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22 lakh Rupees Gold Was Seized At Jaipur Airport


  • 450 grams of gold worth Rs 22 lakh was seized.
  • Gold was concealed in exhaust fan.

Smuggling of gold or any other valuable item at airports have become quite common these days. The news came from Jaipur International Airport that the custom department had seized over 450 grams of gold from a passenger who landed from Dubai. Value of the seized gold was around 22 lakh rupees. The passenger is hold back for further questioning and after that he will be arrested.

Every time these smugglers find new and unique way to smuggle. This time gold was revealed in armature of an exhaust fan. The exterior part of the fan armature was neatly painted in silver that no presence of gold can be concealed.

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There are may cases where smuggling of gold is concealed at Jaipur and various other airports. One was the seize of around 350 grams of gold at Jaipur Airport. The passenger landed from Dubai.

Officials said that because of lockdown and flights restrictions have restricted smugglers in many ways. But as liberality has been provided these have started yet again. Everything such as sandals, cloths, iron , pen and even body parts are used for smuggling.

Vinay Shukla
Vinay Shukla
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