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Selena Gomez Feeling the Heat With Gordon Ramsay In the Kitchen


  • Selena Gomez invited a well-known chef to her show.
  • Some heated conversation between the two on the show.

Selena has hosted many well-known chefs in her show “Selena & Chef” in the past two seasons. This time, in season third she hosted another well-recognized chef Gordon Ramsay.

The 30-year-old actress Selena Gomez invited renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay to her show. She requested Gordon to join her in her show “Selena & Chef” and help her to make something new.

As they started the work, Gordon asked Selena to put the flesh in a pan but she put it in the wrong pan. There the renowned chef started roasting the actress.

Selena Gomez & Gordon Ramsay
Image- Access YouTube

Suddenly, Gordon started shouting loud out of the window, “next one in”. Selena seems a bit confused and later corrected her mistake and replied to him “Got it”.

Gordon laughed and shouted to Selena, Potatoes should be in the pan with oil. He is well known for his aggressive nature in teaching cooking skills on TikTok.

The duo made two dishes while having some heated and funny conversations.

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