7 Most Expensive Hotels in the World With Super Luxury

7 Most Expensive Hotels in the World With Super Luxury

Adding the word expensive in front of any item, not just increases the worth of the object but also changes our point of view towards the object. We have a basic rule in our mind that if an item is expensive, it’s good in quality, the costlier the object the better the quality is.

The same goes with hotels, the more expensive the hotel is the better the luxury is, the better comfort, the and better availability of any of the luxury items.

Why Hotels Are So Costly?

The cost of the hotel is directly proportional to comfort and luxury. The more the cost of the hotel is the more luxurious the hotel is. So in short we pay for the luxuries that we are being provided within the hotel.

What Are Some Luxury Facilities Provided By the Hotels?

Luxurious hotels provide us with various luxuries and those luxuries include some of the following ones-

  • Wi-Fi is the very basic one but the most preferred one as well, this is something that we want and is our priority.
  • In fitness center majority of people are concerned about their health and fitness, and so the second luxury we are being provided is fitness areas.
  • Pool without calming and cold water of the pool, luxury feels incomplete so this is also a common one nowadays.
  • In restaurants the basic necessity is food and this is what we crave the most, so now the hotels also provide us with inbuilt restaurants with authentic food.
  • Spa when we are on outings we seek every comfort that we were not able to achieve in our normal lives, which involves spa treatment as well.
  • Room service we are being provided with the best room service possible as a luxury treatment.


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Here Are the 7 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Here Are the 7 Most Expensive Hotels in the World
Here Are the 7 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Luxury is parallel to expense and hence the more luxurious the hotel is, the costlier it is.

So here are the top 7 most luxurious hotels from all over the world-

  • Lover’s Deep- this is a submarine-based luxury hotel and is the most expensive luxury hotel that is an underwater submarine. This is located in St Lucia and goes around the Caribbean depending upon the choice of the customer and this costs $150,000 per night.
  • Empathy Suite This is a luxury hotel suite that is available for the price of $100,000 per night’s stay in Las Vegas. This expensive suite is not just for the money flaunt but also provides a lavish lifestyle that adds to Jacuzzi, private tour, massage rooms, and many other luxuries.
  • The Royal Penthouse – Hotel President Wilson This expensive hotel is situated in Geneva, Switzerland. In the Hotel President Wilson, the 8th floor is entirely occupied by it. For a night stay it costs $80,000, with super luxurious services like a private chef, and personal assistant 24/7, and also one of the safest places that can be for you if seeking safety.
  • The Mark Penthouse – The Mark Hotel If you have been looking for royal vintage luxury this largest hotel in the United States is for you, it is available for the price of $75,000 with a beautiful terrace and central park view as well.
  • Ty Warner Penthouse – Four Seasons This is for you if you have been looking for a place where you can feel like being on “the top of the world” situated at the top or 52nd floor of the four season tower with a beautiful view of every corner of New York, aided with luxury like free unlimited massage, personal assistant,  personal elevator, and also a ride from Rolls-Rolls at the departure.
  • The Penthouse Suite – Hotel Martinez is located in France and hence this has every taste of France and that taste is available for $53,000, this is provided with a great view of the ocean and with facilities like Jacuzzi, and Turkish royal bath, etc., and, also an artistic place with many from Picasso.
  • The Muraka Suite – The Conrad is situated in the Maldives and also is the first underwater hotel, from all over the world with a price of $50,000 and is aided with a private chef, private bar, and private gym but for all this, you must stay for at least 4 days which sums up to the cost of $200,000.


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