20 Most Visited Websites in the World in 2023

Most Visited Website In The World

Did you ever think while browsing about which are the most visited websites in the world?  And how much traffic it has. In today’s world internet has become an inseparable part of our lives.

From getting any simplest information to every important project or getting social and getting connected to our loved and dear ones nothing can be done without the use of the internet.

While discussing the internet how one can stay without discussing the websites which help us by showing all the results? Here we bring you the list of the most trafficked websites according to the search volume and positions.

Talking about the number of websites on the internet there are approximately 1.7 billion active websites, isn’t it interesting? And this number keeps fluctuating as every day a lot of websites are launched and lost.

Among all these websites, we are familiar with only a handful of them. These few dominating giants are playing vital roles in our lifestyle nowadays.

Here is the list of the 20 most trafficked websites ruling the world of the internet while benefitting users and generating a huge amount of revenue.

PositionWebsiteMonthly VisitorsCategory
1Google.com97.02BComputers Electronics and Technology > Search Engines
2YouTube.com80.51BArts & Entertainment > Streaming & Online TV
3Facebook.com12.56BComputers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks
4Twitter.com7.95BComputers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks
5Instagram.com5.23BComputers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks
6Baidu.com4.06BComputers Electronics and Technology > Search Engines
7Wikipedia.com6.73BReference Materials > Dictionaries and Encyclopedias  
8yandex.ru3.2BComputers Electronics and Technology > Search Engines
9Yahoo.com3.00BNews & Media Publishers
10Whatsapp.com2.7BComputers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks
11Amazon.com2.2BeCommerce & Shopping > Marketplace
12Live.com2.7BComputers Electronics and Technology > Email  
13Yahoo.co.jp1.9BNews & Media Publishers
14Tiktok.com1.7BComputers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks
15docomo.ne.jp1.7BComputers Electronics and Technology > Telecommunications
16Linkedin.com1.6BComputers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks
17Reddit.com1.6BComputers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks
18office.com1.5BComputers Electronics and Technology
19Netflix.com1.4BArts & Entertainment > Streaming & Online TV
20dzen.ru1.4BCommunity and Society > Community and Society – Other
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Which Are The 20 Most Visited Websites In The World?

1. Google

There is no surprise to the fact that Google is in the number one position of the most searched websites.

The search engine giant Google is not just a website, now it has become the phrase for search, if you want to do anything just “Google it!!”. On average it gets approximately more than one billion searches in a day.

Currently, Google is not just serving as a search engine, but is also providing other products and services too, like google calendar, google Docs, google drive, etc.

Recently, Google has also launched its AI is known as BARD, rivaling Chat-GPT.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- Google
  2. Position- 1
  3. Traffic- 97.02 billion
  4. Category- Computers Electronics and Technology > Search Engines

2. YouTube

With securing its position as number two it is clear that youtube is acting as an online video platform. Youtube is not just an entertainment platform but has become a great way for learning too.

Hundreds of hours of video content are uploaded to its server every minute and its users watch more than a billion hours of youtube videos.

Along with the growth of the internet, it has emerged as a huge platform in the past few years. It is also a product of Google and earns billion of revenue every year.

Youtube gets this many visits because major of its videos are free to watch and a variety of videos are available in one place like music videos, clips, movie trailers, video blogs, and much more which cover every gender and age. It claims to have more than 800 million videos.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- Youtube
  2. Position- 2
  3. Traffic- 80.51 billion
  4. Category- Arts & Entertainment > Streaming & Online TV

3. Facebook

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms with 2.78 billion active users in a month. Because of facebook’s user-friendly nature, it has entered our lives smoothly and has made information sharing much easier than it was before.

Connecting with friends, passing the information or news, and many more

User-oriented features have made it this much popular among the crowd of every age group and turned out to be the third top visited website in the world.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- Facebook
  2. Position- 3
  3. Traffic- 12.56 billion
  4. Category- Computers Electronics and Technology > Search Engines

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4. Twitter

Twitter is a social microblogging website that enables users to share their views or opinions in a short and sweet manner.

However, lately, it has been famous among the crowd because it is preferred by tech, politics, and media brands for announcing or publishing content.

This has caused Twitter to get a huge amount of traffic and increased its user visiting rate, benefitting owners as well as publishers. In 2020 by October it has generated revenue of 40 billion dollars.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- Twitter
  2. Position- 4
  3. Traffic- 7.95 billion
  4. Category- Computers Electronics and Technology > Search Engines

5. Instagram

Instagram has become so popular nowadays. Instagram has one billion active users per month globally. Its fascinating features attract people and encourage them to use it more often.

