Pre-Make-up Step By Step For The Best Party Look

pre makeup look

No one in this world is perfect we have some flaws in ourselves, which we are somewhat insecure about, and that insecurity is mainly based on our physical appearance. We feel insecure about how we look how we dress, or anything about our physical appearance.

But mostly what we’re more concerned about is our face some are insecure about their facial features while some are insecure about the spots dark circles acne are any problems on facial skin.

So, we start to look for alternative ways to hide it and the best and the easiest way to hide them is makeup. Oh, the very common process used by almost everyone, especially girls.

Makeup helps us to hide our imperfections and to get that confidence in our imperfect selves and represent what we actually are with complete confidence which gives us the power to rule the world.

In this article, we are going to explain bit by bit the complete process of pre-makeup for a party or any other heavy makeup look you want to prefer. Where we will start from the basic cleansing to the last touch-ups with the best products you can use.


Face Cleanser
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For that one big event, you want to look flawless with perfections UN for that perfect feel you need to have exfoliated skin That needs to be cleaned at least a week before and for that, you need to use Cleansers I’m the best one of all the once present in the market is Dr. Barbra Sturm Enzyme cleanser While you can also use any other good quality cleanser.


Face Massage
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The most important step to keep your cells alive is massage. Experts say that you should at least give 5 minutes to your face for a massage you can use your fingertips or other massage products in the market for the same to keep yourself alive no matter what age you are.

Which should cover each and every part of your face including the cheekbone, jawline, ear sides, neck under the eye, forehead, nose, and others.

 Hydrating your skin

Sheet Mask
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The next important step for that one big event is to keep your skin hydrated that can be done by drinking lots of water and using hydrating sheet masks That have honey and glycerine perfectly in them.

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