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Reason Behind Ryan Grantham’s Sentence to life behind the Bars


  • The early life of Ryan Grantham
  • Ryan Gantham’s acting career.
  • Murdering his mother
  • A second degree of charge

The early life of Ryan Grantham

Canadian actor, model, television personality, socialite, and entrepreneur was born on 31st January 1998 and is now 24 years old to Barbara and Squamish In British Columbia, Canada.

Ryan Gantham’s Acting Career.

He started acting at the age of nine years and got his first role in 2007 and a better as Billy in the secrets of Nutcracker.

From he had his feet firmly gripped in this industry and was seen acting in various television shows and films of which supernatural, becoming Redwood the ones which earned him more fame.

Lastly, Jeffrey Augustine in river’s date in 2019 is before this murder thing.

Murder of His Mother

Who would have given a single thought about the cute and silent seeming boy who could have committed a murder?

According to the reports, he shot his mother in the head while she was playing piano. He was also planning to kill Justin Trucleau the Canadian Prime Minister falling which he carried 3 loaded guns, two molars to cocktails camping supplies, and a map to the cottage where the Prime Minister lives.

But later he changes his plan and went straight to Vancouver police station Headquarters and turned himself in and told them “I killed my mother”.

Ryan Grantham killed her mother
Image- the mirror

A second degree of Charge

To him accusing himself, his lawyer stated that he was mentally ill and that’s the reason he did all this.

He was charged with second-degree murder which states  Amendatory life behind the bars.

His social media account has been inaccessible. The judge also mentioned that he would be undertaking the investigation and also asked about him knowing about the charges that will be pulled on him after he murdered his mother.

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