The 7 Most Expensive Sports Jerseys: (Crossed Million $)

7 Most Expensive Sports Jerseys & Become Top Selling

Expensive Sports jerseys are the most important and first imperative things in sports. Sports has always been one of the favorite pass times of the majority of people.

And that majority in it too has a majority of them that are crazy for these sports be it baseball, football, cricket, tennis or any other.

If we are fans of any of the sports we definitely have someone that we admire in that specific sport and

In short, we can also say that we drool over that specific sportsperson and are crazy to even get a picture of them or an autograph from them.

So it would not be false to state that there are fans who have purchased the costly shorts jerseys of that sportsperson at a very good amount that even got to millions of dollars.

People like to collect these items as a memory for their life long so that they can cherish the moment forever in their life.

In this article, we will be stating the top 7 jerseys that have been sold at a really huge amount.

7 Most Expensive Sports Jerseys & Become Top Selling

7 Most Expensive Sports Jerseys & Become Top Selling
Most Expensive Sports Jerseys

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1. Babe Ruth

He holds the first position in this list with his sports jersey being sold at the High valued price of $5.6 million in 2019. Babe Ruth was a super-talented an excellent baseball player, he also hold an astonishing record of 714 home runs in his whole career.

2. Michael Jordan

He holds the second position on the list and his costly jersey has been sold for a huge amount of $1.38 million, it was sold in 2021 and the jersey was from the 1982-1983 championship, which was as legendary as it could be from one of the GOAT.

3. Paul Henderson

The next position is held by Paul Henderson a hockey player, he created history itself as it is an expensive sports jersey from hockey that has earned the highest in the auction with an astonishing price of $1.27 million.

This jersey was worn by him in the year 1972 which created another history of the greatest 34 seconds of win.

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4 Wilt Chamberlain

He made history in this top-selling jersey in the year 1961-1962 season, when he did score 100 points as a single.

This historical sports jersey has been sold in pieces where 25% of it is owned by a single person and its other pieces are owned by others and were combined and sold at the price of $1.2 million.

5 Daniel Ruettiger

This is the 5th position in this list being held by Daniel with an astonishing and uncommon history with only 27 seconds of play which was auctioned in 2017 for $242,500.

6 Pele

Another history from the soccer made by Pele, the precious jersey was worn in the world cup of 197 and was auctioned in the year 2002, for $225,109. This also led Pele to become the sports minister as well.

7 David Gallaher

Another record-holding jersey from rugby was worn by the star in 1905, the matches being played at the legendary level, but only for the six tests, but still for the worth of $180,000.


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