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Omicron India Update: 21 New Cases Found In Different States


  • Omicron has been declared the Variant Of Concern by WHO.
  • On December State has recorded 17 fresh cases.
  • Bihar has also five passenger covid psitive.

The Omicron variant has taken a speedy wheel in India. The variant has been declared as a Variant Of Concern (VoC) by WHO. On December 5 country has recorded 17 new cases of the omicron variant and as of now, the state has a total of 21 cases of this variant. It took the track on December 2 in Karnataka where the first two cases were found. And now Rajasthan has 9 cases, Delhi has 1 new case, and Maharashtra has 7 cases for this variant.

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Omicron Threat In Rajasthan

Rajasthan health secretary Vaibhav Galriya has confirmed the first nine cases of the state. All the infected were of the same family which landed from South Africa. Considering the sudden cases of this new variant, the Government has come up with fresh guidelines regarding Covid-19.

Travel History From Africa, Found Covid Positive

Bihar has also founded five-passenger positive with covid. They too came from South Africa. Till now it is not found that they are affected by this new variant. Their samples have been sent to the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Science (IGIMS). The process of Genome sequencing has started now. Soon their results will come and it will be clear whether they are affected by this new variant or not.

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