Instagram allows its users to share posts, stories, IGTV videos, and reels that are liked by users and increase its popularity, traffic, and revenue. Instagram crossed 5.8 billion in 2023 and comes in the list of the most trafficked website as well as applications.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- Instagram
  2. Position- 5
  3. Traffic- 5.8 billion
  4. Category- Computers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks

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6. Baidu

Baidu is China’s leading search engine and AI company. 90% of searches in China are done from Baidu indicates billions of searches every month, making it to be one of the best search engine websites.

It is one of the most efficient search engines and as google is not allowed in china it is the only search engine making it the only reliable source for information over the internet.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- Baidu
  2. Position- 6
  3. Traffic- 4.6 billion
  4. Category- Computers Electronics and Technology > Search Engines

7. Wikipedia

Once most laughed and today becoming the most successful online encyclopedia Wikipedia is at the position of number six in the list of top visited websites. On this platform, one can get information about anything. And by anything it means anything. It has a monthly visit of about 1.7 billion users.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- Wikipedia
  2. Position- 7
  3. Traffic- 4.3 billion
  4. Category- Reference Materials > Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

It compiles information about every historic event, person, place, and everything one can think about in 321 languages. Wikipedia is continuously improving its information with the help of a community of volunteer contributors and edits suggest by peeps all over the world.

Wikipedia a non-profit organization is funded through donations.

8. Yandex.ru

Yandex.ru is another website getting heavy traffic worldwide. It is a search engine popular in Russia and the commonwealth of independent states.

Just like Google, it also serves its audience with information, navigational services, mobile applications, etc. Yandex ranks fifth in the top search engines in the world.

It is quite popular particularly among the Russian audience as its supports and identifies the Russian language hence easy to use for locals.

Yandex’s monthly traffic is 3.2 billion making it rank number 8 in the list of the top 20 most trafficked websites in the world.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- Yandex.ru
  2. Position- 8
  3. Traffic- 3.2 billion
  4. Category- Computers Electronics and Technology > Search Engines

9. Yahoo

Yahoo is holding its position as a high-ranked site, It was a well-known search engine once but now its model has been a little bit changed as it has added features like news, finance, and entertainment-related articles. Yahoo mail service is also a reason for its fame.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- Yahoo
  2. Position- 9
  3. Traffic- 3 billion
  4. Category- News & Media Publishers

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10. Whatsapp.com

Whatsapp is not just an app or website used by nearly everyone but a necessity nowadays. It is an American freeware used for sharing audio or text messages and making audio and video calls.

It also allows its user to share locations, documents, videos, images, contacts, etc. It is mainly an app available on mobile application stores but is also convenient to use on desktops.

Whatsapp has an. monthly traffic of about 2.7 billion and hold the number 10 rank in most visited sites.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- Whatsapp
  2. Position- 10
  3. Traffic- 2.7 billion
  4. Category- Computers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks

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11. Amazon

With the topmost e-commerce platform, amazon dominates the online shopping world. Its user-oriented services have boosted it to be the best in the industry.

It offers users to buy most goods with world-class variety from groceries, clothes, and home decor to books, furniture, machinery, and much more. Its amazing service and wide variety have made it one of the best online-selling websites.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- Amazon
  2. Position- 11
  3. Traffic- 2.2 billion
  4. Category- eCommerce & Shopping > Marketplace

12. Live.com

Live.com is owned by Microsoft Corporation and this website use to offers us all the necessary services which are run by Microsoft and some of which are Office Online, One Drive, and Bing.

In 2023 the website traffic increased and reached around 2.7B and also its ranking increased as well.

Quick Note:

  • Website- Live.com
  • Position- 12
  • Traffic- 2.7 Billion
  • Category- Computers Electronics and Technology > Email  

13. Yahoo.co.jp

Yahoo.co.jp is a Japanese search engine like Google which was launched in the early year 1997 and managed by the Yahoo Japan Corporation. Yahoo.co.jp aims to provide services like news, weather, finance, shopping, and email.

Yahoo.co.jp has good quality traffic and it has around 30 million users per month if we talk about the yearly traffic then the website has crossed the target of 1.9 Billion in 2023. Which is the highest traffic that any website get

Quick Note:

  • Website- Yahoo.co.jp
  • Position- 13
  • Traffic- 1.9 Billion
  • Category- News & Media Publishers

14. TikTok

TikTok is a video-sharing and social networking platform whose origin is in China. It is a platform where anyone can create an account and start recording and uploading short videos from different niches like dance, cooking, acting, comedy, education, and a lot more.

