2000 real diamonds as well that cost around $1.9 million.

4 Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch is made out of many real and rare diamonds including pink and blue diamonds as well that cost $400,000.

5 Niloticus Crocodile Himalaya Birkin with a unique Himalayan perfection inspired from the Himalayas and made with crocodile textured skin that expenses £379,000.

6 Fuchsia Diamond Studded Hermès Birkin is available in fuchsia pink color made out of 18 karat gold and diamonds that are sold for the price of $1.72 million.

7 Hermès Exceptional Collection Shiny Rogue H Porosus Crocodile 30cm Birkin Bagb with a crocodile skin that represents nothing but a luxury handbag at the cost of $203,150.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q- What brand of handbags are the most expensive?

Ans– Hermès has been on the top for the most expensive, designer, and luxury handbags reaching 5he price tag of millions.

Q- What is more expensive than Louis Vuitton?

Ans- Hermès itself is considered to be more expensive than Louis Vuitton but also there are many other brands. The field of being most expensive.

Q- Which is the best brand for ladies’ handbags?

Ans- Many luxury brands are considered to be the best ones like Chanel, Versace, Gucci, Chanel, and a lot more.


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