7 Most Important Questions to Ask Before Getting Married or Moving in Together

Most Important Questions to Ask Before Getting Married or

When we dream of being with a partner, we always have those thoughts of you both staying together, spending time together, eating together, cooking together, and coming back to each other in your home.

Many other things that you would have imagined together are all based on the image of you both staying together in the same home.

You are always a blushing mess when you think about those beautiful moments that you have imagined in your dreams, and that too when that dream is supposed to be happening soon.

But not always everything is as flowery as you idealize it to be staying together in the same house is not only a beautiful thing but also a step closer to your dream.

Stating together brings you responsibility, stress, workload, relationship pressure, and many more. This also lets you know other sides of your partner that you have been unaware of till now.

What is the Golden Rule of Marriage?

What is the Golden Rule of Marriage?

There is no specific rule that you must adhere to or follow instead, you should know the thing called “mutual respect.” You should respect each other, care for each other, prioritize them equally, and show efforts for your relationship equally. That’s what can be stated as the “golden rule of marriage.”

Sharing everything with each other, be it sorrow, joy, or trusting each other, being available for them when they need it, and sharing the workload instead of burdening a single person are a few rules to be followed for a better relationship.

How Do You Choose Your Life Partner?

For choosing a life partner, you must be very serious and careful about it. You will have to think really hard for this purpose, as you have to spend your whole life with them, and you cannot just pick someone up suddenly and select them to be your life partner.

This is a really hard task, and with the wrong move, you can end your life miserable. This goes for both sides; not just you but your partner is affected as well.

So, when choosing a partner, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • You can trust them in every situation; it just doesn’t mean that they are always correct, but they won’t betray you.
  • Loyal: This factor comes again, as in every relationship your partner should be loyal so that you always see them standing with you in every part of your life.
  • Supportive  Not necessarily everything you do is correct, so you need a partner who can support you in doing what you love instead of pulling you down.
  • Make you feel comfortable. Your partner should be the one who makes you feel at home and at peace, where you can trust them and rely on them when you need that comfort.
  • You don’t have to act. We are probably different from everyone, which means we have a mask on ourselves that we want to show others, but when you are with your partner, you don’t have to act like someone that you aren’t.

7 Most Important Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

7 Most Important Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

When you are going to get married or move in, we understand that there are many questions on your mind. That causes a lot of stress and confusion. So here are a few questions that you must ask your partner before you get married or move in:

  • Do you really want us to get married or move? This question can be tough because some decisions are made in a hurry, so you definitely need time or you need to give yourself time to think about that decision carefully as both of your future lives are getting on it.
  • Money management is another common problem in couples, and so you need this to be cleared out earlier, and hence you do need to have a plan on how it’s going to be managed after you move in together or get married.
  • Household work: Since you both use the house and are living in it, you both need to know how to work mutually and hence the work needs to be divided as well to avoid the later fights that would happen between you two.
  • About their prior relationships and the last one, this is an important question to be asked before being together in the same house or marrying each other. This will restrict misunderstandings between you two and let you know more about each other.
  • Ask each other to accept each other with their whole hearts, as you both might not be the ideal person that you would have imagined before getting into a relationship, but you need to know that not everyone is perfect and that there are qualities in both of you that made you both fall for one another.
  • Family problems  Everybody has family problems; no one’s family is perfect or the ideal one. You need to understand each other’s families and reach out accordingly when in contact with them.
  • Any serious problem they have been facing is another very important question, as you have the right to know each other completely, and rather than finding out later, clear all your doubts for each other earlier itself.


Question: What are the five pillars of marriage?

The five pillars of marriage are:

  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • mutual workload
  • Emotional support
  • Understanding

Question: What are the 5 Cs of a marriage?

Ans: In any relationship, be it marriage, friendship, or anything else, you must know the 5 C’s of a relationship, and those are:

  • Communication
  • Care
  • Commitment
  • Conflict
  • Character

Question: What is the perfect age for getting married?

Ans: To be eligible to get married, you need not be a minor, and that’s it. Although a specific age is defined by every government in different countries, the most suitable age to get married is after 25 years to your 40s.


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