Top 10 Signs That You’re in a Toxic Relationship You Should Know

Top 10 Signs That You’re in a Toxic Relationship You Should Know

Relationships are the most beautiful bonds of your life and it should be memorable for a lifetime but this doesn’t happen with everyone.

We sometimes are in a hurry to get into it that we ignore all the red flags and get into a relationship.

The reasons for getting into a this may vary from person to person, but all those wrong and toxic relationships have some common things in them.

Those silly reasons for us being in relationships are sometimes because of peer pressure, unable to love ourselves on our own, lack of attention from others, and many others.

And all those overall results in a Toxic relationship that makes our life a living hell, both mentally and physically.

Evaluate Your Partner’s Behavior

Evaluate Your Partner's Behavior

At the very first we should know ourselves if the person we are getting in a relationship with is good for us and isn’t just pretending to be the one who he is not.

But if everything was perfect in the start, but now you don’t feel the same and things are getting worked up and are not as beautiful as they used to be.

Then you can simply go for this behavior evaluation process of your partner which will let you come to a specific result and end your doubts for sure.

If they get a hint of it, they are just going to act it all being fake and act like they are all good and everything is fine meanwhile the truth will be a lot different.

  • The evaluation will start with yourself, you have to think deeply and with more concern if you are really happy with them, and things are all good between you two, this is the first and most important thing and you need to get this answer for sure.
  •  Your partner is not acting all right with you, this involves many things not always your partner harming you in a physical way, but the cold behavior with always grumpy facial expressions with you only, while them being all happy and cheerful with others needs to calculate in the evaluation.
  • They never praise you for your handwork and your efforts, this needs to be taken care of seriously, no matter how hard you try they are always complaining about the thing that you aren’t able to do, or you ain’t the perfect.
  • No emotional support from them should be under observation, they do not show you love or even if they are doing something to keep the relationship dragging along, and there is no emotional connection behind those things they are doing is not how it should be.
  • They do not try to initiate any conversation between you both and are just replying to your initiated conversations, and those too are being cut off as shortly as possible for them and show no interest in it.

Top 10 Signs that will let you know you are in a Toxic Relationship

Top 10 Signs that will let you know you are in a Toxic Relationship

Above we stated the points that are to be evaluated in your partner’s behavior patterns if you are not finding your relationship to be a toxic one.

Now we will be explaining and defining those 10 specific signs that let you know if or not you are in a toxic connection.

  • They are being mentally abusive to you, this includes the situations like them making you feel insecure about yourself and Directly or indirectly pointing out your insecurities, and if it is being so it is a sign of a toxic relationship.
  • It’s not anymore just mental abuse they are also getting physically abusive, they are physically harming you and torturing you, even if it’s the slightest, it’s still not at all ok or fine it’s definitely the worst one and so you need to get out of it.
  • No matter who is wrong it’s always you being blamed for every I’ll thing that is happening, even in their own mistakes you are somehow the reason to be blamed and are not at all ready to accept their mistake, and hence you are the one apologizing about every situation you both face.
  • They even try to blackmail you and prevent you from opening up about the ill acts being done to you and them haunting you to the core of your heart.
  • Things between you both have gone to the extent of you not wanting to be with them anyhow and are just trying to get away with it or it also includes you finding reasons not to be with them, this is the start of every relationship to get toxic. This may be even if they are not doing specifically direct, but their actions are in contrast.
  • They do not respect you and they do not care about your respect at all and are least bothered about your self-respect their actions are always something that is constantly harming your self-respect and as a result, you are getting down in your own eyes.
  • Even if they are all lovey and all with you but still they are kind of controlling your choices and acts, they are directly or indirectly making their own choices as a priority and here none of your choice or your likings are being valued.
  • Every partner is conservative and protective about their partner but that is far different from another level of their jealousy, which is directly putting you into their danger line of anger and you are again being harmed out of jealousy, and this level of jealousy is never ok and is a sign of you being in a toxic relationship.
  • They do not care about you and no matter how much effect you are putting into this so-called relationship you have it’s just all a waste as it does not bother them at all and are not at all concerned about anything related to you, be it health, mental issues or others.
  • Last but the most important one then cheating and lying to you no matter what the situation or reason they are trying to pack it up with once a cheater is always a cheater and cheating in a relationship should never be tolerated at all.


Ques- What makes your partner jealous?

Ans- Jealousy in other words can be described as an incapability of a person or inferiority of them in front of others which is blamed on someone else making reasons. And when they feel the competitiveness they term it as jealousy.

Ques- What can be termed fake love?

And– when the actions defy the words spoken out by your partner just to divert you from the actual scene of the problem is termed as fake love. There are various thing in a Relationship that proves it to be a fake love or a real love.

Ques- what is a mature relationship

Ans- a mature relationship will be one in which none of the partners is dependent on the other for anything, be it money, support, or love but yet you both are there for each other in every step of your lives.


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