Some Rarest & Most expensive Betta fish in the world

Most expensive Betta fish

Betta fishes are domesticated species which were reared around 1000 years ago.  first in Thailand. The beauty of Betta fish mesmerises everyone that looks at it. The beautiful feathery, angelic fins are real beauty to look into.

They are one of the most considered aquariums because of their beauty and appealing colours and small design, and they are also of low maintenance.

Why Betta fish are expensive

On average the Betta fish costs 80 – 200 USD per piece of it. This price is too much compared to the other fish or pets. But still, it is high in demand. The Betta fishes have property and rare characteristics of being able to breathe from gills as well as being able to breathe direct from the air.

 This rare characteristic makes them even costlier. With that, they possess exotic colours which other fishes do not have so it also contributes to their higher price.

What is the most expensive type of Betta fish?

What is the most expensive type of Betta fish?
What is the most expensive type of Betta fish?

The price of Betta fish is already so much in comparison to other fishes but this is not it. Many Betta fish breeds are even costlier than you can think.

#1 Kachen Worachai is the breed that costs $1,570 per piece which is so much, it consists of three different colours combination of blue, white and red making it even more attractive. It also has its tail half-moon shaped.

#2  half moon plakat is another breed that is in the glittery shade of blue scales in front, yellow strips on the fins in patterns and a black and grey matte touch on other skin parts. This fish cost $1,500 again with a half-moon-shaped tail.

#3 crown tail is another breed that costs $500 and has a Colour combination of blue and yellow in a bright shade with a beautiful shading of yellow near the eyes and blue and yellow mixed in a shading way from the tail making its tail look like a crown.

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What is the rarest colour of Betta fish?

Ans: Albino Betta fish is the rarest colour shade found in Betta fishes, this is not a specific breed colour like other Betta fishes.

This is somewhat like white Betta fish in a plane light colour with pink or red eyes and has no colour the original skin and nerve colour of the fish gives it a pink shade with few of the red or pink spots on it and has no pigmentation at all on its skin and scale.

7 most expensive Betta fish in the world

Betta fishes are already one of the most expensive fishes in the world and are really in appreciation. Now we will be listing the top 7 most expensive Betta fishes in the world.

  • Kachen Worachai.
  • Half moon plakat.
  • Crown tail.
  • Rose tail.
  • Feather tail.
  • Dumbo.
  • Koi.


What is the prettiest Betta fish?

Half-moon Betta fishes are considered to be one of the prettiest Betta fishes because of their feather-soft, 180-degree tail, with a D shape that makes them unique and beautiful.

What is the oldest living Betta fish?

A Betta fish that was the oldest was 10 years old and was considered to be the oldest one in the world. While many people claim their Betta fish to be 5-6 years old.

What is the price of full moon Betta fish?

The price of half-moon Betta fish is around $1,500 per piece. It is a really admirable breed of Betta fish with a unique and beautiful fin and tail with a perfect colour combination on its body.


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