Gaming Is a Boon or Curse for Today’s Young Generation

Gaming a boon or curse


  • How word Gaming has been derived?
  • How Gaming is a boon?
  • How Gaming is a Curse?
  • How it can be controlled?

Today the young generation is very much involved in technology. The topic for this article is whether gaming is improvising good or bad effects on young people. Before that, let us understand from where this gaming concept was generated.

The word “Gaming “has derived or come from the word “Gambling”.  Gaming has made life so sophisticated that people forgot to interact with each other.

Let us now discuss or understand whether Gaming is a Boon or Curse.

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How Gaming is a boon?

  • Gaming can help in self-development and personality.
  • It also helps to raise interaction ability.
  • Lack of Interest can be accommodated back from the gaming skills.
  • Attention power can be increased with regular gaming.

How Gaming is a Curse?

  • As we have understood before that Gaming is derived from the word Gambling. So addiction to gambling or gaming is a harmful addiction.
  • Violent online gaming takes no time to change the personality of the person.
  • Various esteemed Organization surveys depicted how today’s young generation is involved or spending most of their time in gaming.

How It Can Be Controlled?

  • Better regulation and monitoring can help in less involvement in gaming.
  • A better study should be done for gameplay.


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