Kim Kardashian Journey As a Successful Businesswoman

Kim Kardashian Businesswomen
Image- NBC news


  • Kim Kardashian’s personal life.
  • Companies owned by her.
  • How she deals with her company in the market.

Kim Kardashian’s Personal Life

Kim Kardashian is an American socialist, media personality, model, and businesswoman. Kim first gained media attention as a friend and stylist of Paris Hilton but after that, she received a large number of recognition for the Kim sex tape.

She is a romantic woman which we can figure out from her relationship status. Kim has been first married to Damon Thomas but got divorced in the year 2004, later on, she got married to Kris Humphries and got parted away in the year 2013.

After that, she got married to Kenny West who is also known as Ye in the year 2014, and then in the year 2022 due to their own reason, they both got parted away.

Kim Established Companies

Despite so many problems in her personal life, she has always proved herself great in her professional life. She is one of the most successful businesswomen in the Hollywood industry. She is the owner of the brand’s named SKIMS and SKKN.

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There are the two amazing brands in the market and after too much hard work made by Kim, these brands made their recognition in the market. SKIMS deals with clothing and has a large collection of lingerie.

These are for normal daily wear as well as for beach wear. The brand has recently made a big launch of bras in the market and has got good feedback for it.

About SKKN Brand

SKKN is a brand that deals with cosmetics or the daily essential face or body products used by women. Both brands only deal with the products which are used by women. The company has made a good image.

The progress of the company has shown the ability, and hard work Kim put into it so that now she has got many achievements in regard to it.


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