Robert Downey Jr shows his gratitude to Normal Lear for helping his dad financially

Robert Downey Jr. with his dad


  • His Relationship with his dad
  • Robert Downey’s I did it father is his support
  • New Netflix series
  • Robert Downey cricketer the great TV legend for his father’s financial success
  • Relationship with his dad

Robert Downey Jr had a really too good relationship with his father and this father-son duo was quite famous in the industry.

  • Robert Downey’s father being his support
Robert with his Dad
Robert with his Dad

He has always credited his father as him being the reason for his success and supporting him, whereas he was also somewhere the reason for his downfall due to his drug and alcohol addiction, but he rose up even Brighter after that hard suffering and that’s what actually matters

  •  New Netflix series

And with that context, there is a new Netflix series that shows the bond and relationship between the father and son that is Robert Downey’s junior relationship with his father Robert Downey senior.

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr.

And so recently there was a kind of interview session held publicly in which all media persons were invited where  Robert Downey junior. Jr and his team share the facts and opinions about the series Netflix named senior.

  • He credits the great TV legend for his father’s financial success

While the interview was going on Robert Downey junior credited his father’s very close friend  For the success of his father’s career on who is none other than the famous TV legend Norman Lear,

As he said that he was there to support his director’s father at every point in his life and he was the only reason he invited his father to direct his films and that we’re actually ahead and that was the sole reason for his father’s success.

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