Kate Middleton Pays Tribute to Diana in the Red Coat

Kate Middleton red coat


  • Kate Middleton pays honor to the late Princess Diana and late Queen Elizabeth
  • Kate’s red coat resembles of princess Diana red coat
  • Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton’s first visit to Anglesey

About Princess Of Wales & Her Marriage

British royal family member, Catherine, Princess of Wales. She was born in Royal Berkshire, Reading, United Kingdom. She is married to Prince of Wales, William, heir to the British throne, making her the likely next queen consort. They have three children two boys George, Louis, and Charlotte.

The period of mourning for the late monarch Queen Elizabeth ll who died on September 8 has come to an end as it was posted on social media by Place.

Since becoming the prince and princess of Wales, for the first time, Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton paid an official visit to the country. They visited Anglesey meeting Welsh public members and a lifeboat station, they lived there before when they didn’t have royal duties.

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Kate Red Coat Outfit

Her outfit was red color L.K Bennet ($1,080) “Spencer coat”, black flared trousers and a $170 black Boden cashmere crewneck, and $264 Russel and Bromley black heels, Red coat was like a reference to her late mother-in-law Princess Diana,

It was also like she was giving her tribute to Diana when she wore a similar red color coat on her first visit to the country.

The coat had “Horse bit details” in gold on the pockets which were like reminiscing late Queen Elizabeth ll, who was a horse lover and loved horse riding.

In a piece of information given by Royal Historian Jessica Storoschuk told after mourning, to show they are still in the stage of mourning, people who are close to the deceased person wear muted colors like grey and lilac to show they are slowly returning to full wardrobe and life while they are Mourning

Comments On Kate Attire

But with today’s appearance of Kate, it seems that the royal traditional thing is from the past. Historians commented, “formal mourning is rarely observed outside of the court, and the British monarchy is doing what it can to be a modern monarchy and reflect those it represents”.


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