What Are Some Useful Secrets For a Happy Marriage?

What Are Some Useful Secrets For a Happy Marriage?

A legal and emotional relationship between two people, where they claim to be in love with each other and promise to be each other’s better half in every happy or sad situation.

They also kind of have mental promises to each other of providing love, care, support, and every other thing the other partner needs, they live together and share each other’s almost every emotional situation.

What are the 4 Pillars of Happy Marriage?

Almost every relationship and especially a sacred relationship like marriage is based on and works on 4 main pillars.

Those four pillars are said to be Trust, Respect, Accountability, and Intimacy.

These four are the pillars of a marriage that altogether hold and balance the further life of both partners happily and successfully.

What are the 4 Pillars of Happy Marriage?
What are the 4 Pillars of Happy Marriage?
  • Trust- trust is said to be the basic foundation of every other relationship, without this there is no relationship itself. Trust means to be truthful to each other and this needs to be followed by both partners and with all their strength, no matter what the situation is, just be true to each other and sort things out together.
  • Respect- each partner needs to respect each other equally in every situation this will lead to a proper and respectful view towards each other. Being respectful and on the border of that respect towards each other also increases the amount you hold for each other even more due to this considerate nature of yours. Even if one of the partners mistakenly hurts your respect try to understand them in possible ways but also have the strength to fight for your respect when needed.
  • Accountability- This refers to the situation when you are the faultier. everyone does mistakes but what makes a difference is accepting the mistakes and trying to improve them and don’t try them again. While improving comes later, accepting the mistake and should feel that guilt, is also a basic human need. Rather than blaming each other for something that went wrong both should agree on the mistake and move on further learning a lesson from the earlier mistake.
  • Intimacy is the most important one in a marriage, this means the emotional connection that you and your partner have for each other, this is the connection of one should to another’s. This emotional connection includes you both sharing, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires with each other this should be mutual.

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What Are The Seven Secrets of Happy Marriage?

What are the 4 Pillars of Happy Marriage?
What Are The Seven Secrets of Happy Marriage?

Marriage does have seven secrets for its forever happiness and those are as below-

  • Trust as told above the trust is the major factor and there should be faith that should be kept alive as well
  • Communication is a necessity and there is no relationship without communication which should be continued forever.
  • Fights yes this is also a secret because sometimes a small fight for your right in a relationship is necessary.
  • Equal power no single person should be holding on to the higher power rather should be divided into equal amounts in both of them.
  • Balance of money not considering who is earning, the problem about expenditure and money related problems should not occur, discuss them prior itself.
  • S*x is also a common problem that needs to be considered, although it depends and varies from person to person and you should have a definite amount of intimacy in this matter.
  • Priority When you are married to someone it’s very obvious that your priority after your parents is your partner and there is no other option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques- What makes a marriage successful?

Ans- No single factor can be the reason for a successful marriage but especially the above-stated 4 pillars are the basis of it.

Ques- Secrets to a Happy Marriage

  • Ans: There are no secrets to a marriage, in other words, you just need to know a few important points.
  • Things are supposed to be followed mutually by both partners for a successful marriage.
  • In marriage, the partners are connected mentally, emotionally, and physically together towards each other.
  • For a successful relationship, the four most important things need to be followed considerably.
  • If you want a beautiful, long, and forever then you need some points to be carved in Your mind.
  • You need to take decisions mutually and with proper consideration after communication.
  • Then the most important four points are trust, respect, accountability, and intimacy.


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