The concept of revealing one’s talent via short videos and gaining popularity on good content has encouraged a lot of people to follow their passion and helped them to be successful in their niche.

This amazing platform has over 1.7 billion active users

Tik tok also holds its position in the 20 most visited websites globally. These Godzillas of the website’s world work prominently to improve their quality to meet the user’s needs and improve the experience.

As per the 2023’s report, every site on this list has attained good growth in its traffic. Hopefully, it is going to grow more in the future.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- Tiktok
  2. Position- 14
  3. Traffic- 1.7 billion
  4. Category- Computers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks

15. docomo.ne.jp

docomo.ne.jp is a subsidiary website for NTT DOCOMO, a very well-known mobile communications operator in Japan. The website has various services and offers to provide such as device purchases, plans, rates, and 24*7 customer support.

And the latest and quick news and information about the company. Users can also look for online shopping, entertainment, and lifestyle services through the website.

The website also provides its initiative toward social and environmental responsibility. The website is user-friendly, with very simple navigation and a clean, safe layout.

Quick Note:

  • Website- docomo.ne.jp
  • Position- 15
  • Traffic- 1.7 Billion
  • Category- Computers Electronics and Technology > Telecommunications

16. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an online platform where all professionals come and gets connected. It is a good place to get connected with the best business related to your niche and get a job or offer one.

A person can learn here a lot too from professionals from all over the world. Apart from the jobs and getting connected LinkedIn also provides studying opportunities to any candidate who wants to learn online from the best in the industry by getting its premium subscription.

This unique platform lets you get the best out of it and these qualities make it stand in the list of 20 most searched websites with monthly traffic of 1.39 billion.

LinkedIn is the most searched website in the category of jobs and employment and those who are seeking a job once always used LinkedIn.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- Linkedin
  2. Position- 16
  3. Traffic- 1.6 billion
  4. Category- Computers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks 

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17. Reddit

Reddit is a social media networking platform allowing users to create accounts and share links, images, videos, etc. Voted by the audience up or down and move accordingly on the website.

Reddit has communities and users have taken of its guidelines and they can post into them according to the relevance of the posts.

These communities cover almost all types of topics like news, politics, science, technology, etc. Reddit and its communities are loved worldwide but it’s quite popular among the crowd in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

The monthly traffic of 2.3 billion per month. This can also be used on desktop as well as on mobile applications.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- Reddit
  2. Position- 17
  3. Traffic- 1.6 billion
  4. Category- Computers Electronics and Technology > Social Media Networks

18. Office.com

Microsoft Office provides its user with a whole solution for arranging data. It has different products like PowerPoint, excel, word, etc. where one can get a whole solution for arranging data.

It has more than 1.41 billion monthly visitors and is one of the most useful applications in the world.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- Office.com
  2. Position- 18
  3. Traffic- 1.5 billion
  4. Category- Computers Electronics and Technology > Programming and Developer Software

19. Netflix

Netflix is a well-known and very popular online content streaming platform of an American company.

It is an OTT platform offering subscription-based streaming service from a huge library of web series and movies available on the platform and accessible through mobile applications as well as on the website.

One just needs to create an account get a subscription and woohoo!! You’re perfectly prepared for a perfect weekend.

Netflix take a huge leap in the year 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and became the largest online entertainment company.

And hence became the most popular app worldwide as it offers content in several languages and has an average traffic of 1.4 billion per month.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- Netflix
  2. Position- 19
  3. Traffic- 1.4 billion
  4. Category- Arts & Entertainment > Streaming & Online TV

It holds the position of number 19 in the list of most trafficked websites in the category of online entertainment.

20. Dzen.ru

Dzen.ru is a well-recognized website in Russia that has various offers such as social media and article-sharing features, which includes news articles, videos, and live streams.

Recently, it has popped up and gained so much popularity as a social media platform in Russia for independent and individual journalism and people reporting.

The website is known for its multi-range of content and user-generated content. It is involved with topics ranging from politics to entertainment.

Quick Note:

  1. Website- dzen.ru
  2. Position- 20    
  3. Traffic- 1.4 billion
  4. Category- Community and Society > Community and Society – Other

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What is the number 1 most visited website?
Ans. According to the data, Google is the number 1 most visited website.

Q2. What are the top 3 most popular websites in the world?
Ans. The top 3 popular website in the world in 2023 is:

  1. Google.com
  2. Youtube.com
  3. Facebook.com

Q3. How many websites are there in the world?
Ans. At present, there are around 1.5 billion websites. Out of which only 18% are active and 82% are inactive.

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