Breaking: Post Malone Goes Unconscious On His Show

Post Malone accident
Image- KMOV


  • Post Malone’s life both personal and professional.
  • The reasons behind his show getting canceled.

His Recovery Stage

Austin Richard Post who in the professional world is known as Post Malone is one of the best American rappers, singers, and songwriters known for his variegated vocals. His songs are a mixture of Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, and rap.

He got his stage name by inputting his birth name with the new rap generation name. Post Malone got in his singing career in the year 2011 and got recognized in the year 2015 with his single debut. Malone was the lead single singer of Spiderman in the year 2018.

Apart from this, he has made many songs such as Stoney, Sunflower, Hollywood’s bleeding, Circles, right now, and many more. He has a lot of tattoos on his body and face. He has received a lot of love from everyone in his professional life.

Post Malone’s Personal Life

But in his personal life, he was in the media in 2018 when he was dating Ashlen Diaz for three long years and then got a part in November 2018. Later on, he also met with a lot of accidents in his life whether it is with plans or cars. From this, we can say his life was quite adventurous.

His Accident

Recently, while Post Malone was at his live concert in St Louis, Missouri he fall while performing on the stage. The reason behind this was that he was walking on the ramp. The hole over there was not covered properly which made him fall on the stage.

Though he completed his performance that day, the next he was admitted to the hospital. Because of the injury, he has to cancel the Boston show. The singer canceled the show just an hour before it was about to start. This news made everyone sad who was there to attend the concert.


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