Download Rummy Passion For Android & iOS Get Upto 7,000 Bonus in 2023

download rummy passion app in 2023 for android and ios and start making money

Do you want to earn money in your free time let me tell you I have something that can help you to earn as much as you can it’s up to you to Rummy passion download and starts making money by playing some Rummy games?  

Rummy Passion is a landmark in the world of rummy Game lovers. It revolutionized the world of online rummy gaming experience. With its unique games, rewards, bonuses, tournaments, and leaderboard trump card, Rummy Passion has made itself India’s number-one app for rummy and other fantasy games.

The smooth user interface makes it hassle-free and easy to navigate, even for the novice. It has brought rummy into your hands so that you can play anytime and anywhere, on the go. The rummy Passion app helps you learn a new skill and earn good money through online gaming.

This article is a navigating tool for you to learn more about the app, how to play this game, how to download Rummy Passion, and its outstanding features.

What Are the Unique Features of the Rummy Passion App?

1. 100% Safe and Secure

One thing that sets Rummy Passion apart from every other online gaming application is the rigid security system. This application is RNG certified with EV SSL encryption which keeps even the tiniest information safe. It is affiliated with The Online Rummy Foundation (TORF) to uplift the knowledge related to rummy.

Download rummy passion here
rummy passion download here

2. Passion Rewards Club

Rummy Passion is the only rummy gaming platform that offers exclusive rewards to its players for every better performance. The loyal players earn benefits that collect as loyalty points. The higher the level, the more the loyalty point. These players get promoted and become a part of the VVIP services.

3. Several Rummy Variants

You can play several variants of rummy under one roof. In India, there are three variants-Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deal Rummy. On further division, you can play the best of two deals, best of three deals rummy, and 101 & 201 pool rummy. You also get the chance to choose between two players’ tables and six players’ tables.

4. Auto Drop Feature

The most unique feature of Rummy Passion is the auto drop. Rummy Passion gives its players three chances to win. Once a player loses thrice consecutively, they drop out. However, they automatically join a different table of the same value to continue the game in full flow.

5. Select Multiple Tables

Players can wishlist the tables of their choice by hitting the heart button. It highlights all the tables of your choice, and every time you open the app, the tables naturally align according to your selection. You can do a highlight of five tables per game.

How to Play Rummy Passion?

To play the rummy passion game, you only need to follow the given steps.

  1. Download the app from the AppStore for iOS users. Android users can get the app by scanning the QR code or using the link given on the website.
  2. Once the app is with you, install it.
  3. Open the app and register yourself.
  4. While registering yourself, the Rummy Passion asks for the username, email, password, and phone number. Now click SUBMIT.
  5. You’re successfully registered.
Rummy passion download and make money
Rummy Passion download and make money

How to Withdraw Money from Rummy Passion App In 2023?

The money withdrawal process from Rummy Passion is also straightforward. Follow the steps given below and withdraw your earnings with ease.

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  1. Open the Rummy Passion app or website.
  2. Go to My Account
  3. Hover over Withdraw Cash Option
  4. Enter the withdrawal amount
  5. The winning amount will credit to your account in 3-5 working days.
  6. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹200.

Where & How to Download Rummy Passion Game In 2023?

To get rummy game download in your mobile all you need to do is Rummy Passion is available for both iPhone and android you just need to do some step to download rummy passion here is all the process discussed in this article

Easiest Way To Download Rummy Passion For Android In 2023

Here are just simple steps that will help you download the rummy passion and also its app

  1. Download the official app from the play store.
  2. You can also get the downloading link from the SMS on your mobile, some websites provide this type of link on your mobile number.

Download Rummy Passion For iOS in 2023

Not only android but iPhone users also can play and earn money from the rummy passion app. which is available on the app store as Play Rummy Passion Cash Games

best rummy passion games

Rummy Passion App Download-Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Does Rummy Passion Game Give Bonuses?

Ans. Once you download the Rummy Passion, you’ll receive several bonuses. The registration bonus is ₹10,000 in the first week and ₹2,000 on the first deposit; the second deposit gives ₹3,000 bonus. And the most fun part is the Sunday bonus of ₹5,000.

Q.2 Is Rummy Passion legal in India?

Ans. Supreme Court has declared online rummy as a game of skill. It is legal, but user awareness is crucial while playing rummy.


All the information given in the article is collected from the many sources available on the internet. The app contains risk and we do not encourage you to play it, it’s up to you and we also do not claim anything which is provided here. Play this at your own risk. And the owner has all rights to change anything at any time.


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