10 Red Flags to Watch Out For in a Potential Partner

10 Red Flags to Watch Out For in a Potential Partner

Why Do You Need a Partner?

The need for a partner is very basic and ye very necessary you need to know that although you alone are enough to go on with your life you still need a partner to have those holes in your life to be fixed and hence you need a partner.

  • A partner provides you with care that you cannot have if you do not have a partner
  • You have someone to go to at every problem without any hesitation of being judged.
  • Love and affection, although loving yourself is the first priority but you definitely feel the need of being loved by someone when you need it.
  • Emotional support is another point that is always with you either when you are in need of it or aren’t.

What Does Red Flag Mean in a Relationship?

What Does Red Flag Mean in a Relationship?

A red flag means the toxic traits of someone that is harmful to you and can cause problem to you in any way be it mental or emotional, both physical and mental self of yours are harmed by the person, and that is known as a red flag that you should be aware of.

10 Red Flags to Watch Out For in a Potential Partner!

Few of the many red flags that you should be aware of when looking for a potential partner when you are about to provide them your love, time, care, and others-

  • If you can’t trust them due to your past experience you are unable to trust your partner and you always have that doubt in your mind for them then it is a red flag.
  • You don’t feel safe around them which means that you don’t have that sense of comfort when being with them.
  • You cannot concentrate or believe what they say or do is another red flag, which says that you are unable to Feel that belief and you are not at ease with them.
  • Don’t want to be around them if you are always seeking excuses not to stay with them this is where you should know that you don’t want to be with them.
  • Self-inferiority when you are with them you don’t have that confidence and self-love and are always hiding from others when with them.
  • Afraid of them if anyhow their presence is a reason for your insecurity and mental pressure, they do not deserve to be with you.
  • You cannot be your true self when around them, you feel like you are supposed to be under a boundary, and this is a red flag.
  • Want them to not meet your close ones as you don’t want them to be involved in a chat with your friends and family, and are afraid of the truth of them not being suitable for you to be revealed, you already know the answer then.
  • More jealousy every time in that situation, a little bit of jealousy is very common but if you are always afraid of someone else stealing them from you, and your partner is not able to make you trust him and is of no help, it is a red flag.
  •  Mutual understanding fights do occur in every relationship, but you both should be mature enough to handle the situation properly and trying best to not hurt each other.

How to Know If Your Partner is Serious or Not?

How to Know If Your Partner is Serious or Not?

Actions of your partner are the best way to describe the amount of effort they are paying if this relationship.

Rather than listening and agreeing to what they are saying, you should know that if his actions are saying things more then your partner is serious for you.

They will be willing to spend time together, without caring about the amount of time, they will prioritize you more and try to level it up every time, instead of giving reasons they will, try to improve or correct their mistake.

And my dear friend that is how you know if your partner is serious or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques- Are girls attracted to red flags?

Ans- although this answer might depend from person to person but girls might have kinks for some traits but there is no result as per the study that girls are attracted toward boys with red flags, it’s just fictional roamer.

Ques- What are the Qualities of a potential partner?

Ans- below stated are the few qualities of a potential partner –

  • Your partner must be Honest with you no matter what the situation is.
  • Loyalty Comes first as this is the most important thing that one Should have.
  • Kindness is a basic human nature need, so this should be present in your partner.
  • Caring is another property that your partner should have, as he should care about your physical and mental self.
  • Compromise is another necessity as not always everything is in your favor and you need to understand that.

Ques- Is idealizing a potential partner correct?

Ans- idealizing anything is never good because things that are real are far different from idealistic ones and you need to live in reality. So idealizing your perfect partner is wrong, although having few expectations is necessary.

Ques- How do I stop idealizing perfect partners?

Ans- If you have been idealizing your perfect partner and now you want to stop it to get real you need to know the following things-

  • Having a remembrance of your past can be helpful as it brings you back to the reality of this real world.
  • You should understand that no one in this whole wide world is built perfectly and so you shouldn’t be idealizing a perfect partner.
  • Know and focus on yourself even more than something that isn’t in your control.
  • Try to live yourself then you would be able to choose the correct partner for yourself.


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