10 Most Famous Blonde Actresses in Their 40s Will Steal Your Heart

Most Famous Blonde Actresses in Their 40s


You will get to know about the actresses whose blondeness made them hotter

Paris Hilton to Jessica Simpson we will cover 10 actresses with blonde hair here.


If you are in love with blondeness, you have ever thoughts about Blonde Actresses in Their 40s, 30s, 20, and more? The color of a person’s hair has a great effect on their appearance. We also get to know their age by looking at their hair.

For women, their hair is of great importance because they are attractive. Irrespective of the age of the girl, she pampers her hair well.

And the matter of actresses is different, they always have to be up to date because that is their career.

That’s why we will talk about Blonde Actresses in Their 40s. There are many actresses in Hollywood whose hair color varies from black to brown and blonde.

Hollywood actresses have given us very great films based on their beauty and acting.

This Article Features Current Famous Blonde Actresses in Their 40s From Hollywood

1. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is 1st on the list She was born in New York in 1981 and raised in Beverly Hills, California.

She entered the modeling world at the age of 19 and started working in Donald Trump’s agency Trump Model Management.  Hilton was a rebellious girl and used to bunk her classes and go to parties at night.

Her behavior provoked her parents to send her to boarding school from 2001, Hilton began to appear at New York fashion week and was featured in magazines such as Vogue.

She was cast in many TV series and movies like The Simple Life, House of Wax, and Repo! The Genetic Opera, Hollywood Love Story, Paris in Love, etc.

2. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is a 42 years old businesswoman actress and fashion born in Texas USA. During her childhood, she used to perform in church.

At the age of 17 her debut album “sweet kisses” was released in 1999. In 2000, Jessica’s song Irresistible earned a place on Billboard Hot 100. Jessica collaborated with stylist Ken Pavés and launched her own beauty and hair products in 2006.

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Her song “A public affair” became a hit and sold 500,000 copies in the United States.

Apart from singing Jessica has worked in movies like are all men pedophiles, blonde ambition, pretty Princess, Employee of the Month, etc.

3. Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is a 43-year-old American actress, fashion model, and third in our list of blonde actresses in their 40s. Her popularity increased because of her role as Dr. Izzie Stevens in Grey’s Anatomy from 2005 to 2010.

During her teenage years, Catherine used to work as a model and actress. She appeared in films like My Father the Hero, King of the Hill, and That Night. She dropped out of high school to pursue her career in Hollywood. She has received various awards like the Emmy Award, the 2003 CAMIE Award, and the Award for Young Hollywood Superstar.

4. Jaime King

Jaime King is a 43-year-old American actress. In 1993, at the age of 14, Jaime was a popular model and was featured in fashion magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazar.

She was established in the film industry in 1998. She was portrayed in films like Pearl Harbor, Slackers, Four Faces of God, Sin City, My Bloody Valentine 3D, and Bulletproof Monk.

Jaime was also featured in a music video “Sexed Up”. She received a Young Hollywood award in 2001.

5. Leslie Bibb

Leslie Bibb is a 47-year-old model and actress born in North Dakota USA. She is 5th on our list of blonde actresses Bibb was discovered as a model at the age of 16 by Elite agency in 1990.

She was featured in various magazines like Cosmo Girl, 944, Seventeen, Gear, Paper, L’Officiel, Teen, FHM, Stuff, YM, and Fit.

She stepped into acting in 1996. She stayed in various television series and movies like Pacific Blue, Home Improvement, private parts, the big easy, this peace between us, Popular, etc. Her role as Brooke McQueen needs her to win the Teen Choice Award

6. Holly Madison

Holly Madison is a 42-year-old American actress from Oregon, she started her career at Playboy magazine due to a financial crisis.

After splitting from boyfriend Hugh Hefner in 2008 she was featured in Dancing with the Stars, World’s largest bikini parade, Peepshow and Holly’s World, etc.

She appeared in films like Scary Movie 4, The House Bunny, The Telling, and Sharknado 3: Oh, Hell No! The Bernie Mac Show, MTV Cribs and The Surreal Life, etc.

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7. Willa Ford

Willa Ford is a 41-year-old actress dancer producer and interior designer from America. At the age of 18, she gave her voice to the soundtrack of Pokémon: the first movie.

Ford’s song “Willa Was Here” was ranked 56 on Billboard 200 and sold 200,000 copies. She has been featured in the television sitcom Raising Dad and the reality shows The Ultimate Fighter.  Ford earned a place in Stuff magazine in the list of 101 Sexiest Online Women.

8. Reese Witherspoon

Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon is one of the highest-paid Hollywood & and blonde actresses in their 40s. She was included in Forbes magazine as one of the most powerful women in 2019 and 2021.

Her carrier started in 1991 with The Man in the Moon. Her romantic drama Water for Elephants became a hit at the box office. She owns her own clothing company, Draper James.

Reese has produced films like a gone girl, hot pursuit, Lucy in the Sky, legally blondes, etc.

9. Christina Aguilera

Christina María Aguilera is a 41-year-old actress and singer and she comes from New York City USA. Christina’s mother was a musician and her father was in the army.

Christina says that she used to resort to music to escape from her family problems. Her parents divorced when she was 6 years old and she moved to her grandmother’s house with her mother and sibling.

Her singles, “Genie in a Bottle”, “What a Girl Wants” and “Come on over Baby (All I Want Is You) made a place on Billboard Hot 100.

10. Alison Schermerhorn

The last name in the list of hot blonde actresses includes Alison Brie Schermerhorn. She started acting in 2006 in the Disney sitcom Hannah Montana.

She starred in other films such as Scream 4, The Five-Year Engagement, Get Hard, Sleeping with Other People, How to Be Single, The Little Hours, The Disaster Artist, The Post, Promising Young Woman, Horse Girl, The Rental, and Happiest Season.

She also gave her voice in the animated comedy series Bojack Horseman.


This article will give you information about the top 10 famous blonde actresses in their 40s including their early life and career. we have covered most of the things about them and many more is their personal.


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