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Google Web Stories Traffic Down| Google Core Update 2022| Stories Traffic Will Come Or Not


  • The article has a piece of complete information about Google web stories
  • We will cover why your web stories traffic is down and how you can cover it.
  • You will get to know about the Google content update 2022

To get information about any object, human, or any other kind of thing in the world, either you need to read it on Google or listen to it through a video. But it takes a lot of time to read it on Google because it is explained in a very large format. Due to this, it takes time to understand anything. So that is why Google web stories came.

What is Google Web Stories?

A web story is visualized way of showing information about anything to the user in the form of a few slides by minimizing large information in a short visual image form. Talking about the elements of web stories the web story section includes images, videos, animations, sounds, fonts, etc.

so that the user can understand it quickly, we can easily understand it, as social media gives us the option of stories, similarly, there is a new option from Google, so it is the job of web stories to show large content by minimizing it in visual form.  The web story was launched by Google in 2020 and has created a buzz in the blogging world.

What is Google Web Stories?

How Much You Can Earn From Google Web Stories?

Google has launched Google Web Stories so far in only three countries like India, Brazil, and United States. There is no update about Google Web Story in other countries yet. But let us tell you that bringing traffic to the Google Web Store is easier than blog posts.

In this, you do not even need a high level of knowledge of SEO, Google is currently promoting web stories itself.

That’s why there are many bloggers who have earned more than a thousand dollars in a day, so there is a lot of potential in web stories. But this does not mean that you will violate Google’s policy and put unnecessary information on Google, that too just to earn money, by doing this Google can put your website in trouble.

If you follow the given policies and guidelines of Google then you can make your career in Google stories and earn good money.  Google’s this concept of stories is futuristic and it will definitely replace long blog posts.

How Much You Can Earn From Google Web Stories?

Traffic in Google Web Stories.

If we talk about how much traffic comes to Google Web Stories, then let us tell you that there is no limit to this. When any of your stories go viral and goes to the Discover section, then there is a lot of traffic on it, it also reaches millions.

It has been found in many research that the traffic of web stories of many websites has crossed more than 100 million. It’s up to you how much money you make with Google web stories.

Traffic in Google Web Stories.

How to Create Google Web Stories

After getting all the information, if you want to try your career in blogging and that too want to work in the web story then you will need some resources like website domain, SSL, and hosting. After making a successful site start building knowledgeable content for web stories and blogs. And follow Google all policies.

We talked all about Google web story and also talked about what you should do and what you need if you want to make your career in it. But what about those who are already working in Google Web Stories,

So next we will talk about those people who are working in Google Stories facing some problems and one of the biggest problems is that Google Web Story Traffic is down now we cover all these things next

Reason: Why Google Web Stories Traffic Down   

As we mentioned earlier, there is a lot of potential in Google Web Stories and people have also earned a lot of money from it. But one thing that you may not have noticed, we told you that while creating those stories, you have to follow all the guidelines and policies of Google.

If you do not do this, then after some time your traffic will be completely down and may not come again. And whoever did not follow them today their traffic has been affected and their website traffic has been zero and he is looking for ways to bring website traffic again.

Everyone wants to know what could be the reasons why the traffic of Google web stories has been down for their website. Let us tell you that on August 18, Google announced a new update, which was named “helpful content update” and they named it a “core update”, in this update, they made a big update about the content.

Why Google Web Stories Traffic Down   

Due to this, the traffic of web stories of almost all the people has gone down, so let us tell you in short what were the main things in this policy of Google that Google wants to tell you.

All About Google New Update “Helpful Content Update”

Google’s new update is all about content, we are telling you some guidelines about this update in simple words.

  1. Google says that you write your content for the user’s requirement and not to get a ranking on Google
  2. Set your audience’s requirement if you are writing an article or post just to get ranked on Google then Google will not consider value from it
  3. If you are using more keywords for the search engine then it is also wrong.
  4. If you are covering different topics like Sports, Games, Lifestyles, Entertainment, Foods, etc. on your website, then it is not right in the eyes of Google.
  5. If you are using AI, spin bot or manual AI it will not last long.
  6. Try to give as much information as possible about anything and do not use what is already on Google.
  7. Instead of working on trending topics, work on the requirements of your existing users.
  8. Google does not consider it right if your user is reading your content and then they go to another site for more content.
  9. If you think that there is a limit of words to writing content, then there is no such thing Google said in the new update there is no limit to how big the content should be.
  10. You should work in the same category in which you have much more knowledge, if you are working in another category it will not going to so far.
  11. If you give any fake information on Google which is not already on Google, even then Google does not consider it right.

These are some filtered guidelines or warning from Google’s New Update about “Helpful Content Update” that everyone should mention in their blogs and content.

Web Story Traffic Will Come Back Or Not

Now everyone wants to know whether the web story traffic will come back to their website or not.

Let us tell you that your website has been hit by Google’s algorithms, which means that you have violet their policy. But still, if you take care of all these Google content policies (internal link here) in the future, then chances are that Google will start giving you traffic again.

Some things to keep in mind while working with Google web stories

  • Work well on web stories as well as posts and pay attention to your SEO
  • Continue work and make the web story informative
  • Use good images, audio, videos, and animations in it
  • Also, link them to your website’s post internal link.

 Rest you have to follow every guideline of Google and your traffic can come back

Follow these Google content policies to get back your Google web stories traffic

Google has clearly written its content guidelines in its web story documentation, which are as follows

  1. Copyrighted Content – If you are writing your own content by bringing someone else’s content then you will come under copyrighted content
  • Text Heavy web Story – If you are using more text inside your web stores then it is wrong according to Google you can use about 180 characters in one slide
  • Low-Quality Assets – if Images and videos in your web stories have torn pixels they have a negative impact
  • Lack of Narrative – Your web story needs to have a narrative structure
  • Incomplete stories – If your web story is not able to give complete information from beginning to end, then it will be considered incomplete and you are violating its policy in the eyes of Google
  • Overlay Commercial – Using more and more affiliate links and promoting your product will also wallet the policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1 . What is Google new update 2022?

ANS. The new update is all about the content your content should be appropriate to Google.

Q.2. Google web stories traffic down whether it will come back or not.

ANS. Most of the websites have been hit by Google in the new update so if you will follow all the guidelines your traffic could be back.

Q.3 What is the reason why your web stories traffic is down?

ANS. You violate the policies of Google that’s why your traffic is down.

Q. 4 Tips to increase Google web stories traffic.

ANS. 1. Non-copyright content.

2. high-quality images & videos

3. Content should be less than 180 characters on each slide.

4. Follow all other guidelines by Google


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