7 Most Expensive Military Equipment in The US Army

7 most expensive military equipment in the us army

USAF is known to be the United States Armed forces. This is further divided into six other departments of force that are divided based on the world assigned to them and which are performed by each of them specifically and with complete responsibility.

Why military use expensive equipment

The purpose of maintaining and having a military is to maintain peace between other countries and also within the country as well.

So to protect the country from any kind of attack military is prepared for this purpose of attack and defense.

And talking about expensive military equipment being placed in the forces for the same purpose of defense and attack, the better the equipment the better the protection shield is.

Where is the equipment made?

The equipment made for military and army use is needed to be built with perfection to avoid any kind of malfunctioning. Any malfunction at the time of use of that equipment might come to the security of the country, so this equipment needs to be cared for and made without any mistakes.

Making of the equipment can be done within the country or out of the country and sometimes assembling or making of the parts of the equipment is done within and out of the country.

Meanwhile, it is quite common for countries to sell and buy equipment from other countries as well.

7 most expensive military equipment in the us army

7 most expensive military equipment in the us army
7 most expensive military equipment in the us army

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  • The US military has been spending the highest on its Cyber Space military department in the past few years with around $11.2 billion.
  • F-35 joint strike fighter worth $11.0 billion.
  • Virginia class submarines worth $7.3 billion.
  • Long-range fires across joint worth $7.2 billion.
  • Ballistic missile submarine worth $6.3 billion.
  • Burke-class destroyers worth $5.6 billion.
  •  B-21 raider worth $5.3 billion.


What is the most expensive military machine?

The most expensive US military machine is the F-35 joint striker the cost $7.3 billion.

What is the most expensive weapon on earth?

The f-35 fighter plane which has been in the range of $492 billion is considered to be the most expensive military weapon.


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