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How Big Jewellery Brands like Cartier, Bulgari & Harry Winston Added Spark To Everyone’s Glamour


  • How fashion and luxury jewellery are used by men around their neck and fingers.
  • Various known and popular brands: Their craziness among Hollywood stars.

When it comes to fashion, people just think it depends upon the outfit and the makeup worn by the people but everyone forgets the spark or glamour that jewellery adds to all. Its look depends upon the design we wear.

Earlier it was only women who used to carry ornaments on their bodies but now men also carry jewellery pieces around their necks, fingers, ears etc. The jewellery we carry with the outfit depends on whether it matches or not and that depends upon the brand whose jewellery we wear. Each brand has its famous design and looks.

There are few brands whose designs are more famous and are given more importance because of the hard work and elegance that they add to their jewellery piece.



When we talk about the brands the first come is Cartier. It is a French designer brand named Louis Cartier that was brought the brand in 1847 in Paris. It gained popularity for making exquisite jewellery and expanded its base slowly. Cartier drips royalty and heavy workmanship which makes its design more costly.

Harry Winston


Second, comes Harry Winston Inc. It was started by Harry Winston in 1932. After his death in 1978, the company didn’t Stop it started countering and designer jewellery.



Next comes Bvlgari, It is an Italian jewellery house whose jewellery designs are based on the rich old Roman history and designs founded by Sotirio Bvlgari in 1884. The company makes luxury jewellery items like watches and other pieces. It is worn by many celebrities no matter men or women. The company has a large craze in the Hollywood industry and has many brand ambassadors.

There are many brands that come in line and have a large number of clients because of their brand values and unique designs.

Jennifer J. Braggs
Jennifer J. Braggs
Jennifer, being a technical writer, likes to research and write articles and solutions to help others. Having great knowledge about entertainment, tech, and lifestyle. Before starting any write-up, She likes to pen down her thoughts and flaunt a creative edge in the same. Apart from being a writer, her primary interests include reading books and poems, cooking, and playing video games. she has done her college as


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