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Know Something Interesting About Tom Hardy – Actor | producer | Screen Writer | Martial Artist


  • Tom Hardy’s early life
  • Tom Hardy’s career
  • Tom Hardy’s arrest and drug use
  • Tom Hardy as a martial artist

Tom Hardy’s Early life

Tom hardy was born on 18 September 1977 to Anne and Edward Hardy and Edward Hardy In London England. Both his parents were keenly interested in art and fiction it seems he inherited those characters perfectly from his parents.

Tom Hardy’s Career

When he was 21 years old in 1998 he won the Big Breakfast find me a supermodel competition from which he got various contracts with models. He was also seen as a rapper and recorded falling on your Arse In 1999 along with Edward Tracy who is one of his friends.
During the 2000s he started acting to climb the stairs of success and soon he began working with major production Houses.

Image- Tom Instagram

Tom Hardy’s Arrest and Drug Use

He has a sensitive kind of personality from the start and still carries it with him which also engaged him in trouble so for escaping from these troubles he used drugs and alcohol. He was arrested while riding in his car and carrying a gun along with him.

Tom Hardy as Martial Artist

Tom Hardy has already played various roles involving action in them which were enormously loved by his fans involving various acting roles in his movies but now not only as an actor of action he’s involved in real action.
The news broke out when he won the Open Championship of UMKC Brazilian jujitsu 2022 of martial arts achieving a gold medal on Saturday.
He entered the competition without being knowledge of anyone leaving his competitors and bystanders astonished.
He took part in a competition while being low-key on Monday with his real name Edward Hardy in Milton his competitor claimed to be shell shocked and recognized him the very moment he saw him and was super nervous to fight against him.

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