Top 30+ New Ludo Earning Apps to Earn Money on Mobile in 2023

New Ludo Earning Apps

Did you hear about Ludo earning apps that help you to earn money by playing Ludo? We as a teenager have a lot of stress from many things, our mind is mainly focused on earning money while following our dream, and not getting distracted from our main goal.

We want a platform where in a short span of time we can earn at least some money to go on with our expenditure.

Nowadays earning money by playing games is very common and the most common, easy, best preferred one is earning while playing Ludo. 

So here we are with those Ludo platforms where you can earn money while playing. Here are the best and top ones from all those that you can use to earn money that too in a very easy way with the help of many New Ludo earning apps.

How the Ludo Money Earning App Works

Coming to its working, how is it being played, and how you can easily earn money from here?

  • At the very first you should download an authorized and approved application for the same where you decide to play to earn money.
  • Then you need to register yourself or in other words, you need to create an ID for playing as in the game.
  • Some apps provide you with a small amount of welcome bonus and have a limit from a minimum to a maximum amount.
  • You can add, and withdraw with various money-adding options while playing even starting from the least prize of 1 rupee.
  • The application then chooses the opponent for you to play with once you decide on what plan you will be continuing with.
  • And winning and losing are all in your hands, if you win you earn money while losing also loses money.

How to Make Money by Playing Ludo

How the Ludo Money Earning App Works
How the Ludo Money Earning App Works

This goes with your ability to win a match, the more you win the more you earn, the above-stated steps are needed to be followed in a sequence so you can go with earning money easily and in an accurate way through the best New Ludo earning apps.

The more you win the matches the More will be the winning prize as per the chosen pattern of the game, whereas losing is also the consequence of the game.

Is Playing Ludo Earning App is Safe

We cannot assure you with a 100% possibility as many apps in the market are just big scammers and fraud.

There are many New Ludo earning fraud applications that use AI players to not let you win most of the time and can easily extract your money, whereas the bank details are also in danger.

So we ask you to be sure of using the officially approved applications to play and earn as they are at least at risk of scamming and being a fraud.

List of Top 30 Best New Ludo Money-Earning Apps on Mobile


MPL is the top and most preferred online earning app through games this is followed by a rating of 4.1 by thousands of ratings and around 1Cr and is one of the best of all New Ludo earning apps.

New Ludo Earning Apps mpl

Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire is another top app being used by most online players with a welcome bonus of 10 rupees with the best bug-free environment and personal space.

Ludo Empire
Ludo Empire


GameZy is next in our list of most used and also the top app of all others to win real money while playing Ludo and it also comes with the trust of many users from all over India, providing a referral code bonus of rupees 100.


Ludo League

Ludo League is next on our list comes to the most downloaded Ludo app for making money while playing Ludo this allows you to play and enjoy with no scams like a minimum withdrawal option and this is safer and with a minimum money addition of rupees 10.

Ludo League
Ludo League

Ludo Ninja

Ludo Ninja comes as one of the Ludo earning apps through which you can get rewards while just sitting and playing Ludo. so you want to make some money in your free time hence we suggest this app, and this top app also gives you a welcome bonus of rupees 100.

Earn Money with Ludo Ninja
Ludo Ninja

Ludo King

Ludo King is the 6th app in our list of real and new Ludo earning apps that will help you to play Ludo with no other efforts with the least risks, this is available for both Android and iOS software and also provides you with a handsome amount of money and also has one of the most downloads.

Ludo King
Ludo King

Skill Ludo

Skill Ludo is another app for making money while playing Ludo and this is also one of the safest one to deal with and provide you bank details to share with, it gives you a signup bonus of rupees 25, but the ill factor is that the least withdrawal amount is rupees 100.

Skill Ludo
Skill Ludo

Elite Ludo

Elite Ludo is considered the safest & best new Ludo earning app and has one the highest trusting capability to ensure you surety and availability, it provides you with a referral bonus of rupees 5 per reference but with all this, you need to add cash of at least adding of rupees 20, with that this best app also gives you chance to play other games as well.

Elite Ludo
Elite Ludo

EWar Games

Ewar Gmaes is actually the good of all as it gives you the right to withdraw money daily with the least amount of rupees 10 only, and also provides various other contests to win money that can easily be added to your Paytm wallet.

EWar Games
EWar Games

Ludo Supreme

Ludo Supreme the next and last but top Ludo app is this Ludo Supreme and is the best of all with an approximate download of around 1 million this signs up bonus of up to rupees 10, with easy-to-add and withdraw money patterns.

Ludo Supreme
Ludo Supreme

Here is the Name of the 20 More Best Ludo Earning Apps You Can Download

  1. Yalla Ludo
  2. Ludo 3D Multiplayer
  3. Ludo 3D Warriors
  4. Ludo talent
  5. Ludo Party
  6. Ludo Zenith
  7. Ludo Superstar
  8. Ludo Club
  9. Ludo Champ
  10. Ludo Blast
  11. Ludo Life
  12. Ludo6
  13. Ludo Dice Game
  14. Ludo Punch
  15. Ludo Master
  16. Ludo Express
  17. Ludo Mania
  18. Quick Ludo
  19. Ludo Titan
  20. Ludo gem
  21. Ludo Empire
  22. Zen Ludo
  23. Ludo 3d plus
  24. Ludo Buzz
  25. Ludo Champion
  26. Ludo 365
  27. Yalla Ludo HD
  28. Ludo Kingdom
  29. Ludo Classic
  30. Royal Online Ludo

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques- Which Ludo App Gives Real Money?

Ans- All the above-stated apps provide you with real money to earn while playing games.

Ques- Which Is The Best Ludo Earning App?

Ans- Ludo King is considered the best of all money-earning app from Ludo-earning apps.

Ques- How to transfer Ludo’s earnings amount to your bank?

Ans- you can easily withdraw your money by linking your account details with the app and transferring them to it without the use of your account pin.


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