How to Say Sorry The Beautiful Art of Apologizing

How to Say Sorry The Beautiful Art of Apologizing

“Sorry” is a simple word but filled up with oceans of emotion, a word used for apologizing and showing the guilt that you have within you this simple word is enough to contain a million words in it.

The way it is spoken to someone shows the sincerity he/she holds within them.

What is The Art of Apologizing?

This simple art of apologizing is multi-talented and represents three emotions that the person apologizing has within him/her.

  1. The first emotion that it holds is the person agreeing on the mistake that is made by him/her and that is acceptance of fault.
  2.  then another emotion is regret and guilt, which shows that the person is feeling guilty for the mistakes they did and are really filled with guilt.
  3.  the last emotion is taking responsibility for the mistake or fault and being genuinely aware of it which means. That he won’t be repeating the same mistake in the future.

What is the Importance of Sorry?

What is the Importance of Sorry?
What is the Importance of Sorry?

Feeling apologetic in a relationship is very important and so we have to say sorry, but it is important to say sorry because-

  • To show that you feel the guilt and let your partner understand what you feel about your mistake and if are aware of it.
  • Disarm the anger for you that your partner has due to your previous action which made them this angry.
  • Powerful and mature of you to accept and react that way to show the relationship matters more.

Meaning of Sorry & Why Should We Say Sorry?

Sorry is a word specifically used for apologizing and expressing that you are feeling guilty for the mistakes that you did.

We say sorry because of the following reason

  • When we harm someone mentally or physically and we want to correct our mistake.
  • When someone is angry at us because of our mistake and we want to correct it.
  • When we plan on avoiding the same mistake in the future.

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How Sorry Can Help You to SaveYour Relations?

How sorry can help you to save your relations?
How sorry can help you to save your relations?

The simple word sorry seems so easy and all but holds great power and that power can save your relationships in the following ways.

  • Starting of rebuilding the trust.
  • Shows your sincerity.
  • Shows you are feeling too guilty.

How Should You Apologize to Someone You Hurt?   

  •  If you are the reason why someone is hurt and you want to be sorry then follow these steps.
  • Say sorry and accept your mistake of hurting them.
  • If there’s any way that you can make it right by any action then do it.
  • Understand your partner and give your partner time.


1.    How to apologize without saying sorry?

Ans– As a saying goes like action speaks louder than words. So let your actions speak.

2.    What is sorry?

Ans- A simple word to express your sorrow for your mistake that hurts certain someone.

3.    How do you apologize if you don’t feel sorry?

And– even if you actually find feel sorry but you do feel the importance of the relationship then it’s completely ok to say sorry. But this shouldn’t exceed.


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