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Kaccha Badam Girl “Anjali Arora” Hot Wet Look Will Glaze You


The Insta Fam Anjali Arora came into the limelight with the “Kacha Badam” song.

Anjali also has millions of followers on her Instagram.

Anjali Arora

The girl doesn’t need any introduction now. She had already made herself so popular with her dance step in the “Kacha Badam” song. After getting enormous views on her video, she was both being trolled and loved by many.

Anjali has also done many bo*ld photoshoots and posted them on her Instagram. The photos of her had thousands of likes and comments in no time. Fans of hers are always eager for her photos.

Anjali Hot Wet Photoshoot

Anjali always treats her fans with such bo*ld photos. In the above photo, she can be seen giving sexy poses in the swimming pool. The beauty has tied her hair which makes her appearance more hot and attractive.

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