Impact Of Social Media On Human Behavior And Society

Impact Of Social Media

Before diving directly into its influence on human behavior and society, first, let’s discuss social media. Social Media is used by more than 3 billion people around the globe. People differently grasp the meaning of social media according to their understanding.

One is where they think that social media platform like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram is the place provided only for entertainment purposes.

But on the other hand, the same platform is used to interact and connect with new people.

Social Media has now become a source of earning for many people. Healthy use of social media will definitely pull out a good impact on both human behavior and society.

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Now let’s look At Its Good and Bad Impact on Both Aspects.

Good Impact:

  • One significant potential of social media is that it allows you to earn money.
  • Social Media is not only for entertainment purposes but also helps to connect with people.
  • Many private and Government organizations raise funds for the good cause through social media.

Bad Impact:

  • One of the awful impacts is that it has become a sticky virus for youngsters.
  • Today, the young generation had forgotten to interact face-to-face because of the social platform. This became a hurdle in the development of their personality and other mandatory skills.
  • Harmful use of social media will get someone involved in cybercrime or abuse.
  • Surveys through esteemed organizations have clarified that excessive use of social platforms will lead to various disorders related to the eyes and brain.
  • Youngsters are too becoming violent or changing in their behavior had been seen from the violent games on social media.


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