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Serum Institute Going To Produce Sputnik V Vaccine From September


  • The Compony plan to manufature over 300 million doses of the vaccine in India per year.
  • 1st batch of sputnik v vaccine is expected to come in september.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund), and Serum Institute of India (SII), the world’s largest vaccine producer by volume, today announced cooperation to produce the Russian Sputnik vaccine against coronavirus. And soon in September is going to produce.

Technology transfer for the creation of Russian Covid antibody Sputnik V in India has effectively begun and the main clump of immunizations is relied upon to carry out from the assembling units of the Serum Institute of India in September

Russian antibody Sputnik V will be Produced at the assembling units of Pune-based Serum Institute of India from September. The Russian RDIF (Russian Direct Investment Fund) said they “mean to create more than 300 million dosages in India each year”. Innovation move has effectively begun and the first batch of vaccines is expected in September.

RDIF Statement:       

“The first batch of Sputnik vaccine is expected to be produced at SII’s facilities in September. The parties intend to produce over 300 million doses of the vaccine in India per year.

As part of the technology transfer process, SII has already received cell and vector samples from the Gamaleya Center. With their import approved by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), the cultivation process has begun”

Adar Poonawalla CEO of Serum Institute of India:

“I am delighted to partner with RDIF to manufacture the Sputnik vaccine. We hope to make millions of doses in the coming months with trial batches starting in the month of September. With high efficacy and a good safety profile, it is critical that the Sputnik vaccine is accessible in full measure for people across India and the world. Given the uncertainty of the virus, it is important for international institutes, and governments to collaborate and further bolster up our fight against the pandemic.” Adar Poonawalla mentions it in his comment which can be seen in RDIF Statment.

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Kirill Dmitriev CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund:

“RDIF is delighted to cooperate with Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer. This strategic partnership is a major step to substantially increase our production capabilities demonstrating a perfect example of joining forces and expertise to save lives both in India and around the world. With technology transfer underway we expect the first batches of the vaccine to be produced jointly with SII in coming months.” Kirill Dmitriev clearly said in his word, in the statement.

Advantage of sputnik V:

The viability of Sputnik V is 97.6% dependent on the investigation of information on the Covid infection rate among those in Russia immunized with the two segments of Sputnik V from December 5, 2020, to Walk 31, 2021;

The Sputnik V vaccine depends on a demonstrated and very much considered the foundation of human adenoviral vectors, which cause the normal cold and have been around for millennia.

Sputnik V has spearheaded the utilization of heterogeneous boosting (two distinct vectors for the two shots in a course of inoculation among Coronavirus antibodies). This methodology furnishes for resistance with a more extended length than antibodies utilizing a similar conveyance system for the two shots.


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